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Transportation Bureau

Zizhou County Transportation Bureau is located at No. 44 Renmin Street, Zizhou county. It is the Department in charge of transportation of Zizhou County People's government. It is a section level administrative system, and is now in charge of Comrade Gao Shudong. The number of units is 9, including 3 leading positions, i.e. 1 Director and 2 deputy directors; there is also 1 Chairman of the trade union, 1 chief engineer and 4 general staff. According to the nature of the work and the division of functions, the Bureau has set up seven posts, namely, political secretary post, comprehensive planning post, fund management post, construction management post, maintenance management post, test post and legal transportation post; it has 3 regular section level public institutions, namely, Zizhou County Rural highway management station, Zizhou County Road Transportation Management Office, Zizhou County Taxi Management Office, and 1 share level public institution It is the local ocean Office of Zizhou County; it administers 3 municipal units, namely Zizhou highway management section, Zizhou bus station and Zizhou 12th company.