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Centralized commencement of 48 key projects -- Zizhou sounded the "assembly number" of high-quality

A year begins with spring ploughing and autumn harvest. On February 26, Zizhou county held a centralized commencement ceremony for key projects in 2021. The first batch of 48 key construction projects were started, accounting for 51% of the plan. This is not only an important content for our county to thoroughly implement the requirements of the commencement month of major projects in the province and fully implement the tasks of "six stabilities" and "six guarantees", but also a major measure for our county to accelerate the development orientation of "13555" and realize the good start and step of Zizhou in catching up with and surpassing a new chapter in the new era.

He ligui, Secretary of the county Party committee, issued the commencement order. Li Chaokun, head of the county government, presided over the commencement ceremony and delivered a speech. Cai Rui, vice chairman of the county CPPCC and director of the county development and Reform Bureau, introduced the basic situation of key construction projects in 2021. He Angang, member of the Standing Committee of the county Party committee and executive deputy head of the county, read out the decision on the construction of key projects in 2020. Bai Chunlian, director of the Standing Committee of the county people's Congress, LV Minghui, deputy secretary of the county Party committee, Xu Ming, Zhao Shaoyi, Zhu Haitao, Gao Yan, Bai Yanxia, Gao Zenggang, Gong Guoqiang and other county leaders attended the commencement ceremony at home.

In his speech, Li Chaokun pointed out that 2021 is the beginning of the 14th Five-Year plan, especially when the new crown epidemic situation and the international pattern have undergone profound changes. The whole county should take the concept of "opening up, that is, decisive battle, sprint to start" and "project is king" consciousness. We must firmly hold the "nose" of effective investment, concentrate our strength, work hard and work hard to achieve 2021. "A good start".

Li Chaokun stressed the need to promote project construction with high quality. All project promotion departments should have the sense of mission of "walking ahead", the sense of responsibility of "refueling" and "non-stop" With a sense of urgency, all construction units should make every effort to promote the project construction; all construction units should regularly adhere to the bottom line of epidemic prevention and control, environmental protection and safety production, arrange the construction period and wall chart according to the project construction plan, so as to ensure that the project is completed as soon as possible and reaches the production capacity and efficiency; the development and reform department should continue to strengthen the project scheduling and notification, check orders, promote points, wake up accountability, and promote the implementation of the project under high pressure to implement.

We should enhance our support capacity with high efficiency and carry out the "year of improving the business environment" in depth Action, leaders of all projects should adhere to the above rate, regularly go to the front line of the project, and effectively solve the bottleneck constraints in the promotion of the project. All departments should take the initiative to connect services, actively promote the tilt of land, water and electricity, funds, policies and other essential resources to key projects, and fully support the project to take root and bear fruit. We should avoid prevarication, taking cards, malicious obstruction of work All kinds of problems such as illegal examination and approval, lack of responsibility and inaction shall be resolutely investigated and dealt with in a "zero tolerance" attitude.

We should promote the competition for funds with high standards. All departments should follow the "one-to-one" principle of the financial department Decompose reminder letters, carefully study superior policies, accurately grasp the support information of the central government, provinces and cities in key areas and weak links, plan, package and reserve projects in advance, actively communicate with relevant superior departments, and truly achieve one batch of application, one batch of reserve, one batch of implementation and one batch in place. Financial and development and reform departments should strengthen assessment, encourage the advanced, spur the backward, and strictly reward and punish , fully stimulate and mobilize the enthusiasm of departments and units to compete for capital.

During this period, relevant township leaders of the county housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, the county natural resources and Planning Bureau, the industrial investment company, the County Public Security Bureau, Miaojiaping town and other departments made statements respectively. Heads of departments directly under the county and vertical management units, secretaries of township party committees and heads of townships and towns, all staff of the special class for administrative examination and approval services, and heads of project owners attended the commencement ceremony.

The landing, commencement and construction of key projects spread the hope of spring on the land of Zizhou. It is reported that this year, our county will implement a total of 94 key construction projects, including 25 continuation projects, 57 new projects and 12 reconstruction and expansion projects. The total planned investment is 8.474 billion yuan and the annual planned investment is 4.735 billion yuan, covering many fields such as rural revitalization, urban and rural construction, infrastructure, modern agriculture, people's livelihood guarantee, innovation drive and so on. Among them, there are 4 industrial projects, 31 infrastructure projects, 36 livelihood and social undertakings projects, 9 industrial projects, 6 rural revitalization projects and 8 ecological restoration projects. A total of 70 major early-stage projects with a total investment of 14.93 billion yuan are reserved, including 7 industrial projects, 23 infrastructure projects, 25 livelihood and social undertakings projects, 6 industrial projects, 4 rural revitalization projects and 5 ecological environment restoration projects. The implementation of key projects will further improve the urban function, enhance the urban grade, optimize the industrial structure, promote the transformation, upgrading and upgrading of county economy, and inject strong impetus into the high-quality development of our county.