Today is 2020-8-28
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The county government held the 7th executive meeting

On June 30, county magistrate Li Chaokun presided over the seventh executive meeting of the county government in 2021. He Angang, member of the Standing Committee of the county Party committee and executive deputy county head, Bai Yanxia and Wang Sai, members of the Standing Committee of the county Party committee and deputy county heads, Zhang Xiaorui, Hui Jingbo, Chang Xiangqian, Pang Yongchao and some Party group members of the county government attended the meeting. Gao Zenggang, member of the Standing Committee of the county Party committee and director of the United Front Work Department, Xu cunfei, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the county people's Congress, Cai Rui, vice chairman of the county people's Political Consultative Conference and director of the Bureau of development, reform and science and technology, Liu Shixiong, procurator general of the county people's Procuratorate, fan Yuhu, political commissar of the county people's Armed Forces Department, and representatives of individual people's congresses, members of the CPPCC, citizens' representatives and entrepreneurs were.

The meeting conveyed General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on the gas explosion accident in the market of Yan Hu community in Shiyan District, Hubei, and the spirit of Premier Li Keqiang's instructions. The spirit of the spirit of approval of production safety was given by Liu Guozhong, Secretary of the provincial Party committee, Li Chunlin, and Secretary Li Li of the county Party committee. General secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions on statistical work; The spirit of China's twentieth session of academician general assembly, the fifteenth China Academy of Engineering academician general assembly and the Tenth National Congress of the China Association for science and technology was studied. The spirit of the nineteenth meeting of the Central Committee for deepening the reform was comprehensively deepened and the Eighth Five Year Plan (2021-2025 years) for the propaganda and education of the rule of law of the Central Propaganda Department and the Ministry of justice was conducted in Xi Jinping. We listened to the reports of the County Emergency Management Bureau on work safety in the first half of the year, the Bureau of statistics on statistical work, the Bureau of development, reform and science and technology on the construction of the county's business environment, the County Animal Husbandry Bureau on the relocation of farms in prohibited breeding areas, the Bureau of letters and visits on the resolution of accumulated letters and visits, and the Bureau of natural resources and planning on the disposal of approved but not supplied and idle land.

The meeting stressed that all townships and departments should conscientiously implement the important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping on safety in production, adhere to the people's supremacy and the supremacy of life, strictly arrange according to the arrangements of provinces, cities and counties, and resolutely do a good job in all aspects of work safety. We should implement various responsibilities for flood control and preparation, focus on geological disaster prevention and control, emergency material reserve, and do a good job in flood control and emergency work such as flood early warning and mass transfer. We should implement the "one post and two responsibilities", compact the township territorial responsibility, departmental supervision responsibility and enterprise main responsibility, ensure the implementation of various systems of production safety, and ensure the safety of people's lives and property and the harmony and stability of the overall social situation.

The meeting pointed out that departments at all levels should conscientiously integrate ideas and actions into the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's important speech and the unified arrangement of the central authorities. We must persist in putting scientific and technological innovation in the core position of economic and social development, and accelerate the construction of the 5 major technological innovation service platforms. Provide scientific and technological support for the full implementation of the "13555" development strategy. We should conscientiously study and understand the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping at the nineteenth meeting of the Central Committee for deepening reform in an all-round way. In the light of the reality of our county, we should carry out the key reform tasks such as education and health care reform, so as to enable the masses to enjoy more dividends from reform and development.

The meeting required that we should strengthen the study, publicity, breadth and depth of laws and regulations related to statistical work, focus on the short board of problems, carefully analyze and study, establish special classes, carry out benchmarking and rectification, and take the initiative to make up for deficiencies. We should further optimize and improve the business environment, implement more accurate policies, promote more pragmatic and efficient services, and do a good job in optimizing the business environment. We should stick to the bottom line, link up and down, pay attention to fairness, implement policies by categories, promote the relocation of farms in prohibited breeding areas, and realize standardized and standardized management. We should overcome difficulties, consolidate work responsibilities, flexibly resolve accumulated cases of letters and visits, and constantly improve the governance level of letters and visits. We should speed up the digestion and utilization of land that has not been approved for use, implement policies by category and one policy per place, dispose of the stock of idle land according to law, and ensure the utilization rate of idle land.

The meeting also studied and considered relevant work proposals.