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Report on the Work of the Government——March 24, 2022

Government Work Report

——The 19th People's Congress of Zizhou County on March 16, 2022

At the first meeting

Zhao Guibo, Acting Chief of Zizhou County People's Government

Dear delegates:

Now, on behalf of the county people's government, I would like to report my work to the General Assembly for your deliberation, and I would like to invite all members of the CPPCC and other non voting participants to put forward their opinions.

1、 Five year work review

The county has made all-round progress in economic development and social undertakings. The gross domestic product of the county increased from 5.57 billion yuan at the end of 2016 to 7.729 billion yuan at the end of 2021, with an average annual growth of 6.8%; The per capita disposable income of urban residents increased from 25768 yuan to 31254 yuan, with an average annual growth of 3.9%; The per capita disposable income of rural residents increased from 9046 yuan to 12816 yuan, an average annual growth of 7.3%; 313 key construction projects were implemented, and the accumulated investment in fixed assets was 23.2 billion yuan; There were 6840 market entities, an increase of 4704, including 65 "top five enterprises", an increase of 33; The county's deposit balance reached 7.231 billion yuan, an increase of 2.6 billion yuan. The comprehensive strength of the county economy and the living standard of the people were significantly improved, and a moderately prosperous society was built on schedule.

——We made every effort to truly help the poor, help the poor, and get rid of the poor, and we won an all-round victory in the fight against poverty. Adhere to poverty alleviation as the No. 1 project, the top priority and the bottom line work, focus on "two no worries, three guarantees", and use the strictest responsibility system, the strongest promotion mechanism, and the most accurate assistance measures to focus all work on poverty alleviation, all resources on poverty alleviation, and all efforts on poverty alleviation, so as to win the battle of poverty alleviation with high quality. All 60515 registered poor people from 20646 households have been lifted out of poverty, and all 88 poor villages have been listed, The problems of absolute poverty and regional overall poverty have been solved historically.

——We will unswervingly expand the scale, adjust the structure, promote transformation, and constantly consolidate the industrial foundation. Based on the actual situation of the national ecological functional area, and adhering to the development path of ecological industrialization and industrial ecology, the county's mountain apple, walnut, and traditional Chinese medicine conservation areas have reached 182000 mu, 227000 mu, and 215000 mu respectively, and the raising amount of sheep, pigs, poultry, and beef cattle has reached 673000, 185000, 614000, and 34000, respectively. The livestock output value ranks first in the six counties in the south. The implementation of the long responsibility system of the industrial chain and the promotion of the upgrading of the industrial base and the modernization of the industrial chain have explored a new path for the loess hilly region to comprehensively solve the "three rural" problems.

——With unremitting efforts to address weaknesses, strengthen management and improve quality, the urban and rural landscape has improved significantly. We comprehensively promoted the post disaster reconstruction of "July 26", with a total of 308.5 kilometers of new and renovated roads, 11 kilometers of underground pipe networks, 13.3 kilometers of new embankments, and 5008 sets of affordable housing. Adhering to the county layout of "moving east, expanding west, defending south, and governing north", Yihe Community in the county has been fully built, and the central square and cultural center have become new landmarks to show the city's image. Adhere to the principle of establishing the county with ecology and firmly fight the battle against pollution. The county's forest and grass coverage rate has reached 36.6%, the city's leading air quality improvement rate, and the county's domestic waste treatment rate and domestic sewage collection and treatment rate have reached 100% and 91% respectively. The county has successfully established itself as a national health county, a provincial environmental protection model county, a provincial garden county, and a provincial forest city.

——We will continue to focus on reform, promote innovation, and improve the environment, so as to accelerate the release of development vitality. We completed the task of institutional reform on schedule, reduced the number of public institutions by 30%, and transferred 3357 people. The government affairs service center was built and operated, with a one-stop completion rate of 92.5% and an online completion rate of 90.1%. We made solid progress in the "three changes" reform in rural areas and completed 241 village collective economic projects. An industrial development investment company was established and two rounds of integration and upgrading of state-owned platform companies were carried out. Actively connect the resources of colleges and universities, and preliminarily build scientific and technological innovation platforms such as the Astragalus Research Institute and the Superfine Cashmere Goat Bioengineering Center.

——We should make every effort to do practical things, benefit people's livelihood and increase well-being, and ensure social harmony and stability. We continued to increase investment in people's livelihood, and the proportion of people's livelihood expenditure reached 83.6%. Adhere to the principle of people first and life first, and achieve zero input, zero infection and zero spread in combating the COVID-19. The investigation and rectification of safety production were strengthened, and the number of deaths from accidents decreased year by year. We did a solid job in "six stability", implemented the task of "six guarantees", organized a total of 10867 practical skills training, added 9674 urban jobs, granted 168 million yuan of micro guarantee loans for entrepreneurship, and issued 512 million yuan of various social assistance funds. We continued to promote education reform and county level comprehensive medical reform, successfully established a county with balanced development of national compulsory education and a provincial "double high and double popular" county, increased 3240 basic education degrees, and established county hospitals and traditional Chinese medicine hospitals as Grade II hospitals. We made solid progress in the People's War against Drugs, the special fight against crime, and the construction of spiritual civilization. For five consecutive years, we won the title of Provincial Advanced County for Safe Creation, and were awarded the first batch of "Safe Bronze Cauldrons" in the province.

——The government continued to improve its work style, service quality and efficiency. We will steadily carry out the education of "two studies and one action", the theme education of "never forget the original intention and keep the mission in mind" and the party history education, build up the "four consciousness", strengthen the "four self-confidence", and achieve the "two maintenance". We will establish and improve major administrative decision-making procedures, and strictly implement the collective decision-making system of "three priorities and one major". Adhere to the principle of administration according to law, promote the openness of government affairs, and actively accept the legal supervision of the National People's Congress, the democratic supervision of the CPPCC and the supervision of public opinion. The response rate and satisfaction rate of NPC deputies' proposals and CPPCC members' proposals remained 100%. We strengthened audit supervision and completed 2035 audits of various types. Strictly abide by the spirit of the eight point rule of the central government, strictly control and reduce general expenditure, continue to rectify the "four winds", vigorously rectify the problem of laziness, and form a strong joint force for officers to start their own businesses.

In 2021, we will adhere to the principle of coordinated development and security. In the face of multiple tests such as normalized epidemic prevention and control, severe drought, "dual control of energy consumption", county and township elections, and security and stability maintenance for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the whole county will strengthen confidence, work together, and maintain economic operation within a reasonable range. The scale of leading industries continued to expand. The construction of Matigou Astragalus Integration Industrial Park and Laojundian White Cashmere Goat Integration Development Park accelerated. The level of industrial agglomeration continued to improve, and it was awarded the title of the city's advanced county in agricultural and rural work. The "Four No Picks" were strictly implemented, the poverty alleviation achievements were consolidated and expanded, seven demonstration villages were planned and constructed, and rural revitalization was steadily pushed forward in an effective connection. The activity of "Year of Business Environment Improvement" was solidly carried out, and 78 key projects were started. Urban renewal was effectively promoted, and a number of small projects, such as parking lots, livelihood parks, public toilets, and municipal roads, were completed and served the people's livelihood. Dust, sewage, and "scattered pollution" were treated with iron fists, and the ecological and environmental protection work was successfully supervised by the provincial party committee and the central government. The work of education reform and medical reform has broken the ice. The reconstruction of Zhangzhai area and the comprehensive development of coal, oil and gas have achieved initial success in the long-term development of Zizhou. The overall social situation was stable and positive. The "four security" inspections identified 9057 problems and defused 592 risks. The first dose coverage rate of COVID-19 vaccine reached 97.3%. We strengthened the investigation and resolution of contradictions and disputes, and was rated as the city's advanced county in the settlement of letters and visits. We have basically achieved the goal of making a good start in the "Fourteenth Five Year Plan".

