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Zhao Guibo chaired the first executive meeting in 2023

On January 4, Zhao Guibo, the county governor, presided over the first executive meeting in 2023. The meeting was attended by Hu Jun, member of the Standing Committee of the County Committee and executive deputy county head, Zhang Xiaorui, member of the Standing Committee of the County Committee and deputy county head, Wang Xiaoping, Yang Ruidong, Guo Jianjun, deputy county head, members of the Party Leadership Group, and main leaders of relevant departments and units at the county level.

The meeting conveyed and studied the spirit of the Central Economic Work Conference on December 15, the spirit of the Central Rural Work Conference on December 23, the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the 14th Provincial Party Committee on December 12, and the spirit of the Second People's Congress of the 5th Yulin Municipal People's Congress on December 26, and studied the implementation opinions of our county; Listened to the report on the work of the bond project planning; It has studied proposals such as the Proposed Plan of Key Construction Projects in Zizhou County in 2023, the Interim Measures for the Administration of Investment Projects by Zizhou County Government, the Women's Development Plan of Zizhou County (2021-2030), and the Children's Development Plan of Zizhou County (2021-2030).

We should adhere to the general requirements of keeping the word stable and seeking progress while maintaining stability, and focus on stabilizing growth, employment and prices. Focusing on the "four strategies", "three goals" and "the 14th Five-Year Plan" of Zizhou County, we should dialectically look at the development situation, accurately identify the opportunities in danger, and focus on consolidating the foundation, developing the advantages, complementing the weaknesses and strengths, so as to promote the high-quality economic and social development of Zizhou County.

Zhao Guibo requested that we should accurately grasp the new situation and new requirements of the new stage of epidemic prevention and control, and combine the actual situation of Zizhou to highlight the work of medical force reserve, drug reserve, medical treatment and key crowd services. We should firmly establish the concept of safe development, focus on key areas, strengthen safety supervision, do a good job of safe production at the beginning of the year from strict to detailed, practically ensure the safety of people's lives and property, and provide safety guarantee for the high-quality development of the whole county. We should do a good job in the construction of key projects in 2023 and make a good start for the high-quality development of our county in 2023.

Zhao Guibo requested that all departments should strengthen the sense of responsibility and urgency of doing a good job in the application of special bonds, plan to promote a number of projects with obvious benefits, which the people expect and will be done sooner or later, and give full play to the role of special bonds in expanding domestic demand, stabilizing growth and benefiting the people's livelihood, and effectively promote the all-round development of our county. It is necessary to understand the quasi-policy trend, capital investment direction and specific application requirements, closely follow the actual situation of our county, effectively combine the actual demand with the pursuit of higher level policy funds, and constantly increase the planning of our county's industrial development and social undertakings projects, to ensure that the quantity and quality of the application are improved. We should carefully plan the project packaging, do a good job in the early planning, scientific demonstration, factor assurance and other work, integrate and package similar projects, and effectively improve the project planning quality and the application success rate.