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County Government Office

Zizhou County People's government office is located in Zizhou County shuanghuyu Street office people's street 168 county government complex building, unit legal person Zhang hudun. 28 administrative staff. There are 1 Director and 3 deputy directors, 1 deputy section level inspector, 1 deputy section level confidential Commissioner and 1 deputy section level security cadre. Setting up the post of General Secretary , economic development secretary, social management Secretary, agriculture and rural secretary, people's livelihood cause secretary, clerical work, supervision and supervision post, Party construction work post, information officer post, e-government and government website post, confidential job, typing post, financial post, custody post, conference room management post, newspaper and periodical receiving and dispatching, financial work supervision post and foreign affairs worker As a management post, security work post and other 19 jobs. There are three public institutions, namely, affairs center, customs center and reception center.