Dear delegates! Looking back on the five years of struggle, every step we have taken is not easy. What moved us was that at the critical moment of the "July 26" catastrophic flood disaster, the Party Central Committee and the State Council gave instructions on the rescue work. The main leaders of the provincial and municipal Party and government visited Zizhou for research and guidance. All sectors of the society extended their help. The cadres and masses of the county gave up their homes for everyone, and depicted a magnificent picture of a city in which all the people stood together through thick and thin! Let's be proud that, with a call to fight against poverty, ten thousand cadres took root in the countryside, shouldered their responsibilities to the masses, buried their debts to their families, fought against the poor and fought against poverty endlessly, completely removed the "poor hat" of absolute poverty, and played a hymn of striving for self-improvement and common prosperity! What makes us unforgettable is that the COVID-19 came suddenly, the cadres were not afraid of the crisis, and the people of the whole county responded rationally, stood by and helped each other, won the double victory in the fight against the epidemic and economic and social development, and wrote a thrilling anti epidemic poem to overcome the difficulties!

We must always adhere to the implementation of the new development concept, improve our innovation ability, solve the development momentum, and enhance the systematicness, integrity, synergy and sustainability of development, so as to solve problems and ensure that the new concept is translated into new practice and new action. We must always adhere to the people centered development philosophy, always maintain flesh and blood ties with the people, sincerely listen to the voice of the people, earnestly safeguard the interests of the people, and use practical actions to achieve development for the people, development depends on the people, and development achievements are shared by the people. We must always promote the construction of an efficient and clean government, lead the modernization of the government's governance system and governance capacity with the government's self revolution and functional transformation, and constantly build a government ruled by law and improve administrative efficiency.

Here, on behalf of the county people's government, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and high respect to the people of the county, to the deputies to the county people's congress, members of the CPPCC, to the democratic parties, the Federation of Industry and Commerce, people without party affiliation and people's organizations, to the officers and soldiers of the garrison, the political and legal officers, to the investors and builders developing in the county, and to all the friends who care about and support the development of Zizhou!

Striving is especially hard, and development is actually bumpy. While affirming the achievements, we should also be soberly aware that there are still many difficulties and problems in the development of our county: the industrial foundation is relatively weak, the quality and efficiency still need to be improved, and the task of structural adjustment is still arduous; The total amount of county economy is relatively small, the support for major projects is insufficient, the number of leading enterprises is not large, the development environment needs to be optimized, and the contradiction of unbalanced and insufficient development is still prominent; The foundation of financial resources is weak, there are many rigid expenditures, and the pressure on the balance of financial revenue and expenditure is great; There are still weak links in basic public services, and there is still a big gap between education, medical care, old-age care, social security and people's expectations; There are still weak points in the fields of safety production, environmental protection and social governance; Some cadres lack the initiative and self-consciousness to learn, and their ability to plan, implement, tackle key problems and make overall plans is still weak. These difficulties and problems need to be seriously overcome and solved with more firm determination, more solid measures and more hard work.

2、 Main objectives and tasks in the next five years

The next five years will be a period of strategic transformation to consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation, link up and promote rural revitalization, a period of major opportunities to write a new era of catching up and surpassing, and achieve high-quality development, a period of continuous improvement and efficiency to meet the expectations of the people of Zizhou and complement the shortcomings of social livelihood undertakings. Looking at the development prospects, the situation is promising and the future is promising. At the national level, the implementation of the "the Belt and Road", the new round of western development, the ecological protection and high-quality development strategy of the Yellow River basin has been accelerated, and the policies of rural revitalization, carbon peaking, and carbon neutrality have been accelerated; From the provincial and municipal level, "one county, one policy", provincial key counties for rural revitalization, and the construction of ecological demonstration areas on the Loess Plateau have brought multiple policy overlapping opportunities to our county; From its own perspective, the industry has begun to take shape, the production capacity has been gradually released, and the atmosphere of change and progress is strong. In particular, the development orientation, development layout, and development path determined by the 18th Party Congress of the county have clearly defined the direction of progress. As long as we maintain our composure, seize opportunities and seize the momentum, we will surely be able to step into the fast lane of high-quality development.

The general tone of the work of seeking progress while maintaining stability is to fully, accurately and comprehensively implement the new development concept, take promoting high-quality development as the theme, adhere to overall development and security, adhere to reform and innovation and seeking truth from facts, adhere to green development, adhere to the people first, focus on ecological county building, industry enriching, education strengthening, innovation driving, and strive to build a demonstration county of comprehensive ecological governance on the Loess Plateau, a demonstration county of modern agriculture with water-saving and dry farming characteristics in northern Shaanxi mountainous areas The provincial advanced county of innovation and entrepreneurship strives to create a new situation of high-quality development in Zizhou County.

The main objectives are: the average annual growth rate of the county's GDP is higher than the city's average, the total economic output at the end of the period is expected to exceed 10.7 billion yuan, and the growth rate of per capita income exceeds the GDP growth level. The local general public budget exceeded 200 million yuan, and the accumulated fixed asset investment reached more than 30 billion yuan. The quality and efficiency of the leading industries in the county have been continuously improved, the integrated development system has basically taken shape, the ecological environment and urban and rural living environment have been significantly improved, the level of education and medical care have been significantly improved, social harmony and stability have been continuously consolidated, and urban and rural residents enjoy a higher quality of life.

Focusing on the above objectives, we will focus on the following six aspects:

(1) Insist on giving priority to the development of agriculture and rural areas, and comprehensively implement the strategy of rural revitalization

Consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation. We will strictly implement the requirements of the "Four No Picks" during the five-year transition period, and maintain the overall stability of major assistance policies. We will improve the dynamic monitoring and assistance mechanism to prevent poverty from returning, and continue to strengthen industry, employment, consumption and other assistance to promote common prosperity. We will continue to cultivate new agricultural technology-based talents, and cultivate a group of new professional farmers who understand technology, know business and are good at management. We will strengthen asset management for poverty alleviation projects and improve the ability of village level organizations to provide services and drive people to increase their income and become rich.

