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Guazewan Convenience Service Centre

Guayuan zewan township is located in the northwest of Zizhou County, 25 km away from the county seat, adjacent to sanchuankou town in the East, Matigou in the south, Dianshi town in the West and lixiaohe Township in the north. The total area is 58 square kilometers, and the total cultivated area is 22442 mu, including 9840 Mu terrace (still under expansion), 895 Mu dam land, 11707 Mu slope depression land and 8650 Mu forest land. Guayuan zewan township is located in the Loess Hilly and gully region. It is a warm temperate semi-arid seasonal climate with 2644 hours of sunshine, 428 mm of annual rainfall and 140 days of frost free period. It is the township with the lowest temperature, the least rainfall and per capita water resources in Zizhou county. At present, there are 70 cadres and workers in Chawan township of Guayuan county. There is a nine-year school in Chawan Township, a credit union has been withdrawn, and a health center and a veterinary station have been set up. It now governs 8 administrative villages, namely Sangping, aijiapan, Xigou, caowan, Qujiashan, guayuanzewan, wangyangwa and madigou. There are 1841 households and 8001 people, all of whom are Han nationality. Among them, 4688 people are migrant population, and the population density is 138 per square kilometer. Due to the shortage of brick and stone and the economic backwardness, almost all farmers live in cave dwellings, which are built along the mountains and cliffs It is warm in winter and cool in summer. It is suitable for four seasons. Guayuan zewan township is mainly agricultural. The farmers are industrious and thrifty. They work at sunrise and rest at sunset. The cultivated land has many slopes and depressions, mainly producing corn, potato, beans and other grains. The villagers believe in Buddhism and gods, and temples are common in shilibacun. The Niangniang Temple Mountain, Lupu mountain, muliansi mountain and Baiquan mountain in Chawan Township, Guayuan County, are majestic and beautiful. Xifeng temple, Xinglong temple, Mulian temple and Sanhuang temple are built on the mountain. The unique Loess Plateau landform and strong religious culture perfectly combine to form a scenic spot, and the township is known as "four famous mountains". It has been rated as a national AAA tourist attraction. (7 tourist attractions: Xifeng temple, Baiquan mountain, Mulian temple, Lupu mountain, wangyangwa, Liujia courtyard, Wangzhuang).

Under the correct guidance of the county Party committee and the county government, guided by the spirit of the third, fourth and fifth plenary sessions of the 18th CPC Central Committee and the eighth enlarged session of the 16th CPC Central Committee, we have earnestly studied and implemented the spirit of the general secretary's speech on socialist core values and "adapting to the new normal" and the general guidelines of the central, provincial, municipal and county governments on carrying out the special education of "three stricts and three practicalities" Physical arrangement. With the development direction of "building the township with ecology, strengthening the township with industry, prospering the township with harmony and enriching the township with tourism", we should set the annual goal, grasp the key points of work, and strengthen the implementation of tasks. We have focused on industry and tourism, and comprehensively promoted the industrialization and modernization of agriculture, the ecological and beautification of rural areas. We have completed various tasks and maintained the steady and healthy development of various economic and social undertakings. At present, 2100 mu of mountain apple and 300 mu of walnut are planted, including 500 mu of high standard and high quality mountain apple in qujia mountain. There are more than 16000 professional hens breeding cooperatives in dongfugou village, and more than 16000 professional hens in dongfugou village and Huolan village. Han Lingxiu, a college student entrepreneur in Xigou village, has built a "Lupu red jujube vinegar" factory and a soy sauce vinegar processing plant in chaiguizhou, jiangxingzhuang. 23 kinds of ornamental trees were planted on the roads around the mountain, returning farmland to forest land and barren slopes. More than 700 mu of walnut was planted in the cultivated land, 100 mu of apricot and peach picking garden and 8 mu of Peony Ornamental Garden; 100 mu of small fruit picking garden of wangyangwa and Lupu mountain; 200 mu of apple picking garden of Qujiashan and zhuyangwan village; 50 mu of grape and xixiaogua picking garden with 500 cherry trees; and 100 mu walnut picking garden of muliansi 。 Four sightseeing and leisure pavilions (Guanyun Pavilion, Weixiu Pavilion, Yixin Pavilion and Hanyun Pavilion) were built along the four famous mountains. The villagers raised more than 7 million yuan to build the first Buddhist pagoda in Northwest China and its ancillary works.