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Feng Jie presided over the meeting of the county's consolidation and connection leading group (expan

In October 26th, the Secretary of the county Party committee chaired the meeting of the leading group (enlarged) to consolidate and expand the effective link between poverty alleviation and Rural Revitalization. Zhao guibo, deputy secretary of the county Party committee and acting county head, Liu Jie, deputy secretary of the county Party committee, an Lu, Chang Xiangqian and Wang Wei, members of the Standing Committee of the county Party committee, Yang Ruidong and he Xiaoming, deputy county heads, heads of member units of the county consolidation and connection leading group, and party secretaries of towns, streets and convenience service centers attended the meeting.

The meeting heard a briefing on the feedback of the first supervision team of the city on consolidating the achievements of poverty alleviation, and made detailed arrangements for the key work of the county in the next stage.

Feng Jie pointed out that the whole county should improve its political position, deeply understand the importance, necessity and urgency of consolidating the achievements of poverty alleviation, comprehensively benchmark and table, check omissions and fill vacancies, and solidly promote the implementation of rectification work, so as to lay a solid foundation for the comprehensive revitalization of rural areas. Leading cadres at all levels should always have a sense of awe and fear, have a career and people in mind, sharpen their hard work style, show new achievements, solidly promote the centralized rectification of cadres' work style, and provide a strong guarantee for the completion of all work.

Feng Jie stressed the need to strengthen leadership and further improve the working mechanism. The leading group should play a good role in taking the lead and grasping the overall role. All member units should assign specific tasks to each person and post, so that they have responsibilities on their shoulders, measures in their hands, tasks fall to people, and there is no omission in their work. We should carefully study the relevant policies of the higher authorities, combine the specific reality of our county's work, concretize, project, list and responsibility the implementation plan, strengthen supervision and guidance, implement the rectification results, form a long-term mechanism, promote "I do practical things for the masses", see practical results in the "six inspections" in the village, the "six questions" in the household and the dynamic management of poverty prevention and return monitoring.

Feng Jie requested that we should act quickly, make accurate rectification, further improve infrastructure and assistance measures, constantly refine measures and targeted measures to ensure the detailed implementation of all work; Carefully study and judge the exposed problems, strengthen supervision, strive to fill in the weaknesses, draw inferences from one instance, and the rectification command system, problem assignment and handling procedures should be accurate.

Feng Jie pointed out that we should do it strictly and pursue responsibility. We should strictly supervise the assessment, further improve the assessment content, index setting and organization mode, praise the good and punish the bad, ensure the effective implementation of responsibilities, excellent work measures, strict discipline implementation, strict supervision and accountability, comprehensively improve the quality and efficiency of work, and strengthen the application of assessment results, With excellent style and practical actions, we will promote the consolidation and expansion of the achievements in poverty alleviation and the effective connection between rural revitalization, implement and achieve practical results.