Promote rural revitalization. Seize the opportunity to help the key counties in rural revitalization in the province, focus on the "five revitalization", adhere to the principle of planning first, promoting by classification, and driving by demonstration, improve the diversified investment guarantee mechanism for rural revitalization, implement rural construction actions, and strive to build a leading place for rural revitalization, so as to explore experience for the comprehensive revitalization of the countryside. We will promote the project of revitalizing the village through industry and enriching the people, continue to strengthen the management of the village collective economy, and promote the leapfrog development of the village collective economy. Actively improve the rural infrastructure conditions, improve the long-term mechanism of rural residential environment improvement, infrastructure management and protection, and rural social governance, and constantly enhance the farmers' "master" status in rural revitalization. Inherit and develop the excellent traditional culture of the countryside, and cultivate a civilized village where neighbors are watchful, honest, courteous, diligent and thrifty.

Consolidate the basic position of agriculture. We will implement the strictest cultivated land protection system, firmly hold the red line of cultivated land and the area of permanent basic farmland under protection, and resolutely curb the "non-agricultural" transformation of cultivated land and prevent "non grain" transformation. We will improve the agricultural support and protection system, strengthen the planning and construction of high standard farmland, carry out land leveling, soil improvement, irrigation and drainage and other projects, and ensure that the sown area and total output of grain remain stable.

We will strengthen the protection and utilization of water resources. Adhere to the principle of "four water resources and four determinations", strengthen the rigid constraints on water resources, accelerate the establishment of water intake measurement monitoring system and groundwater dynamic monitoring system, and promote the precise governance and long-term management of water resources. Develop dry farming in accordance with the weather, promote agronomic water conservation, variety water conservation and engineering water conservation, promote the combination of fruit and livestock, planting and breeding cycle, build rain harvesting supplementary irrigation facilities according to local conditions, promote rain harvesting planting technology, explore the integrated development of "water, fertilizer and light", and improve agricultural water use efficiency.

(2) Insist on giving priority to ecology and green development, and build a solid ecological security barrier

Build ecological barriers. We will resolutely implement the "two mountains" theory, adhere to the development orientation of "ecological industrialization and industrial ecology", closely follow the goal of building a demonstration county for comprehensive ecological governance on the Loess Plateau, and strengthen the governance and ecological restoration of the mountain, forest, field, dam and grass system in accordance with the ecological protection pattern of "two corridors, three zones, and multiple nodes". Strictly implement the regulations on mountain closure and grazing prohibition, fully implement the "forest leader system", solidly carry out the nationwide greening campaign, promote the construction of ecological protection landscape forests in Dali River, Huaining River and other river basins, and the construction of green ecological corridor in an all-round way. We will strengthen law enforcement and supervision over natural resources, severely punish illegal acts, and ensure that the function, area, and nature of important ecological spaces are not reduced, and the total amount of natural resources assets is growing.

Strengthen environmental protection. Implement the list of responsibilities for ecological environment protection, fight well for blue sky, clear water and pure land, and resolutely complete the rectification of environmental protection supervision problems. We will strengthen the control of enterprises with "scattered pollution", strengthen the control of construction sites, road dust, open burning, fireworks and cooking fume, and ensure that the proportion of days with good urban air quality remains above 85%. We will strengthen the collection and treatment of domestic sewage in counties, towns and villages, strictly implement the river head system, and focus on the protection and improvement of the water quality of Dali River and Huaining River to ensure that the water quality at the exit section is stable and up to standard. We will do a good job in controlling pollution from agricultural non-point sources and livestock and poultry breeding, and continue to improve the quality of the county's ecological environment.

Promote green development. Adhere to the ecological protection and high-quality development strategy of the Yellow River basin, implement the deployment of carbon peaking and carbon neutralization, strengthen the "dual control of energy consumption", resolutely curb the blind development of "two high" projects, vigorously develop new energy and new material industries such as photovoltaic power generation and green buildings, promote clean production, eliminate backward production capacity, steadily improve the comprehensive energy production capacity, and achieve the goal of reducing energy consumption per unit GDP. We will continue to use land intensively and economically, increase the disposal of land that has been approved but not supplied and idle, and accelerate the reuse of land used for inefficient industries. We will promote the pilot work of compensation for comprehensive ecological governance, and actively connect energy consumption and carbon sink transactions. Deeply carry out green school, green community, green courtyard, green travel and other activities to form a social atmosphere advocating green life.

(3) Adhere to the integration of quality and efficiency, and actively build a modern industrial system

We will improve agricultural quality and efficiency. Accelerate the construction progress of professional parks such as Matigou, Laojun Hall, Huaining Bay, etc., drive the concentration of industrial planting, the leading role of intensive processing, and the proliferation of primary processing, and constantly improve the level of industrial development and agglomeration. Seize the pilot opportunity of "medicine and food are of the same origin" of Astragalus, build a Chinese herbal medicine industry cluster, build a good Zizhou Astragalus industry big data platform, and realize the whole process traceability of planting, processing and sales. Strengthen the management of forestry and fruit industry, take Shaanxi Fruit Group as the driving force, take the construction of demonstration parks as the starting point, and strive to improve the output of forestry and fruit; Accelerate the construction of fruit quality safety system and brand, improve the storage and fresh-keeping capacity of fruit, and realize the value increase of fruit production, storage and transportation. With the goal of improving livestock and poultry breeds, breeding facilities, intelligent management, standardized production, institutionalized epidemic prevention, harmless feces, and landscaping of the site, and focusing on the development of the whole industrial chain of sheep, which is dominated by ultra-fine cashmere goats and Hu sheep, efforts are made to build a system of forage production, improved breed breeding, standardized production, epidemic prevention and control, quality and safety supervision and deep processing of livestock products, and improve the market competitiveness of livestock and poultry products. We will support large breeding enterprises and moderately sized family farms, raise more than 1 million sheep, strive to build a high-quality and ultra-fine cashmere goat breeding base in northern Shaanxi, and create a demonstration county for mutton sheep breeding in the province.

Promote industrial growth. Make every effort to focus on major projects. Based on coal, oil and gas resources, and on the basis of stable production of oil and gas and smooth production of coal mines, we will continue to strengthen the level of comprehensive utilization of resources. We will implement the action of deep industrial integration, and vigorously develop agricultural and sideline products processing projects such as health care and health care of traditional Chinese medicine, deep processing of beef and mutton, and deep processing of fruits. We will strive to promote industrial digitalization, make full use of new Internet technologies and applications to transform traditional industries in an all-round, all-round and chain way, improve total factor productivity, and accelerate the transformation of new and old drivers.

Promote the upgrading of the service industry. Accelerate the construction of 5G data center and new generation information infrastructure. Various measures were taken to promote consumption expansion and quality improvement, promote the establishment of e-commerce demonstration bases and demonstration enterprises, and implement the construction of regional comprehensive logistics parks, distribution centers, agricultural product distribution centers, and commercial pedestrian streets. Vigorously develop the urban nighttime economy, enhance the radiation of urban key business districts, and enhance the industrial agglomeration effect. Actively guide and encourage more social capital to enter the service industry, and improve the supply quality of public services such as old-age care, childcare, housekeeping, and "Internet plus education". We will deeply explore the red culture, Qingming culture, and loess culture, actively develop the construction of a demonstration county for tourism across the region, promote the upgrading of 3A scenic spots, and create special tourism products for ecological tourism and rural tourism.

