Today is 2020-8-28
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The county held a meeting to promote the current key work

On September 30, our county held a meeting to promote the current key work. Feng Jie, secretary of the county party committee, attended the meeting and made a speech. Liu Jie, deputy secretary of the county party committee, An Lu, Hu Jun, Zhang Xiaorui, He Bingzheng, Chang XiangQian, Li Guoliang, Wang Wei, deputy directors of the standing committee of the county people's congress, Zhang Jianxun, Yan Yang, deputy county leaders, He Xiaoming, Guo Jianjun, deputy county leaders, Xu Cunfei, a member of the party group of the county government, Li Jun, president of the county people's court, Liu Shixiong, chief procurator of the county people's procuratorate, Huang Chunsheng, political commissar of the county public security bureau, and other county leaders attended the meeting. The main leaders of the county party committee and all departments at the county level, and the main leaders of the party and government of all villages and towns (streets, convenience service centers) attended the meeting. Zhao Guibo, deputy secretary of the county party committee and head of the county, presided over the meeting.

At the meeting, Liu Jie reported the comprehensive evaluation results of key work observation; Hu Jun, Zhang Xiaorui, He Bingzheng, He Xiaoming and Guo Jianjun respectively reported the third quarter assessment results of key project construction, investment promotion, safety production, human settlement environment improvement, official title work, letters and visits to maintain stability, epidemic prevention and control, ecological protection and other work; Major comrades in charge of towns and departments who are lagging behind in comprehensive evaluation of key work made a statement; The "mobile red flag" was awarded to two excellent departments and two towns, and the "yellow card for warning" was issued to two lagging departments and two towns.

Feng Jie pointed out that the whole county should focus on high-quality delisting and firmly promote the work of "one hundred day promotion" and "one hundred day supervision". All departments at all levels should recognize the current situation facing the title work, pay more attention to the thought, strengthen the action, and compact the responsibility, give full play to the role of the "two office" supervision and the special class of the title supervision, strengthen the application of the assessment results, and see the truth in the accountability, so as to ensure a better position in the national post evaluation process.

Feng Jie required that we should focus on economic operation to improve quality and efficiency, and firmly promote project construction and investment attraction. We should strengthen economic operation scheduling, focus on key industries, enterprises and relevant indicators, make accurate analysis, do everything possible to stabilize growth and ensure operation, and ensure that all indicators remain within a reasonable range. We should make every effort to strive for the construction and management of projects, strive for projects and focus on the early stage, focus on the commencement and promotion of key projects, and focus on the handover and management and protection of agricultural projects, so as to form a boom in project construction. It is necessary to vigorously promote industrial investment attraction, focus on characteristic industries and policy opportunities, accurately connect, solve leftover problems, establish problem accounts, do a good job in service guarantee, and ensure the implementation of projects with a good business environment.

Feng Jie stressed that we should focus on the overall social harmony and stability, and firmly promote epidemic prevention and control, safe production, ecological environmental protection, and letters and visits to maintain stability. We should continue to do a good job in regular epidemic prevention and control, put an end to paralysis and fluke mentality, do a good job in detecting and filling gaps, strengthen the control of key sites and the screening of key groups, and firmly uphold the hard won results of epidemic prevention and control. We should continue to focus on safety in production, strictly implement township territorial responsibility, industry supervision responsibility, and corporate responsibility, fulfill the political responsibility of maintaining safety and stability, and increase investigation and problem rectification in terms of geological disasters, fire safety, road traffic, carbon monoxide poisoning, etc. We should continue to do a good job in ecological environment protection, strengthen the rectification of outstanding problems in ecological environment protection, do a good job in planning and approving water related areas, and improve the quality of ecological environment. We should continue to ensure the stability of letters and visits, implement the responsibilities of resolving and controlling stability, and work together to crack down on illegal visits. We should combine the requirements of cadre style construction, enhance a high degree of political consciousness, and take practical actions to welcome the successful convening of the 20th CPC National Congress.