Today is 2020-8-28
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Feng Jie investigates Rural Revitalization

On September 2, Feng Jie, Secretary of the county Party committee, went deep into some villages and towns to investigate the Rural Revitalization work. LV Minghui, deputy secretary of the county Party committee, Chang Qianqian, deputy county magistrate, and heads of the county Party committee office, agriculture and rural Bureau, Rural Revitalization Bureau and other departments accompanied the investigation.

Feng Jie went to jiliping village, Matigou Town, forest farm village, shuanghuyu street, Liangqu village and Laojie street, Miaojiaping town to learn more about the development of leading industries and the governance of village appearance, talked with town and village cadres, listened to everyone's opinions and suggestions on the current rural revitalization demonstration construction work, and planned to promote the next Rural Revitalization work.

Feng Jie pointed out that rural revitalization should be planned first. Zizhou County, as a key county for Rural Revitalization at the provincial level, should, in accordance with relevant requirements, in combination with the actual situation of Zizhou, formulate a work plan for the five-year transition period, clarify the objectives, tasks and work measures, and clarify "what to do first, what to do later and how to do it", so as to provide scientific guidance for the orderly development of various work of Rural Revitalization.

Feng Jie requires that the construction of digital countryside should follow the principles of convenient service and scientific management. The online comprehensive management service platform should be combined with Zizhou financial media platform, home-based elderly care and safe construction to form a perfect rural management service system and realize the digitization and accuracy of rural management. We should give full play to the fighting fortress of Party branches and the exemplary leading role of Party members, plan and develop the village collective economy, show the masses, lead the masses, help the masses earn money, and promote common prosperity. Changing toilets in rural areas is a complex systematic project. We should adjust measures to local conditions, reasonably select the mode of changing toilets, realize harmless treatment and resource utilization, and continuously improve the rural living environment. We should proceed from reality, fully stimulate the endogenous driving force of people's participation in development, and double improve industrial development and people's happiness index.