(4) Adhere to the coordinated development of urban and rural areas, and strive to create a livable and employable environment

Promote urban renewal. Based on the results of the third national land survey, we will coordinate urban production, living and ecological space, optimize the layout of urban functions, and complete the overall planning of national land space with high standards to provide scientific guidance and rigid control for urban and rural construction. Adhere to the county layout of "moving east, expanding west, defending south, and governing north", adhere to the two-way effort of construction and renewal, continue to promote the reconstruction of Jiaowang District and Zhangzhai District, and move the county section of expressway southward, further opening the urban framework. We will guide social capital to participate in the transformation of contiguous shantytowns, and orderly promote the transformation of old residential areas and characteristic streets. Efforts should be made to repair the water system ecology in the downtown section of Dali River and systematically promote the construction of sponge city. Improve the taste of Jinji Mountain Park and expand the activity space of the county. Strengthen urban physical examination and refined management, actively promote the regulation of overhead lines, carry out the construction of civilized counties and national forest cities, and comprehensively improve the urban environment.

Build characteristic villages and towns. In accordance with the principle of respecting reality, industry driving, factor integration and brand building, accelerate the construction of characteristic towns such as Matigou Industrial Town, Laojundian Cashmere Town, Sanchuankou Huangqi Town, Dianshi Rural Tourism Town, Zhoujiajian Ancient Town in Ming and Qing Dynasties. Adhere to the principle of both optimizing the stock and increasing the increment, and take the park construction as the starting point to promote the adjustment, transformation and upgrading of the industrial structure with township characteristics. Adhere to the strategy of "small and ingenious, small and refined, small and beautiful", fully cherish and protect the historical context and local resources, and achieve the goal of being small, broad and independent.

Improve infrastructure. Efforts were made to improve the urban and rural road network, accelerate the construction of the "six horizontal and eight vertical" road traffic network system, actively create a provincial demonstration county of "four good rural roads", and promote the improvement and upgrading of transport services. Strengthen the connectivity of urban water, electricity, roads, information and other infrastructure, and constantly improve the supporting municipal infrastructure for water supply and drainage, power supply, gas supply, heat supply, communication and other public service facilities for education, elderly care, childcare, leisure, and convenience. We will improve transportation facilities such as bus parking and charging of new energy vehicles, rationally plan agricultural markets, morning markets and night markets that combine large, medium and small businesses, and optimize the "15 minute" life circle.

(5) Insist on deepening reform, innovation and development, and strive to activate the endogenous power of development

We will unswervingly deepen reform. We will deepen the reform of the rural collective property rights system, the land system, the homestead system, and the comprehensive reform of supply and marketing cooperatives. Deepen the reform of market-oriented allocation of factors, improve the operating mechanism of market-oriented factors, carry out a comprehensive evaluation of "efficiency per mu", and implement the transfer of "standard land" for industrial land. We will deepen the reform of the fiscal and taxation systems, promote the integration of fiscal budget management, and strive to improve the efficiency of the use of financial funds. We will pay more attention to the systematicness, integrity and synergy of reform, and adhere to the "small incision" reform to drive the overall improvement of work in key areas.

Comprehensively promote innovation driven. Focusing on leading industries, key technologies and basic fields, strengthen the contact and cooperation with universities and research institutes, and support the construction of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" platforms such as technology research and development and incubation centers. Give full play to the role of the Astragalus Research Institute and other platforms, accelerate the tackling of key issues, encourage enterprises to carry out patent technology research and development, project establishment, transformation, application and protection, and promote the development of technology-based enterprises. We will implement the talent introduction and training plan, make every effort to meet the needs of different levels of talents in the high-quality development process of Zizhou through flexible and diverse forms such as technical cooperation and project introduction, and make every effort to create an advanced innovation and entrepreneurship county in the province.

Continuously optimize the business environment. Focusing on building a more effective market and a more promising government, we will further promote the reform of "decentralization, management and service". All successful practices in the field should be actively learned and practiced; All policies and regulations that are not explicitly prohibited can be boldly innovated and tried out; All policies and regulations at higher levels that have a certain flexibility should be implemented in the broadest range. We will promote the facilitation of government services for the people, the facilitation of enterprise related services, the digitalization of government governance, and the standardization of government supervision, further improve the construction of government service platforms, and promote more "immediate, online, nearby, and one-time" affairs.

(6) Adhere to the concept of shared development and improve the quality of people's life

Prospering social undertakings. We will implement the project of strengthening the foundation of education, vigorously cultivate outstanding local teachers, principals, and class teachers, and improve the quality of education and teaching. Consolidate the balanced development of compulsory education and the achievement of "double high and double popular", optimize the allocation of educational resources, improve the conditions for running schools, solve the problem of "large class size" in the compulsory education stage, and pass the acceptance of the establishment of provincial-level pre-school education universal universal benefit county and compulsory education high-quality balanced county. Earnestly implement the "double reduction" policy, comprehensively promote quality education, and achieve new breakthroughs in vocational education. Accelerate the comprehensive medical reform, promote the stable operation of the two medical communities, and actively create a tertiary hospital. Standardize the upgrading and transformation of a number of township hospitals, and improve the service capacity of village clinics. We will promote health and carry out nationwide fitness activities. We will improve public cultural services and strengthen the protection of cultural relics and intangible cultural heritage. We will improve the service and security system for ex servicemen, do a good job in national defense mobilization, deepen mutual support and cooperation, and promote military civilian integration. We will do a good job in the fifth national economic census. We will take women and children, ethnic groups and religions, foreign affairs and overseas Chinese affairs, civil affairs, statistics, meteorology, confidentiality and other work to a new level.

We will strengthen social security. Plan to do a good job of people's livelihood and improve the carrier of people's livelihood. We will improve the policy system for stabilizing jobs and expanding employment, and increase assistance to key groups such as college graduates and ex servicemen in their employment and entrepreneurship. We should promote all kinds of inclusive policies and all kinds of social insurance, increase the care and assistance for special groups such as left behind children and the disabled, develop social welfare and charity, and promote the high-quality and integrated development of special education. We will promote elderly care services such as medical care, health care and community home care, and actively respond to the aging population. We will strengthen the coordination of the three child policy and promote long-term balanced population development.

Innovate social governance. Adhere to the integration of "five governance", and promote the modernization of governance system and capacity. Innovate and develop the "Maple Bridge Experience" in the new era, improve the coordination mechanism for resolving diversified conflicts and disputes, compact the first responsibility, and orderly resolve the backlog of letters and visits. We will promote the normalization of anti crime, crack down on illegal crimes, effectively strengthen the "three lines of defense" for drug prevention, improve the three-dimensional and intelligent social security prevention and control system, and build a higher level of safe sub continent. We will deepen law popularization during the Eighth Five Year Plan period, and further improve the legal quality of the whole people and the level of legalization of social management. Build and make good use of the financial media center, vigorously practice the core socialist values, strengthen the construction of family teaching and village teaching, and create a good social style.

