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Sanchuankou Town

Sanchuankou town is located 15 kilometers northwest of the county, adjacent to guayuanzewan office, shuanghuyu Town, lixiaohe office, dujiashigou town in Mizhi County and Wuzhen in Hengshan County. It is the third largest town in terms of area and population in the county. It has unique resource advantages and natural conditions. Gaoxi highway runs through the town, with convenient transportation and superior location, it has great development potential The main force of the county's economic development and small town construction.

As of the end of 2018, the Department has 73 personnel, including 37 administrative staff and 36 public institutions; there are 120 actual staff, including 33 administrative staff and 87 enterprise staff. There are 0 retirees under the management of the company.

The total area of the town is 178 square kilometers, the total cultivated land area is 71000 mu, and the area of returning farmland is 32000 mu. After withdrawing the village and supporting it, it has jurisdiction over 22 administrative villages and 173 villager groups, with a total population of 8903 households and 24471 people, including 819 residents. There are six business units in the town (sanchuankou police station, sanchuankou credit cooperative, sanchuankou school, Wang Jizhi; sanchuankou Xizhuang school, sanchuankou hospital, sanchuankou Veterinary Station), which play a good role in public service.