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Zhao Guibo carried out a visit and condolence activity before the Spring Festival

On January 19, Zhao Guibo, the county governor, visited the Agricultural Bureau, Dongjiawan Village, Miaojiaping Town, the Culture and Tourism Bureau, the Public Security Bureau, the Armed Police Squadron, the Fire Brigade, and the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and other places to carry out a pre-Spring Festival visit and condolence activity, and sent the party and government's cordial care and New Year greetings to the needy people, experts with outstanding contributions, grassroots personnel, and cadres and staff who stick to the front line.

In the homes of the needy, Zhao Guibo talked with the objects of condolence, carefully inquired about their physical and living conditions, listened carefully to their demands, and encouraged them to maintain an optimistic attitude, firm confidence, and make the day better. They also urged the local villages and towns to do a good job of caring and caring for the people in need, help them get out of difficulties, and ensure that the people in need have a warm winter and a happy holiday.

In the Armed Police Squadron and the Fire Brigade, Zhao Guibo shook hands with the officers and soldiers of the Armed Police Force and the fire fighters one by one, exchanged cordially, thanked them for their contributions to the maintenance of political security and social stability, highly praised their excellent quality, tenacious style and good image, and encouraged them to fight side by side with the public security civilian auxiliary police and jointly safeguard peace.

At the command center of the Public Security Bureau, Zhao Guibo listened to the report on the social security situation and the work of the command center in the whole county, expressed his gratitude to the civilian auxiliary police who had stuck to their posts and worked hard, and encouraged everyone to faithfully perform their duties and deal with each police situation in a timely and efficient manner during the festival, so as to ensure that the people of the whole county had a safe and peaceful Spring Festival.

At the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zhao Guibo highly praised the hard work and excellent performance of all medical staff in the epidemic prevention and control work in the county, and expressed his high respect and heartfelt gratitude for their efforts and selfless dedication in the epidemic prevention and control work. He hoped that medical staff, while doing well in their own prevention and care, would be on duty and on duty, scientifically coordinate medical resources, reasonably allocate medical staff, and provide excellent medical skills and services, Wholeheartedly protect the life and health of the people.

When visiting Shi Yangxin, an expert with outstanding contributions, and Ma Jingning, a high-level talent introduced, Zhao Guibo had a detailed understanding of their life and work conditions, and hoped that they would further exert their enthusiasm and creativity, combine their professional advantages, and create new achievements in their work. He requested that all relevant departments should attach great importance to talent work, conscientiously perform their duties, take the initiative, actively care about their lives and work, further build a platform for the role of talents, make every effort to create a good talent growth environment, and fully stimulate the creative vitality of outstanding talents.