Overall development and security. We will continue to work hard to prevent and control the epidemic in a regular manner, improve the prevention, control and treatment mechanism for major epidemics, and continue to consolidate the results of epidemic prevention and control. We will strictly control government debt, crack down on illegal financial activities in accordance with the law, and comprehensively prevent and eliminate major risks in key areas. We will strengthen the network security guarantee system and capacity building, and firmly guard the ideological front. We will work hard to ensure safe production, systematically prevent and resolve geological disasters and road traffic safety risks, strengthen food and drug safety, fire safety, campus safety, forest fire prevention, improve the emergency management system, improve disaster prevention, mitigation and relief and comprehensive emergency response capabilities, and resolutely maintain safety and stability.

3、 Key work in 2022

2022 is the year of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the first year of the new government. It is of great significance to do a good job in government work. The expected goal of the county's economic and social development is to increase the GDP by more than 7%; Local general public budget revenue increased by more than 9%; The total investment in fixed assets increased by more than 10%; The total retail sales of consumer goods increased by more than 7%; Per capita disposable income of urban and rural permanent residents increased by 7% and 9% respectively; All binding indicators shall be controlled within the scope of tasks assigned by the city.

In 2022, the goal is clear and the task is arduous. To this end, we must do a good job in the following nine areas.

(1) Strengthen the work of official titles and promote the coordinated development of "agriculture, rural areas and farmers"

We will promote steady income growth for farmers. We will further improve the normal mechanism for preventing poverty from returning to poverty and for dynamic monitoring and early warning of low-income groups in rural areas, timely implement the "three categories of people" assistance measures, and continue to improve the "two do not worry about three guarantees" and water safety guarantee level. Implement the counterpart assistance measures in Luoxi, Jiangsu and Shaanxi, increase the follow-up support for the relocation of ex situ poverty alleviation, improve the industrial employment assistance policy and poverty alleviation and benefit mechanism for township to village households, ensure that there is no large-scale return to poverty, and ensure that the income growth of the poverty alleviation population exceeds the average level of rural residents.

We will promote rural revitalization in an orderly manner. Seize the opportunity of provincial key counties for rural revitalization, build 16 demonstration villages for rural revitalization, and highlight the construction of rural industries, infrastructure, ecological livability, public services, and rural culture. Give play to the role of village collective organizations, and vigorously develop family farms, farmers' professional cooperatives and other new agricultural business entities. We will strengthen the construction of rural talent teams and cultivate 12000 rural practical and technical talents. Establish working mechanisms such as award and compensation, evaluation and supervision for the construction of model villages for rural revitalization, and organize observation activities to provide a strong guarantee for rural revitalization.

Improve agricultural production capacity. We strengthened the responsibility system for food safety production, built 7000 mu of high standard farmland, implemented 7500 mu of slope to ladder, and stabilized the grain planting area at more than 800000 mu. We will ensure the supply of agricultural materials and the stability of prices, introduce more than 10 new crop varieties such as soybeans and corn, and implement the potato "one mu field" project of 9000 mu. We will vigorously develop water-saving dryland agriculture, carry out a thorough investigation of water resource management, prepare a development plan for dryland water-saving agriculture, strengthen the construction of industrial water supply projects such as field pipe networks, regulating pools, and rain collecting cellars, add 9000 mu of water-saving irrigation, and explore the development of "sponge agriculture".

Improve the rural living environment. We will implement the project to improve the appearance of villages, carry out the "eight clean-up and one reform" village cleaning campaign in a regular manner, and build 1000 harmless sanitary toilets. We will promote the marketization of rural sanitation, improve the long-term mechanism for garbage and sewage disposal, and explore the harmless treatment and resource utilization of toilet waste. Deeply carry out activities such as the creation of beautiful courtyards and model villages, constantly stimulate the endogenous power of farmers to participate in the improvement of the living environment, and promote the formation of civilized rural style, simple folk style and good family style.

(2) Strengthen systematic governance and build a green ecological home

We will continue to strengthen pollution prevention and control. Adhere to the precise, scientific and legal treatment of pollution, and with the determination and perseverance of scraping bone and treating poison, consolidate the results of various problems rectification, and promote the continuous improvement of ecological environment quality. We will strengthen the control of construction dust, muck transportation and open-air barbecues, build a haze and dust reduction system in urban areas, and ensure that the number of good air days throughout the year reaches more than 300. All sewage outlets have been renovated, and the water quality at the exit section has reached Class III water body. Strengthen the disposal of solid waste, implement the construction of medical waste collection transfer station, and standardize the operation and management of waste recycling market. Implement the river leader system, continue to carry out the "clean up four chaos" action of the river, launch and implement the smart cloud construction of the river leader system, and realize the static display, dynamic management and normal tracking of river management information. We will accelerate the construction of fecal sewage treatment facilities in breeding farms, and the supporting rate of fecal sewage treatment facilities and equipment in large-scale breeding farms will reach 100%, and the comprehensive utilization rate of livestock and poultry breeding wastes will reach more than 90%.

We will steadily promote ecological restoration. We will effectively promote the construction of a demonstration county for comprehensive ecological governance on the Loess Plateau, and launch the first phase of the comprehensive ecological governance project in the northern part of the city and the ecological restoration projects for the mountains, rivers, forests, fields, dams and grasses in towns and villages such as Matigou. We will strengthen the restoration and control of river courses and the maintenance and reinforcement of check dams. We will complete the flood control works from Shigou Bridge to Qingyin Expressway, Dianshi Town and Hejiaji Town. We will strengthen 65 check dams, and continue to build and build 83 sand retaining dams. We will conscientiously implement Yulin's five-year action plan to prevent secondary desertification and land greening, and implement greening projects in key areas such as Jinjishan Ecological Park, Fodiantang Ecological Park, rural revitalization demonstration villages, rural roads, and 307 National Highway transit lines.

We will improve the system of ecological protection. Strictly implement the regulations on mountain closure and grazing prohibition, severely punish illegal acts that damage the forest and grass ecosystem, and improve the level of ecological governance according to law. We will strictly implement the natural resources responsibility audit, lifelong accountability for ecological and environmental protection and other systems, and strengthen the role of institutional constraints. Strictly control the project access, strengthen the approval and supervision of projects involving rivers, forests and land, strictly implement the project capability assessment and environmental impact assessment system, and firmly fight the hard battle to curb the blind development of "two high" projects and "dual control of energy consumption".

(3) Cohesion transformation and upgrading to improve the quality and efficiency of industrial development

Make the characteristic industry bigger and stronger. Adhere to the industrial development pattern of "simultaneous development of fruit and medicine, and meat production in the south and cashmere production in the north", and on the basis of moderately expanding the scale, deeply tap the industrial potential, upgrade the industrial level, and improve the product quality. A new base of 20000 mu for traditional Chinese medicine and 200 mu for astragalus seed source will be built. We will renovate and upgrade 10000 mu of orchards, build fruit processing plants, walnut deep processing plants and 5000 tons of fruit storage, and promote the construction of fruit production and marketing trading centers. Further improve the scale and industrialization of animal husbandry, build five 10000 sheep farms, build 50000 tons of forage grass processing projects and 4500 tons of beef and mutton and ancillary products deep processing projects, and add 10000 mu of artificial grass planting area. We will strengthen the prevention and control of major animal epidemics and the quality and safety supervision of livestock products, and build video surveillance and Internet of Things systems for farmers and slaughterhouses. Support Ying Ma'an Company to build a science and technology building, an epidemic prevention center and a cashmere combing and processing factory.

