Today is 2020-8-28
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Natural Resources and Planning Bureau

The land and Resources Bureau of Zizhou county has attached the brand of Zizhou real estate registration bureau, which includes government Secretary shares, finance shares, cadastral and land administration shares, farmland protection shares, land disaster prevention and control shares, mining management shares, utilization shares and unified collection shares. According to the institutional reform plan of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, the Department will be renamed Zizhou natural resources and Planning Bureau in 2019, and the relevant internal institutions will be adjusted accordingly.

The Department is composed of the same level (including the real estate registration bureau) and 10 subordinate institutions. The subordinate units are the unified land acquisition and demolition office, the mineral resources management office, the geological environment monitoring station, the land and resources supervision and law enforcement team, shuanghuyu land office, laojundian land office, Matigou land office, zhoujiajian land office, real estate registration service center, and poverty alleviation and resettlement office; the Department has a total establishment of 110 people, including 10 administrative staff and 99 public institutions People. There were 97 in service and 11 retired. There were 9 survivors.