Today is 2020-8-28
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Nanfengzhai Scenic Spot in Zizhou County is approved as a national AAA tourist attraction

On April 29th, our county held a licensing ceremony of a national AAA-level tourist attraction, a municipal-level tourist characteristic town, and a municipal-level rural tourism demonstration village at the Nanfengzhai Scenic Spot in Miaojiaping Town. Yang Shufa, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism, and the county government deputy county head Gao Yan attended the ceremony.

Since the establishment of Nanfengzhai Scenic Area, according to the national Measures for the Management of Quality Grades of Tourist Attractions and the Classification and Evaluation of Quality Grades of Tourist Attractions, the infrastructure and auxiliary facilities of the scenic spots have been gradually improved, and the quality of various management services has been improved. According to Yulin City Tourism Resources Planning and Development Quality Evaluation Committee, all quality indicators of Nanfengzhai Scenic Area have reached the national AAA-level tourist attraction standard, and agreed to be awarded the title of national AAA-level tourist attraction.

Nanfengzhai is located on the Dali River opposite to Miaojiaping Town, ten miles southeast of Zizhou County, which is the only place that connects the main channels between Nanchuan and Xichuan of Zizhou. There is a unique natural style, three rivers are endless, the back beam is connected to the mountains, the terrain is steep, the mountains are steep, and it’s simple and tall, with lush green trees.

The ancient temple of Nanfengzhai has a long history. The main hall is high, the side halls are surrounded by pagodas, the pagodas are towering, the auspicious clouds are lingering, the archway is majestic, the shape is simple, the road is steep like a ladder. With morning bell and evening drum, it looks solemn, which is a provincial key cultural relic protection unit and has been declared as a national key cultural relics protection unit.

Nanfengzhai is another red revolutionary base. In April 1928, the first party representative meeting of the Communist Party of China in northern Shaanxi, the Nanfengzhai Conference, was held here. The North Shaanxi Special Committee of the Communist Party of China was established here, the leadership of the northern Shaanxi Party and League organizations was unified, the white terror was restored and developed, and the revolutionary struggle in northern Shaanxi, which laid a solid foundation for the party Central Committee to choose the revolutionary base camp in northern Shaanxi.

Nanfengzhai has convenient transportation. The Qingyin Expressway and Taizhongyin Railway extend east-west along the Dali River. The old and new 307 National Road and the county-level Zinan Road pass through the foot of the mountain, forming a transportation network extending in all directions. The Miaojiaping Town nearby is a well-known ancient town. It is working hard to build an ancient cultural street integrating folk customs, commerce, catering and tourism, which echoes the unique natural and cultural resources of Nanfengzhai and complements each other.

The natural landscape, religious culture, red culture, and architectural culture of Nanfengzhai Scenic Area converge and blend, with superior comprehensive resources and unique cultural taste. Since the establishment of the national 3A-level scenic spot, Zizhou County has built and improved one by one. The tourist traffic of the scenic spot has been greatly improved, the tourist function has been gradually improved, the environmental sanitation of the scenic spot has been further improved and optimized, and the comprehensive management has been continuously enhanced, which has made it a scenic area integrating natural landscape, Taoist culture and Red Revolution sites.