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Bureau of Statistics

Zizhou County Bureau of statistics is the statistical department of Zizhou County People's government. It is a section level administrative system, and the person in charge is Liu Zhiqiang. The financial establishment of the unit is 9, including 5 leading posts of the Bureau, namely, 1 Director, 2 deputy directors, 2 chief staff members and 4 general staff (financial staff). In order to ensure the normal and orderly operation of the work, according to the nature of the work and the division of functions, the Bureau has set up nine posts, including secretary post, agricultural statistics post, wholesale and retail trade and service industry statistics post, financial management post, labor and capital statistics post, industrial traffic statistics post, statistics law enforcement post, fixed asset investment and construction industry statistics post, and computer management and use post.

Zizhou County Bureau of statistics is subordinate to two units, namely the Census Center and the social and economic investigation team.