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Hejiaji Town

I. Unit profile

Hejiaji town is located in the south of Zizhou County, about 55 km away from the county seat. Huaining river runs through the town. It borders nangoucha town and shijiapan town in Zichang County, and laojundian Town, tuoerxiang Township, ZHUANMIAO Town, Gaoping Township and other towns in this county. There are 31 administrative villages under the jurisdiction of the town, with a total land area of 171.1 square kilometers, a total population of about 1900 people, and a cultivated land area of about 53000 mu, including 3310 mu of irrigated land, 11540 mu of terraced fields and 3560 mu of dam land. The per capita cultivated land area ranks first in the county. The climate conditions in the town are suitable for the comprehensive development of agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry. The leading industry is planting industry. In recent years, the breeding industry has sprung up and gradually become the leading industry of the town.

The people's Government of Hejiaji town in Zizhou county is a fully funded unit of the financial budget. The current total establishment of the unit is 54, including 28 institutions, 26 administrative staff and 14 retirees.

II. Institutional functions

According to the three fixed plans, the main functions of our town Party committee are as follows:

(1) Publicize and carry out the party's line, principles and policies, as well as the instructions and decisions of the higher Party organizations, implement the resolutions of the town's party members' Congress (the party members' Congress), and discuss and decide on major issues of the town.

(2) We should do a good job in the construction of ideology, organization and style of work of the party organizations they belong to.

(3) To lead the economic construction of the town, formulate the economic and social development plan of the town and organize its implementation.

(4) We should lead the construction of socialist spiritual civilization, democracy and legal system, strengthen the comprehensive management of rural social security, and implement the family planning policy of the party and the state.

(5) To lead and support the town government in exercising its administrative functions and powers in accordance with the law.

(6) To lead the work of the presidium of the Township People's Congress, economic organizations, people's armed forces, the Communist Youth League, women's Federation and other people's organizations

(7) To lead the party building of the units dispatched by the relevant departments at higher levels, and to lead, support and coordinate the work of the units dispatched by relevant departments at higher levels.

(8) Complete other tasks assigned by the higher Party organizations.

The main functions of the town government are as follows:

We should implement the party's and state's principles, policies, laws and regulations in rural areas

We should do a good job in agriculture, rural areas and farmers.

(1) Promote economic development and increase farmers' income

Scientifically formulate rural development plan, promote the adjustment of industrial structure, according to the local industry

We should strengthen the construction of rural infrastructure and the construction of new rural service system, implement the measures of strengthening agriculture and benefiting agriculture, promote agricultural development and increase farmers' income, vigorously develop private economy and enhance the strength of rural collective economy, We should cultivate and develop rural economic cooperation organizations, economic entities, trade associations and intermediary organizations, respect farmers' autonomy in production and management, improve farmers' self-development ability, do a good job in agricultural new technology demonstration, promote agricultural technology extension, do a good job in policy, information and consulting services, publicize the investment direction of the state and the industrial products supported by key support, and train economic talents, Timely provide farmers with market information such as production, supply and marketing, and release information about economic prosperity

(2) Strengthening public service restriction and improving people's livelihood

We should broaden service channels and improve service modes to facilitate the masses to handle affairs through "one-stop" service and service agency system. We should promote administration according to law and strictly perform our duties in accordance with the law. We should implement the system of administrative organ's first inquiry and strengthen the sense of responsibility. We should strive to solve the prominent problems in the production and life of the masses, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of farmers. We should strengthen the construction of the rural market system, We should strengthen the ability of market service, strengthen the basic construction of farmland and water conservancy, enhance the ability of agriculture to resist natural disasters, strengthen the construction of infrastructure, improve the production and living environment of farmers, do a good job in science and technology and information services, improve the level of farmers using modern information technology, strengthen the vocational skills training of rural labor force, release labor information, do a good job in labor export, and expand the employment of rural labor force; We should do a good job in rural social security, expand the coverage of the new rural cooperative medical system, improve the participation rate of farmers, establish and improve the minimum living security system for the poor in rural areas, do a good job in the socialization of pension payment and Application qualification certification of military families and five guarantee families, so as to relieve the worries of farmers; do a good job in the census of women of child-bearing age and health examination of planting; ensure direct grain subsidies, Direct subsidy of agricultural means and other preferential policies were implemented to all households.

(3) Strengthening social management and maintaining rural stability

We should do a good job in Ideological and political construction and spiritual civilization construction in rural areas, strengthen the management of rural education, health, culture, sports, environmental protection and other social undertakings to promote the healthy, harmonious and sustainable development of rural economy and society; we should strengthen family planning management to ensure the implementation of basic national policies; we should strengthen the management of safe production, do a good job in the supervision and inspection of production safety and the investigation of hidden dangers, We should implement the responsibility system of production safety, strengthen the comprehensive management of social security, give full play to the role of people's mediation, administrative mediation and judicial mediation, resolve social contradictions in rural areas in time, and eliminate factors of social instability; assist judicial organs in cracking down on various criminal activities, properly handle unexpected and mass incidents, and ensure the safety of people's lives and property; We should effectively solve the outstanding problems that damage the interests of farmers in rural land acquisition and collective asset management, ensure social stability, promote the healthy development of social organizations, enhance the function of social autonomy, improve the village rules and regulations, and deepen the work of creating rural security

(4) Promoting grassroots democracy and promoting rural harmony

We should adhere to the party's leadership to ensure the farmers' right to vote; improve the village Party organization's dynamic villagers' self-government mechanism to ensure the villagers' right to participate; improve the system of opening village affairs to protect the farmers' right to know; standardize the democratic decision-making mechanism, broaden the channels for villagers' democratic participation in village affairs, mobilize the enthusiasm of villagers to participate in village level affairs, and ensure the villagers' decision-making power; We should strengthen the supervision and restriction mechanism of village affairs management and guarantee the supervision right of farmers.

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