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Macha Town

Macha town is located 40 kilometers west of Zizhou County, bordering Hengshan Mountain in the West. It is the most western town in Zizhou county. After the removal of the village, the town has jurisdiction over 12 administrative villages and 76 villager groups, with a total population of 14415 and a total land area of 67 square kilometers, including 29535 mu of cultivated land and 15957 mu of conversion of farmland to forest. The advantages of traffic information in the town are obvious. National Highway 307, Qingdao Yinchuan Expressway and Taizhong Yinchuan railway pass through the territory, making the town convenient in transportation, smooth in information and active in economy. The town now has a staff establishment of 33 people's government organs, with 92 in fact. In recent years, the new judicial office, food and Drug Administration Institute, agricultural regional station, Town People's Congress House, post office and other units have been added to the town organs, which further improve the functions of the organs and better serve the masses.

Macha town has stable rural conditions and simple folk customs. The whole town has always had a good tradition of actively running schools and paying attention to education, as well as a firm belief in developing economy and getting rich together. Transportation and breeding have become the characteristic industries of the town. Macha town in accordance with the beauty of development, the beauty of life, the beauty of ecology, the beauty of humanity, to comprehensively increase the construction of beautiful countryside. More than 60 million yuan has been invested in xujiawan, Fengqu, niujiagou and other villages. 188 mu of new immigrant areas have been built. 4799 people from 1433 households have been involved in the relocation of new areas and the reconstruction of old houses. The basic projects such as road hardening, power supply, water supply and drainage have been completed for all the household roads in the new immigrant areas, which has gradually improved the lighting, greening and beauty of the new rural construction Chemical engineering and other follow-up projects. Focus on the completion of gejiagou city level demonstration community construction. This year, more than 1 million yuan has been invested to complete the basic construction of riverside road hardening, convenient culture square and community health room. Up to now, the town has built a number of new rural demonstration villages, greatly improving the level of human settlements. Among them, Fengqu village was rated as "provincial beautiful village" by the Provincial Department of Finance for key construction, and a transportation association was established, with 21 motorcades and 246 transport vehicles, with an annual profit of more than 30 million yuan. The private economy has developed significantly, and the whole township has been actively attracting investment and encouraging private capital to inject into various fields. At present, Chengyuan coal preparation plant, Hongqi brick factory and other seven private enterprises have normal production and significant profits and taxes.