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Huaishucha Convenience Service Centre

Huaishucha township is located in the southwest edge of Zizhou County, 50 km away from the county seat, 8 km away from 307 National Highway, bordering Hengshan County in the West and Zichang County in the south. The total land area of the township is 117 square kilometers, including 29000 mu of cultivated land and 38000 mu of forest land.

The township has 23 administrative villages and 78 natural villages. The total population is 10480 and the total number of households is 2966. The township enterprises include hospitals, veterinary stations, post and Telecommunications stations, credit cooperatives, telecommunications stations, schools and Yongsheng coal mine.

Before huaishucha Township, 5 villages are oil roads, and the remaining 18 villages are gravel hardened roads. There are 82 earth dams in the township, with 12300 mu of basic farmland and 19000 mu of conversion of farmland to forest.

The township is rich in coal, oil and natural gas and other mineral resources. More than 70 million yuan has been invested in the integration of Yongsheng coal mine. Now it is preparing to put into operation, with an annual output of more than 8 million tons, which can not only be used for the production and living of the whole Township, but also be transported to the outside world. At present, one natural gas well has been drilled in the whole Township, and four oil exploration wells have been drilled in Zhangshan and baishuyan villages. According to the electric survey, the oil and gas reserves in the territory are extremely rich and the development prospect is broad. There is a trade fair with an annual trade volume of 5 million yuan.

In the new century, a group of people from the Party committee and the government of the township, united as one, with a brand-new spiritual outlook, work hard and keep pace with progress, so as to form a leap forward development of the township economy.