Today is 2020-8-28
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The county government held a party group (enlarged) meeting to study the work of ecological environm

On February 20, Li Chaokun, Secretary of the Party group and head of the county government, presided over a meeting of the Party group (enlarged) of the county government to study the work of ecological environment protection. He Angang, Bai Yanxia, Zhang Xiaorui, Hui Jingbo, Cao Chen and Zhang hudun, members of the Party group of the county government, Zhang Jianxun, member of the Party group of the Standing Committee of the county people's Congress, Cai Rui, deputy secretary of the Party group of the county CPPCC and director of the development, reform and science and Technology Bureau, and Zizhou branch of the Discipline Inspection Commission, propaganda department, organization department, court, procuratorate, development and Reform Bureau, Finance Bureau, housing construction bureau, industry and Trade Bureau, animal husbandry bureau and Yulin ecological environment bureau attended the meeting Heads of bureaus and other departments attended the meeting as nonvoting delegates.

The conference conveyed the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping on the construction of ecological civilization and the important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping in the Symposium on ecological protection and high quality development in the the Yellow River River Basin. It discussed the rectification work of environmental monitoring feedback in central and western provinces, and arranged for the 2021 year's ecological environmental protection work.

The meeting pointed out that general secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition on ecological civilization construction is broad and profound, and has rich connotation. It profoundly explains the relationship between man and nature, the relationship between development and protection, the relationship between environment and people's livelihood, and the relationships among various elements of natural ecology. It is the general guideline, general basis and general requirements for guiding the construction of ecological culture and environmental protection in the new era. All townships and departments should earnestly study and understand the importance and urgency of promoting the construction of ecological civilization, better internalize and externalize the concept and requirements of ecological civilization, always be sober in theory, firm in politics and conscious in action, and earnestly enhance the "Four Consciousness", firm in "four self-confidence" and achieve "two maintenance".

The meeting demanded that all towns and departments should be highly responsible for Zizhou's history and future, adhere to the concept of system, improve the scientificity and effectiveness of ecological environment protection, and promote high-quality economic development and high-level ecological environment protection. In accordance with the requirements of "one work, one leading department and one action plan", we should further consolidate the responsibility for environmental protection, strictly implement "the same responsibility of the party and the government, one post and two responsibilities", and solidly do a good job in the treatment of loose coal, dust, "scattered pollution" enterprises, sewage direct discharge, livestock and poultry breeding discharge, and low nitrogen transformation. We should adhere to the problem orientation, seriously study the problems fed back by the municipal Party committee's environmental protection supervision, improve the work plan, implement the list management, form the linkage of departments, and complete the rectification of problems with high quality within a time limit. It is necessary to increase the intensity of accountability, zero tolerance for the destruction of the ecological environment, accelerate the improvement of the quality of the ecological environment, and constantly meet the growing needs of the people for a beautiful ecological environment.