Today is 2020-8-28
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Zizhou Astragalus became the "sweet cake" for pharmaceutical enterprises in the 2022 Chinese herbal

From July 9 to 10, at the invitation of the Professional Committee of Traditional Chinese Medicine Planting and Breeding of China Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hu Xiuzhong, member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and deputy county head, led the relevant personnel of the County Agriculture and Rural Bureau and the County Seed and Traditional Chinese Medicine Promotion Center to Chengdu, Sichuan Province, to participate in the 2022 Chinese medicine agricultural base operation, local processing and industrial procurement and high-quality base production and marketing docking conference.

Hu Xiuzhong made a theme report on "the current situation and development opportunities of Zizhou astragalus industry" at the conference site, focusing on the development status, advantages and characteristics of Zizhou astragalus industry, and the industrial development ideas of the "14th Five Year Plan". After the conference, he made an all-round recommendation on Zizhou Chinese herbal medicine industry, together with Cao Hailu, the secretary general of the Chinese herbal medicine planting and breeding professional committee of the Chinese Traditional Medicine Association, Cai Xinfu, the chairman of Lizhu Pharmaceutical Group Sichuan Everbright Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Further in-depth exchanges on the next industrial development and cooperation direction of Zizhou Astragalus membranaceus.

With the theme of "brand traditional Chinese medicine agriculture, helping rural revitalization", the conference attracted many experts and professors from scientific research institutes, universities and pharmaceutical enterprises from all over the country. With its unique quality charm, Zizhou Astragalus became a star product on the exhibition site. Many participants said that Zizhou Astragalus had completely subverted their traditional understanding of Astragalus, hoping to deeply understand Zizhou Astragalus and establish cooperation.

According to statistics, more than 1000 publicity materials and business cards were distributed at the exhibition site, and preliminary cooperation intention was reached with Haiwang Herbal Hall Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Xiamen Shouyi Zhenyuan Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum, etc.