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Zhao guibo checks epidemic prevention and control

On October 25, Zhao guibo, deputy secretary of the county Party committee and acting county magistrate, inspected the epidemic prevention and control work, stressed the need to adhere to the people first and life first, take the epidemic prevention and control as the top priority of the current work, resolutely implement various prevention and control measures, and resolutely build a tight defense line for epidemic prevention and control. He Xiaoming, the deputy county magistrate of the government, inspected together with the main responsible comrades of the government office, the health bureau and the market supervision and Administration Bureau.

At Yihe Hotel, Zhao guibo carefully inquired about the hotel's guests and catering operation, and checked the implementation of prevention and control measures and systems. He stressed that the current situation of epidemic prevention and control is very severe and complex. Hotel, catering and other service industries are gathering areas for personnel flow. Enterprises should take the initiative to take social responsibility, strictly follow the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and earnestly do a good job in personnel information registration, body temperature screening, disinfection and cleaning, so as to ensure that the people have a safe and comfortable living environment.

At Zizhou entrance checkpoint of Qingyin expressway, Zhao guibo inspected the implementation of measures such as staffing, information registration, body temperature detection and nucleic acid detection. He said that the weather turned cold and everyone was on duty day and night at the scene. It was very hard. We should strengthen our awareness of self-protection, pay attention to thermal insulation, and ensure that we can complete various epidemic prevention and control tasks with full mental state and good physical state. He stressed that we should pay close attention to the inspection and quarantine measures and crowd control at the entrance of key roads, increase the investigation of outsiders and key people, track and implement the residence, hotel and round-trip route, master the information dynamics of people coming to Zizhou in the whole process, and take the most decisive isolation, observation and protection measures for suspected people to ensure that various measures for external defense input are in place, We will resolutely safeguard the safety and health of the people.

At the centralized isolation point of Wanhua Hotel, Zhao guibo asked in detail about the implementation of isolation measures, environmental killing, personnel protection, service guarantee and other prevention and control measures, understood in detail the isolation control of centralized isolation medical observers, the living diet and the working conditions of special class service personnel, and expressed condolences and thanks to the front-line staff on behalf of the county Party committee and the county government. He stressed that the implementation of centralized isolation medical observation is a crucial link in epidemic prevention and control. In strict accordance with the requirements of work norms, we should implement various requirements such as medical waste disposal, environmental killing and personnel closure management, further strengthen the training and guidance of staff, ensure that the isolation place is safe, orderly, strict and efficient, carry out all work, and effectively achieve personal protection and safety Operation process safety and daily management safety. Relevant departments shall allocate protective equipment, optimize the management process, and strengthen the care and protection of front-line staff to ensure their safe work.

In the urban clinic and guangjitang drugstore, Zhao guibo carefully checked the electronic registration information of the drugstore and learned in detail the sales of drugs such as cold, cough and fever and medical materials such as masks, alcohol and disinfectant. He stressed that we should further do a good job in the registration of four types of drugs for fever reduction, cough relief, antibiotics and antiviral drugs, and strictly implement the prevention and control requirements such as temperature measurement, health code checking and disinfection. Market supervision and other departments should further strengthen daily supervision, give full play to the role of "sentinel" and ensure the standardized safety of the pharmaceutical industry.

At shuanghuyu sub district office, Zhao guibo learned more about community prevention and control and personnel investigation in key areas. He stressed that the recent epidemic situation has been sporadic, and the situation of community prevention and control is more severe. The sub district office should give full play to the role of outpost, go all out to implement the requirements of community management, strengthen the investigation and verification of foreign personnel, do a good job in service management and psychological counseling in an in-depth and meticulous manner, and actively guide the residents to actively support and cooperate with the prevention and control work, Build a strong group defense and group control defense line.

During this period, Zhao guibo also investigated the implementation of the effective connection between the consolidation and expansion of poverty alleviation achievements of shuanghuyu sub district office and rural revitalization, and made arrangements and arrangements.