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The Legend of Li Guang’s Shooting the Tiger in Shihuwan

In Shihuwan Village, Peijiawan Township, there are two huge rocks on the river beach, resembling a tiger and called Shihu. There is a spring nearby called Baoquan. Shihu often goes to drink Baoquan water at night and Shihu Bay is named after Shihu.

Legend has it that when Li Guang guarded the upper county, the Xiongnu was shocked. One day, Li Guang went out hunting. When he returned, it was too late. He saw a white tiger in the grass by the river, took a powerful crossbow, busily bowed the full moon, and shot hard. The entourage went to check the next morning, but it was originally a stone. The arrow shot by Li Guang was several inches into the stone. Li Guang was shocked, tried again with a bow and could no longer enter the rock.

It is said that Shihuwan is where Li Guang shot the tiger, and Shihu is the tiger shot by Li Guang.