Today is 2020-8-28
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Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau

Zizhou housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau is a constituent Department of Zizhou County People's government, the administrative department of urban and rural planning and construction of the whole county, and a section level administrative unit. Mainly responsible for urban and rural planning, urban infrastructure construction and management, construction industry, real estate industry, project bidding, earthquake mitigation, urban construction archives management, etc. There are nearly 100 cadres and workers in 7 public institutions and 2 enterprise units, including 15 section level cadres.

In recent years, the housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau of Zizhou County, under the correct leadership of the county Party committee and the county government, with the attention and guidance of superior business departments and the care and help of all sectors of society, adheres to the important thought of "Three Represents", earnestly implements the scientific outlook on development, and strengthens urban construction and management. Since 2006, nearly 200 million yuan has been invested in urban construction, including Dali River Diversion Project, Dali Road, Huaxing Road, Xingqing Road, Kaiyuan Road, Renmin Road, Shuanghu Road, etc. the construction of Xianghe agricultural trade market, Dongguan agricultural trade market, garbage treatment plant, sewage treatment plant and other infrastructure projects have been completed. The urban road network has taken shape, the urban scale has expanded unprecedentedly, the urban infrastructure has been gradually improved, the urban functions have been significantly enhanced, and the living conditions of the people have been gradually improved.