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Beautiful Zizhou

Zizhou county is located in the hinterland of the hilly and gully region of the Loess Plateau in Northern Shaanxi, and the southern edge of Yulin city. In 1944, from Suide, Mizhi, Qingjian, Hengshan and other counties, the county was designated to commemorate the revolutionary martyr Li Zizhou. The county area is 2042 square kilometers, the total cultivated land area is 1.37 million mu, the total population of the county is 303900, including 278800 agricultural population. The county governs 11 towns, 1 Township, 1 Subdistrict Office, 279 administrative villages and 11 residents' committees. Zizhou County straddles the warm temperate zone and the middle temperate zone, and has the characteristics of continental monsoon climate. The territory of gully vertical and horizontal, hilly ups and downs, the terrain is high in the West and low in the East. It is rich in underground oil and gas resources. Dali River and Huaining River pass through the West and south, and the two rivers are known as "rice grain River". The ecological construction demonstration park of Buddha Temple, "four famous mountains", nanfengzhai, Huangtuwa qiutan and other landscapes are beautiful and pleasant. Zizhou Yangko, paper cutting, folk songs, storytelling, carving and other folk arts are very representative in Northern Shaanxi. As the saying goes, "Mizhi's aunt, Suide's Han Dynasty, Qingjian's slate, tile kiln's charcoal", Zizhou has both.