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Our county held a review meeting on key work in the second quarter of 2022

On July 18, our county held a review meeting on key work in the second quarter of 2022. Feng Jie, Secretary of the county Party committee, attended and spoke. Zhao Shaoyi, chairman of the Standing Committee of the county people's Congress, Wang Zhiqin, chairman of the county people's Political Consultative Conference, Liu Jie, deputy secretary of the county Party committee, an Lu, Hu Jun, Zhang Xiaorui, he Bingzheng, Chang Xiangqian, Wang Wei, fan Yuhu, Wang Sai, and other leaders at the county level attended the meeting. The main responsible persons of the county Party committee, various departments at the county level, various people's organizations, directly affiliated institutions and units, and the main responsible persons of the Party (industry) committee and the government of various townships (streets, convenience service centers) attended the meeting. Zhao guibo, deputy secretary of the county Party committee and head of the county, presided over the meeting.

At the meeting, Hu Jun reported the quarterly assessment results of key project construction, investment attraction and production safety; Ma Xiaodong reported the quarterly assessment results of the work of maintaining stability through letters and visits; He Xiaoming reported the quarterly assessment results of the epidemic prevention and control work; Guo Jianjun reported the quarterly assessment results of ecological and environmental protection work, and arranged for the next stage of work. Departments and townships lagging behind in key project construction, investment attraction, production safety, stability maintenance by letters and visits, epidemic prevention and control, ecological and environmental protection, etc. made statements.

Feng Jie pointed out that the whole county should thoroughly implement the spirit of the recent central, provincial and municipal meetings, clearly understand the situation, find out the crux, effectively enhance the political responsibility of doing a good job in key work, boost the spirit, muster up enthusiasm, focus on the key points, and firmly grasp the implementation, so as to ensure the successful completion of all work tasks.

Feng Jie called for systematic planning and concentrated efforts to solidly promote new breakthroughs in economic and social development in the second half of the year. All departments at all levels should anchor the fundamental requirements of "epidemic prevention, economic stability, and development safety", strictly follow the arrangements and deployment of the county Party committee and the county government, further highlight the key points, strengthen the measures, and increase the intensity, race for time and speed, make up for the weaknesses, strengthen the weak points, grasp the key points, and do solid work, and go all out to promote new breakthroughs in key work. It is necessary to strengthen analysis, study and judgment, make good use of policies, strengthen supervision and guidance, and focus on the economic operation indicators. It is necessary to pay close attention to the objectives and tasks, further complement the weaknesses, strengthen the guarantee of factors, optimize the construction environment, strengthen supervision and inspection, and fully promote the construction of key projects. It is necessary to develop ideas, innovate mechanisms and methods, comprehensively sort out industrial positioning, preferential policies, access conditions, factories, land stocks and other resources under the jurisdiction, based on the "four major" leading industries, strengthen overseas investment promotion, participate in major investment promotion activities, and conduct "one-to-one" negotiations to promote investment promotion and make substantive progress. We should accelerate the construction of the park, support the development of the private economy, vigorously develop new forms of consumption, and constantly enhance the new impetus for economic development. We should adhere to the goal of promoting the county's economic and social development in ensuring and improving people's livelihood, strive to solve the practical interests of the broad masses of people, and make the achievements of reform and development more and more equitably benefit the people.

Feng Jie stressed that it is necessary to keep the bottom line, do solid work, and strive to create a good environment for Zizhou's high-quality development. It is necessary to always tighten the string of epidemic prevention and control, resolutely put an end to the idea of slackening and paralyzing and the feeling of war weariness, further compact responsibilities, and strictly grasp the epidemic prevention and control. We should pay close attention to key industries and fields, take the initiative to check hidden dangers, plug loopholes, eliminate hidden dangers, and strictly prevent safety accidents in combination with the large-scale investigation of production safety. It is necessary to set standards and tables, make concerted efforts to implement the central environmental protection supervision and rectification work, comprehensively promote the iron fist action to combat pollution, and continuously improve the quality of the ecological environment. We should comprehensively investigate and resolve all kinds of contradictions and disputes, promptly resolve the legitimate demands of the masses on the spot, strive to resolve problems at the grass-roots level and in the bud, strictly implement safety management measures for key parts, and focus on public security rectification actions to ensure the safety of people's lives and property. It is necessary to strengthen confidence, face difficulties and take the initiative to promote the implementation of all decisions and arrangements of the central government, provinces and municipalities with extraordinary actions, try every possible way to catch up with the progress, make every effort to fill the gap, lay a solid foundation for the realization of the annual goals and tasks, and take practical actions to welcome the victory of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.