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Bureau of Culture, Tourism and Cultural Relics

Zizhou County Bureau of culture, tourism, cultural relics, radio and Television Bureau is a department of the county government, which is under the administrative system at the section level. The director of the bureau is Gao Jiefeng. The financial establishment of the unit is 8, including 4 leading posts of the Bureau, namely, 1 Director, 3 deputy directors and 4 general staff. In order to ensure the normal and orderly operation of the work, according to the nature of the work and the division of functions, there are four posts in the Bureau, namely, administrative secretary management post, culture and art management post, cultural market management post and Cultural Relics Tourism Management Post.

Zizhou County Bureau of culture, culture, radio, and television has five subordinate units, namely, library, cultural center, comprehensive law enforcement bureau of cultural market, cultural relics management institute and art performance Co., Ltd.