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In the fourth quarter of 2022, the key projects in our count

On October 13, our county held the centralized commencement ceremony of key projects in the fourth quarter of 2022. This time, there are 6 centralized projects, with a total investment of 147 million yuan and an annual planned investment of 134 million yuan. Feng Jie, the county party secretary, attended and announced the commencement of the project. Chaired by Zhao Guibo, the county magistrate. Liu Jie, An Lu, Hu Jun, Zhang Xiaorui, Chang Xiangqian, Li Guoliang, Wang Sai, Zhang Jianxun, Li Fengning, Guo Jianjun and other county leaders attended the ceremony. The person in charge of all departments, mass organizations and directly affiliated institutions of the county party committee and county-level organs, the person in charge of all townships (streets, convenience service centers), the person in charge of all project promotion units, the special shift for approval services, and the representative of the construction unit attended the commencement ceremony.

At the ceremony, the person in charge of the Development, Reform and Science and Technology Bureau reported the progress of the key construction projects in our county in 2022; Relevant leaders from the Natural Resources and Planning Bureau, the Industry and Commerce Bureau and Miaojiaping Town made speeches.

The activity requires that the project construction should be promoted with high intensity, and the management mechanism of "weekly supervision, weekly scheduling and weekly notification" should be implemented to make every effort to seize the progress and promote the production. It is necessary to efficiently strengthen service guarantee, carefully sort out the project problem list, task list and responsibility list, and timely and effectively solve the problems in project promotion. We should plan reserve projects with high standards, plan, reserve and implement a number of large and good projects that conform to industrial planning, investment orientation and drive strong momentum.

It is understood that in 2022, our county will implement 100 key projects, including 39 continued projects, 58 new projects, 3 reconstruction and expansion projects, with a total investment of 5.447 billion yuan and an annual planned investment of 3.362 billion yuan. The project covers ecological industry, rural environmental sanitation renovation, rural revitalization, infrastructure, social undertakings and other fields. Up to now, 91 projects have been started and resumed, with an operating rate of 91%. The smooth progress of the project will provide strong support for Zizhou County to expand its economic aggregate, optimize its industrial structure and improve its development level.