Foster and strengthen pillar industries. Seize the opportunity of "one policy for one county" and the approval of astragalus medicine and food homology pilot, vigorously develop food tonic, food therapy and other "medicine and food homology" products, promote the construction of "Zizhou Astragalus" regional public brand, and improve the brand awareness and core competitiveness of "Zizhou Astragalus". Complete the first phase construction project of Matigou Industrial Park and the construction of industrial sewage treatment plant and other infrastructure. Accelerate the development and utilization of coal, oil and gas, complete the second phase of Yongxing Coal Mine construction project, and officially put it into production in the second half of the year. Promote the resource integration and investment attraction of Xingsheng Coal Mine and Maoyuan Coal Mine, and strive to revitalize and utilize them as soon as possible. We will fully support the release of oil and gas production capacity in Yanchang and Changqing, and strive to exploit more than 10000 tons of oil and 1.2 billion cubic meters of natural gas.

Actively develop new industries. We will vigorously cultivate emerging businesses such as e-commerce and Internet platform economy, promote the three-year action plan of provincial digital rural demonstration counties, implement e-commerce warehousing, packaging and delivery center, rural express sorting and distribution center, and smart cold chain logistics system construction projects, and accelerate the formation of agglomeration effect. We will strengthen the development of living services, actively cultivate consumption hotspots such as old-age care, health, and housekeeping, and enhance the city's ability to radiate, drive, and gather people. Promote the development of rural tourism, and complete the upgrading project of Nanfeng Village and "Four Famous Mountains".

(4) Give prominence to the project driving force and increase the momentum of economic development

We will make every effort to do a good job in project construction. Adhere to project targeting, target node and node responsibility, and focus on the construction of 107 key projects annually. Establish an overall and coordinated mechanism to promote the preliminary work of key projects and a joint meeting system for project restrictive screening, promote the agency services for key projects, and ensure that the projects are "disease free". We will strengthen the guarantee of construction land for key projects, provide more than 1000 mu of land throughout the year, and implement 800 mu of land increase and decrease. Continue to implement the monthly scheduling and quarterly reporting system for key project construction, organize centralized commencement activities, and create a strong atmosphere of grasping projects and catching up with progress.

Improve the quality of investment attraction. Adhere to the industrial park as the carrier, around the industrial chain, innovation chain, value chain, and consumption chain, establish a linkage mechanism of business investment promotion, industrial chain investment promotion, small team investment promotion, and third-party investment promotion, and improve the success rate of investment promotion. Actively publicize preferential policies for investment attraction, encourage and guide entrepreneurs to relocate and return capital. Establish a system of county level leaders leading the promotion of major investment promotion projects, increase the weight of investment promotion assessment and incentives, pay close attention to the tracking service of various signed projects and intended projects, and increase the paid in funds by more than 8% within the year.

Increase efforts to compete for capital and projects. Actively study the support policies of provinces and cities, strengthen project planning and packaging, and improve the success rate of bond project application. According to the requirements of docking with counterpart national ministries and commissions more than once a quarter, docking with counterpart provincial departments and bureaus more than twice a month, and docking with counterpart municipal units more than three times a month, we should "run the department into the hall" with high frequency and efficiency, and strive for the support of the superior to the greatest extent. Establish a task list, incentive mechanism and work account for capital competition, and the extent of capital competition has increased by more than 10% over the previous year. We will strengthen the management of the use of funds transferred from higher authorities and bond funds, and continue to improve the performance of the use of funds.

(5) Overall urban and rural development, focus on improving urban quality

Pay attention to urban construction and renewal. Adhere to scientific planning and rationally layout development space. We launched the first phase of the comprehensive development project in Zhangzhai District, and promoted the construction and decoration of the people's court and the government service center. We will promote urban renewal in an orderly manner, strengthen the capacity of municipal facilities and disaster prevention and mitigation, investigate and rectify the security risks of old buildings and facilities, implement the transformation of grain trade buildings, telecommunications bureaus, the Second Middle School, forestry bureaus, agricultural machinery buildings, gardener buildings, and old residential areas, office buildings, and commercial buildings south of Renmin Road, and promote the transformation of rundown areas such as the New Anqin Garden, Chaoyang Square, and the original agricultural management station in a market-oriented manner, so as to comprehensively improve the living environment of the masses. Further improve the municipal infrastructure, launch the reconstruction project of the main sewage pipe from Zhangzhai to Shigou, promote the construction of the Jing17 Road and Jing18 Road municipal roads, complete the construction projects of the waterworks, Emaoyu, Yaojiabian flood discharge tunnels, Suqu rainwater and sewage diversion project, Dali Road sewage main pipe reconstruction project, Shigou Bridge reconstruction project, and Hejiagou West Planning Road, and open the cutoff road of the family building of the material company, Strive to improve the carrying capacity of the county seat.

Promote the competitive development of towns. Improve the road network structure, start the construction of Fengqu Huaishucha Class III highway, complete the construction of Huaining Bay connecting line of Suiyan Expressway and Class III highway from Lixiaohe to Wohuwan, and implement 41.2 kilometers of village roads and interconnection roads. We will promote new rural housing renovation projects and rural power grid upgrading projects. Implement the upgrading and reconstruction project of the Third Street of Matigou. Strengthen the operation and management of domestic sewage treatment plants at county and town levels, and complete the construction of sewage treatment stations and sewage pipe networks in Dianshi, Huaining Bay. Accelerate the progress of clean heating projects, and start the construction of gas pipeline projects in some villages and towns such as Sanchuankou and Zhuanmiao.

Consolidate, improve and create achievements. Implement the comprehensive mountain control project from Lizizhou Square to Shegou West, complete the reconstruction and upgrading of Dali Road and the pavement reconstruction project, and beautify the surrounding environment at the entrance of the expressway. We will straighten out the urban management system and mechanism, and standardize the management of construction sites, temporary enclosures, outdoor advertising, building facades, and stalls. The relocation project of the farmers' market was implemented, and more efforts were made to remove the walls and fill in the gaps, so as to successfully pass the second cycle review of the national health county.

(6) Deepen reform and innovation, and continuously release the vitality of development

Deepen the reform of "decentralization, regulation and service". We will streamline administration and delegate power, facilitate examination and approval services, and entrust more government affairs related to the people and small and micro enterprises to villages and towns. We will improve the construction of the credit system in the field of market regulation, and comprehensively implement "double random, one open" regulation, credit regulation, and "Internet plus regulation". We will improve the coordination mechanism between government, banks and enterprises, and unswervingly encourage, support, guide and protect the development of the private economy. We completed the relocation project of the administrative examination and approval service hall, vigorously carried out the special rectification action of enterprise related charges, the third-party evaluation of the business environment, and the special rectification of the "medium obstruction" problem.

