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Education and Sports Bureau

The education and Sports Bureau of Zizhou county is the competent department of education administration of Zizhou County People's government. It has political secretary unit, basic education unit, financial planning unit and vocational education unit. Its office is located in the office building of Zizhou County People's government.

In recent years, the education and Sports Bureau of Zizhou County adheres to the guidance of in-depth study and practice of the scientific outlook on development and the goal of running people's satisfaction education, which has effectively promoted the comprehensive, rapid and sustainable development of education in the whole county. In 2008, it was awarded the title of "the best unit of spiritual civilization construction in the education system of the whole province" by the Provincial Education Working Committee and the education department; in 2009, it was rated as "the advanced unit of the city's education system annual work" and "the advanced collective of the annual comprehensive evaluation" by the Municipal Education Bureau, and "the excellent unit of annual target responsibility assessment" by the county Party committee and the county government.