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Huainingwan Town

Huainingwan town is located in the middle reaches of Huaining River, 30 kilometers away from the county. Huaining Bay has a long history. Chonger, one of the five great masters in the spring and Autumn period, lived in this area for 12 years, so huainingchuan is also known as chongerchuan. According to historical records, Huaining village was called "Changning village" before Qingli year of Song Dynasty, and was renamed "Huaining village" after it was rebuilt in Qingli period. Huainingwan town has obvious geographical advantages. It is adjacent to Tianzhuang town of Suide County in the East, shizuiyi town of Qingjian County in the south, peijiawan town and tuoxiang Township in the west, and Miaojiaping town in the north, which can be called the "East Gate of Zizhou". The town covers a total area of 150 square kilometers and governs 20 administrative villages with a total population of 23135.

Huainingwan Town People's government is an administrative unit; it is fully funded by the financial budget; it has 36 institutional staff, 29 administrative staff, 24 assistant managers, 2 temporary workers and 17 retirees.