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Zhou Enlai in Zhoujiajian

In April 1947, the Kuomintang chief Hu Zongnan led an army of hundreds of thousands to attack northern Shaanxi and attempted to eliminate the Party Central Committee and Chairman Mao in Yan'an, northern Shaanxi. Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, and Ren Bishi led the central authorities to evacuate Yan'an and fought in northern Shaanxi to deal with Hu Zongnan's forces. On April 5th, vice-chairman Zhou Enlai returned to Suide from Hedong. Accompanied by Commissioner Yang Heting from Suide, a group of 7 people went up the Dali River. On 6th, they came to Shuanghuyu and listened to Commissioner Yang and the head of the Zizhou County Party Committee. In the evening of the same day, vice-chairman Zhou Enlai arrived in Zhoujiajian Town and lived in Zhou Yizu's home in Zhoujiagelao Village. As soon as Zhou Enlai lived, he immediately recruited the comrades in charge of the Zhoujiajian District Committee for a meeting, conveyed the instructions of the Party Central Committee, and learned about the production and life of the local people. At that time, Wan Jinxin, the mayor of Zhoujianai Township, treated Zhou Enlai, and the district party cadre Zhou Jucheng invited Zhou Xianzu to cook a meal for Zhou Enlai. The meal was Zhoujian’s tart, mung bean and rice soup, and mutton fried noodles. After eating dinner, Zhou Enlai praised the food as good and flavorful. Before the evening break, Zhou Enlai chatted with his master. When he learned that everyone in the village was surnamed Zhou, Zhou Enlai said gratefully and wittily: "My surname is Zhou too. We are a family. Today I finally returned home! "

The next day, as soon as the east lighted up, Zhou Enlai led the team to march west. After that, he went to Qingyangcha to meet Chairman Mao Zedong.

Therefore, the story of Zhou Enlai's recognition of his family in Zhoujiagelao has been circulating in Zhoujiajian Town.