Today is 2020-8-28
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Our county held "welcome the Mid Autumn Festival and celebrate the National Day" to benefit the peop

Golden autumn send cool welcome to the Mid Autumn Festival, fruit fragrance to celebrate the national day. On September 21, sponsored by the County Bureau of culture, tourism, heritage, radio and television, and performed by all the veteran cadres of the county's veteran cadres' Art Troupe, the performance of "praising the motherland for a well-off society" to welcome the mid autumn national day and benefit the people was held in the central square of our county, which provided a rich visual feast for nearly 1000 people.

In the jubilant Yangge Dance "colorful and prosperous age", the party opened the curtain, the unrestrained and free dance showed the development and change of the social city, and the most simple happiness and joy of the common people; through the touching plot, passionate music and the sincere performance of the actors, the Meihu drama "aunt in Northern Shaanxi" vividly reappears the charm of women in Northern Shaanxi in the current historical development. Qipao show "fan Yong Mei Zizhou" shows the beauty of Chinese cheongsam to the public, and shows the self-confidence and elegant beauty of Zizhou women. The song "I love you, China" resounded through the sky and won the applause of the audience. Skits, Jin opera, children's chorus, female solo and other wonderful programs pushed the party to a climax again and again.

Finally, the evening party ended with the graceful dance and beautiful singing of "building a Chinese dream together".