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Zhoujiajian Town

Zhoujiajian town is located in the west of Zizhou County, 30 kilometers away from the county. Dali River, 307 National Highway, Qingyin Expressway and Taizhong Yinchuan railway pass through the territory. It is an important market town of Dali River in politics, economy and culture. It was once one of the four famous towns in Northern Shaanxi and was known as the capital of Qin and Jin Dynasties. The total area of the town is 81 square kilometers and the cultivated land is 29713 mu. It governs 23 Villagers' committees and 1 residents' committees, 63 natural villages and 108 villagers' groups. There are 30 party branches and 427 party members (one dismissed) (94 party members from the government and 10 old party members before the founding of the people's Republic of China). The total number of households is 4695, with 15323 people. In 2012, the per capita net income was 6630 yuan. There are 16 government organs, enterprises and institutions in the town, including the town Party committee, the presidium of the people's Congress, the people's Government of the town, the Ministry of armed forces, trade unions and secondary schools, central primary schools, kindergartens, credit cooperatives, hospitals, post offices, telecommunications stations, police stations, courts, water management stations, animal husbandry stations, etc. there are 4062 residents in the town, with urbanization of 37%.