Today is 2020-8-28
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Zhao guibo investigated the implementation of the "four prevention" responsibility system

On September 3, Zhao guibo, deputy secretary of the county Party committee and acting county magistrate, went to huainingwan town to investigate the implementation of the "four prevention" responsibility system, accompanied by the person in charge of the county government office and huainingwan town.

In shaping village, where geological hazards are hidden and people live in low-lying areas, Zhao guibo listened to the report of township leaders and village cadres on the implementation of the "four prevention", and learned in detail about the preparation of flood control emergency plan, people's risk avoidance, transfer and resettlement, etc.

Zhao guibo stressed the need to further improve the political position, adhere to the concept of "people first and life first", resolutely put ensuring the safety of people's lives and property in the first place, comprehensively consolidate responsibilities, and refine and implement various preventive and response measures. It is necessary to strictly enforce the discipline of flood control duty, adhere to the 24-hour shift, comprehensively strengthen the monitoring, patrol, prediction and prediction, and immediately withdraw and transfer the farmers near the potential geological disaster points and personnel settlements in low-lying areas according to the changes of rain and rainfall. The evacuated and transferred personnel shall be properly resettled, and the personnel shall not return without authorization before the danger is solved, so as to ensure the safety of people's lives.

Zhao guibo asked to further accelerate the progress of vaccination, improve the vaccination rate, build a comprehensive immune barrier, and effectively ensure the health and safety of the people. We should organize and mobilize the masses to do a good job in environmental sanitation improvement along the road, and create a comfortable and livable living environment. We should do a good job in the stability control and resolution of letters and visits, strengthen source governance, and strive to resolve problems at the grass-roots level to ensure the stability of the overall social situation.