We will deepen reform of the science and technology system. Deeply promote the collaborative innovation of government, industry, university and research, establish an open and flexible talent introduction and training mechanism, support leading enterprises to increase investment in equipment upgrading and technological transformation, and jointly build a scientific and technological innovation platform with scientific research institutes to promote the organic integration of innovation chain with industrial chain, capital chain and policy chain, and promote the birth of new industries, new business forms and new models. Standardize the healthy operation of innovation platforms such as Astragalus Research Institute, and promote the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

We will deepen economic restructuring. We will continue to promote the integration of state-owned capital, further strengthen the strength of industrial investment companies, strengthen cooperation with urban investment companies and financial groups, and constantly improve credit rating and investment and financing capabilities. Actively connect with policy bank financial institutions such as China Development Bank and Agricultural Development Bank of China, and constantly innovate financing models. Establish a mechanism for private entrepreneurs to participate in enterprise related policy formulation, and implement the SME incubation and promotion project. Deepen regional cooperation with Jiangdu District, Yuyang District, Yulin High tech Zone and other regions, and actively expand foreign cooperation relying on Yingma Security Company and Qingshuigou Park.

We will deepen rural reform. Consolidate the achievements of the reform of the rural collective property rights system, and carry out the reform of the rural property rights system "looking back". We will strengthen the management of rural "three capital" and promote the reform of rural property rights transactions. We will carry out pilot reform of the rural homestead system, and promote the paid withdrawal of homestead, the removal of old ones for new ones, the internal circulation of village collectives, and the reuse of idle homestead.

(7) Ensuring and improving people's livelihood and promoting people's well-being

We will ensure that people are satisfied with education. We will continue to promote comprehensive reform of education, and comprehensively complete the job grade system for headmasters and the "county management of school recruitment" of teachers. Take the overall assistance of the Provincial Education Department as an opportunity to build a "three levels and three categories" backbone teacher system and cultivate local outstanding talents. We will standardize the conduct of running schools, fully implement the policy of "double reduction", consolidate the main position of school education, clean up and rectify "public participation" schools, and maintain educational fairness. Strengthen vocational education skills training, and build the vocational education center into a skills training base for rural revitalization. We will increase investment in education, rebuild special education schools, and complete the maintenance and reconstruction of Zizhou Middle School and Experimental Middle School, as well as the reconstruction and expansion of Shuanghuyu Central Kindergarten and Post and Telecommunications Hope Kindergarten.

We will promote the development of a healthy sub continent. Consolidate the close county medical community, improve the personnel management and salary distribution system of the medical community, accelerate the expansion of high-quality medical resources and regional balanced layout, and drive rural medical and health institutions to improve their service capacity and management level. Complete the construction of the outpatient building of the county hospital, the intensive care ward of the traditional Chinese medicine hospital, the maternal and child health care station and the disease control center, strengthen the training of medical personnel, accelerate the construction of key specialties, and let the people enjoy high-quality medical services. Consolidate the achievements of the establishment of health promotion counties, promote the construction of traditional Chinese medicine centers in township hospitals, and carry out the work of combining medical care with nursing care on a pilot basis. We will improve the efficiency of the use of medical insurance funds, and carry out the pilot work of paying according to the value of diseases under the total amount of advance payment.

Improve the level of social security. We will do everything possible to stabilize and expand employment. We will work hard to enhance the role of entrepreneurship in driving employment. We will develop 2000 urban jobs, keep the unemployment rate below 4.3%, and ensure that the employment rate of college graduates who leave school exceeds 90%. The annual employment rate of ex servicemen will reach 100%. We will standardize the order of the labor market and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers. We will strengthen the construction of county and rural tertiary service institutions for ex servicemen, complete the issuance of preferential treatment cards for ex servicemen and "three subordinate" personnel, and actively create a provincial model county of "double support". We will strictly implement various kinds of security systems, such as the minimum living allowances and the five guarantees, and appropriately expand the coverage of security. Complete the allocation of resettlement houses in Jiaoqu Wangzhuang. We will strengthen the construction of nursing homes, community day care centers, and rural happiness homes, and strive to optimize the supply of elderly care services.

Enrich the cultural and sports life of the masses. We will strengthen the construction of public cultural infrastructure, promote the facilitation and equalization of cultural services, and open the exhibition halls and public libraries of the Cultural Center. Adhere to integrity and innovation, further explore and promote the red culture and Qingming culture of Zizhou, encourage the development of fine cultural creation and mass literary and artistic activities, constantly meet the growing spiritual and cultural needs of the masses, and actively create the "hometown of Chinese Sanqu". We will extensively carry out nationwide fitness activities, hold "one county, one product" boutique sports events, open all kinds of sports venues, and promote the deep integration of nationwide fitness and national health. Actively participated in the 17th Shaanxi Provincial Games, and organized the work of Zizhou section of the torch relay.

Dear delegates! To meet their desire for a happy life is our mission. We will deepen the practical activity of "I do practical things for the masses" in the study and education of the Party history, and try our best to do a number of good and practical things related to the vital interests of the masses and their daily lives as soon as possible: first, build a 78.5 km safety life protection project; Second, promote the reconstruction and expansion of the purified water plant and the Dali River water source project; The third is to install 700 sets of loudspeakers for Huimin Village; Fourth, 834 new parking spaces were added in the county; Fifthly, 30 new energy vehicle charging posts were installed; Sixth, launch a batch of shared bicycles.

(8) Hold the bottom line of safety and create a good development environment

Prevent and eliminate major risks. We will continue to do a good job in the prevention and control of regular epidemic situations, give prominence to vaccination, and strengthen the national immunization defense line. We will strengthen the prevention and control of financial and debt risks, actively resolve non-performing loans, and crack down on and handle illegal fund-raising and telecommunications fraud in accordance with the law. The project of comprehensive prevention and control of geological disasters and the construction of comprehensive prevention and control system of geological disasters were completed, 18 potential geological disasters were eliminated, and 457 households were relocated to avoid disasters. We will strengthen industrial safety supervision and emergency response capacity building, make good use of the results of the "four safety" inspections, address both the symptoms and root causes of problems, and work hard to ensure the safety of people's lives and property.

Maintain social harmony and stability. We will strengthen and innovate social governance, conscientiously implement the Eighth Five Year Plan for Law Popularization, and constantly improve the people's awareness of the rule of law. We will strengthen and improve the people's petition work, learn and promote the "Maple Bridge Experience" of the new era, resolve the petition conflicts on the spot in a timely manner in accordance with the law, earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the people, and make every effort to resolve the problem of skip level visits and repeated visits. We will strengthen the standardized construction of police stations, improve the application level of information technology and big data, promote the normalization of the special fight against crime, continue to focus on the fight against drugs, always maintain the high pressure of fighting against illegal and criminal acts, promote the construction of a safe sub continent, and ensure social harmony and stability.

(9) Strengthen the self construction of the government to ensure the implementation of all work

Take a clear stand and stress politics. Consciously maintain a high degree of consistency with the Party Central Committee, and improve political judgment, political understanding, and political execution. We will unswervingly integrate the "Four Consciousness" into the blood, "Four Confidence" into the soul, and "Two Safeguards" into action. We will fully implement the decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the work arrangements of provincial, municipal and county Party committees. Consciously accept the overall leadership of the county party committee, and always achieve the same idea, goal and action.

