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Shuidiwan Convenience Service Centre

Shuidiwan Convenience Service Centre, unit nature: administration, fund management mode: full budget, the unit has on-the-job staff: 29 institutions, 23 administrative staff, 11 retirees, 11 assistants, 1 village official, 2 workers.

Shuidiwan Convenience Service Centre is located in the west of Zizhou County, on both sides of Xiaoli River, 30km away from the county. It is adjacent to Dianshi town in the East, zhoujian town in the south, gaozhen town in Hengshan County in the west, and shiyaogou in Hengshan County in the north. With a total area of 66 square kilometers, the township has 21 administrative villages under its jurisdiction, and 9 administrative villages have been established after the removal of villages and branches. There are 9388 people in 3635 households in the township, with a total cultivated land area of 28800 mu (including 1691 mu of paddy field, 2300 mu of Sichuan land and 3110 mu of dam land). In 2016, the per capita net income of farmers was 9004 yuan. There are 11 party branches under the Party committee, including 9 rural Party branches and 2 Party branches in government departments and enterprises. There are 436 party members in the township, including 392 rural Party members. There are 61 female party members.