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Public Security Bureau

The Public Security Bureau of Zizhou county is a division level system with 26 departments (including 21 departments and 5 Deputy departments): political work supervision office, discipline inspection and supervision office, command center, office, police support room, domestic security team, public security management team, criminal investigation team, drug control team, legal team, patrol special police team, food and drug investigation team, and traffic management team The 15 bureaus, such as Lidu brigade, detention center and compulsory isolation and rehabilitation center, are all established at the department level, and 11 police stations (Chengguan police station, Chengxi police station, Matigou police station, zhoujiajian police station, Miaojiaping police station, laojundian police station) are all established at the department level, and Macha police station, Dianshi police station, sanchuankou police station, huainingwan police station and peijiawan police station are established at the department level 5 out of the Institute for the deputy section level system). There are 577 people in the overall situation, including 197 policemen, accounting for 34% of the total police force, and 380 auxiliary police officers, accounting for 66% of the total police force

In recent years, under the correct leadership of the county Party committee, the county government and the Municipal Public Security Bureau, Zizhou County Public Security Bureau has closely focused on the idea of "laying the foundation in one year, improving in two years, and stepping up in three years", based on the reality, innovating methods, strengthening measures and strictly managing the team, ensuring the purity of the team, enhancing the cohesion of the team, and improving the combat effectiveness of the team. Since 2014, our bureau has been commended once by the municipal political and Legal Commission and six times by the Municipal Public Security Bureau; two departments have been awarded collective third class merit twice, six departments have been commended by the Municipal Public Security Bureau seven times; one police officer has been awarded individual second class merit once, 15 police officers have been awarded individual third class merit 16 times, 14 police officers have been awarded 15 times, 44 people have been awarded 50 times by provincial and municipal governments, and 50 people have been commended 56 times at county level.