Fulfill duties in accordance with the law and build an image. We will firmly establish the concept of the rule of law, fully integrate government work into the rule of law, and make decisions and administer according to law. We should make government affairs more open, promote open administration, accept the legal supervision and work supervision of the People's Congress in accordance with the law, consciously accept the democratic supervision of the CPPCC, and actively accept the supervision of society and public opinion. Adhere to the correct concept of political achievements, so that the power entrusted by the Party and the people will always be used to work for the happiness of the people.

Strengthen ability and dare to take responsibility. We have always taken reform, innovation and capacity improvement as the unremitting pursuit of the government's work, strengthened investigation and research, encouraged and guided cadres to enhance their "eight skills", took the initiative to bear difficulties, faced risks, and boldly innovated in the face of contradictions. We are good at using systematic thinking to overcome difficulties, resolutely praised officials, protected reformers, and punished those who did not do things, took the responsibility for those who did things, and let those who did things have a place.

Strive to implement. With the sense of responsibility of "inaction in the day and sleeplessness at night", we can do things differently, do not delay what should be done, do not let go of what is difficult, and do not delay what we cooperate with, so as to solve problems and promote work in a down-to-earth manner. We will continue to strengthen government supervision and efficiency supervision, resolutely oppose unhealthy practices such as sitting on the sidelines, saying nothing, prevaricating, and holding each other back, and work hard to achieve results with the strength and spirit of "grasping the iron and stepping on the stone".

Be honest and keep the bottom line. Rigidly implement the main responsibility of the government's Party leading group to comprehensively and strictly govern the Party, strictly implement the eight provisions and six prohibitions of the Central Committee, and resolutely put an end to all forms of formalism and bureaucracy. Firmly set up the idea of living a tight life, strictly reduce general expenditure, and let every penny be spent on the cutting edge. We will resolutely correct unhealthy practices that harm the interests of the masses, severely punish corruption around the masses, and continue to consolidate the political ecology of a clean and vigorous atmosphere.

Dear delegates! Hundred boats compete for the current, and those who break the waves lead the way; A thousand sails race, and the brave are the first. Let us, under the strong leadership of the county party committee, unite the people of the whole county, and work hard to write a new chapter in the high-quality development of Zizhou!


1. "Enterprises above designated size": legal entities of industries above designated size, qualified construction industry, all real estate development and business, wholesale and retail industry above designated size, accommodation and catering industry, and service industry above designated size.

2. "Three changes": resources become assets, funds become shares, and farmers become shareholders.

3. "Six stability and six guarantees": stabilize employment, finance, foreign trade, foreign capital, investment and expectation; Ensure the employment of residents, basic livelihood, market players, food and energy security, stability of the industrial chain supply chain, and grassroots operation.

4. "Double high and double popular": popularize nine-year compulsory education with high quality and high level, and popularize preschool education and general high school education.

5. "Three Importances and One Large": decision-making on major issues, appointment and removal of important cadres, arrangement of important projects, and use of large funds.

6. "Four No Off": No off duty, no off policy, no off help, no off supervision.

7. "Four prevention": epidemic prevention, flood prevention, safety accident prevention and major risk prevention.

8. "Four safety": road traffic, hazardous chemicals, urban gas, and winter bulk coal heating.

9. "Four water and four determinations": determine the city, the place, the people and the production by water.

10. "Five revitalization": industrial revitalization, talent revitalization, cultural revitalization, ecological revitalization and organizational revitalization.

11. "Sponge city": a new generation of urban storm flood management concept, which means that a city, like a sponge, has good flexibility in adapting to environmental changes and responding to natural disasters brought about by rain.

12. "Six horizontal and eight vertical": Sanchuankou Gaoyan Dianshimiaoping, Qingyin Expressway, 307 National Highway, Miaojiaping Zhongjian Huaishucha, Huaining Bay Qingshuigou Gaoping Langyaci Bay, Huaining Bay Qianhuaining Bay Nangoucha; Yonghong in Shuanghuyu to Xuejiachengze in Huaining Bay, Aixinzhuang in Sanchuankou to Gaoqu in Shuanghuyu, Sanhuangmao in Matigou to Dianshi, Zhangjiabian in Matigou to Laojundian Zaowan, Jucaiwan in Lixiaohe to Zhoujiajiajianqiaogou, Shiduoping in Shuidiwan to Hejiajimaodili, Laoshikown in Shuidiwan to Gaoping Langyathorn Bay, Macha Niujiagou to Huaishucha Daping.

13. "Two corridors, three zones, and multiple nodes": Dali River and Huaining River are divided into three ecological protection areas in the north, middle, and south, with two ecological corridors as the boundary, and key parts are selected to build demonstration sites for comprehensive ecological management.

14. "Two high projects": high energy consumption and high emission projects.

15. "Standard land": for the state-owned construction land determined as industrial use in the land space planning, the control indicators such as per mu investment intensity, per mu tax, plot ratio and environmental standards are defined as the "standard" for the land to be transferred.

16. "Double reduction": reduce the students' heavy homework burden and off campus training burden in the compulsory education stage.

17. "Five governance": politics, rule of law, rule of virtue, autonomy and wisdom.

18. "Three categories of personnel": poverty alleviation and unstable households, marginal vulnerable households, and farmers with special difficulties.

19. "Sponge agriculture": an agricultural development model that gives full play to the role of rivers, reservoirs, ponds, ditches and other water conservation and makes full use of rainwater.

20. "Eight clean-up and one reform": clean up rural domestic garbage, clean up ponds and ditches in the village, clean up agricultural production wastes such as livestock and poultry breeding dung, clean up indoor and outdoor sanitation, clean up disorderly stacking and building, clean up abandoned houses and debris, clean up rural river sanitation, clean up sanitation along rural roads, and change bad habits that affect rural living environment.

21. "Clean up the four disorders": clean up and rectify the problems of disorderly occupation, mining, stacking and construction.

22. "Double random and one open": randomly select inspection objects in the supervision process, randomly select law enforcement inspectors, and timely disclose the random inspection and investigation results to the public.

23. "Three capital": funds, assets and resources in the rural collective economy.

24. "County managed school recruitment": teachers of public schools are under the centralized management of county education departments and employed by schools, thus changing teachers from "school personnel" of a school in the past to "system personnel" of the education system.

25. "Three levels and three categories" key teachers: provincial, municipal and county level famous teachers, discipline leaders and teaching experts.

26. "Payment by disease type score under total prepayment": on the premise of determining the total annual medical insurance fund expenditure budget, give each disease type score, and make settlement payment according to the accumulated score of medical services provided by each medical institution for the insured.

27. "Public participation in the people" means that public schools run or participate in the running of private compulsory education schools.

28 "Three dependents": survivors of martyrs, survivors of soldiers who died on duty, and survivors of soldiers who died of illness.

29. "Fengqiao Experience": The cadres and masses in Fengqiao Town, Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province have created the experience of "under the leadership of the Party, mobilizing and relying on the masses, insisting on not handing over conflicts, solving them on the spot, and achieving less arrests and good public security".

30. "Eight skills": learning skills, political leadership skills, reform and innovation skills, scientific development skills, ability to govern according to law, ability to work with the masses, ability to focus on implementation, and ability to control risks.