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Report on the Work of the Government——February 24, 2021

Report on the Work of the Government

Delivered at the sixth session of the 18th people's Congress of Zizhou County on

February 24, 2021 Li Chaokun, Mayor of the People’s Government of Zizhou County

Fellow Deputies,

On behalf of the government of Zizhou County, I will now report to you on the work of the government. I ask for your deliberation and approval. I also ask members of the Zizhou County Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) who attend the session as non-voting delegates via video conferencing and other non-voting attendees for their comments.

A  Review of work in 2020 and the 13th Five Year Plan Period

2020 is the year when we decide to fight for victory and fight poverty, build a well-off society in an all-round way and finish the year of 13th Five-Year. In the face of the severe test and complicated environment of COVID-19 and the environment at home and abroad, we adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with China's characteristics and learn from the important directive spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping's important speech to Shaanxi, and hundred percent of the Party Central Committee. The State Council, the provincial Party committee, the provincial government, the municipal Party committee, the municipal government and the county Party committee made decisions and deployment, comprehensively promoted the epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development, properly solved the remaining problems, practically promoted the key work, scientifically planned the "fourteenth five year plan", solidly did a good job in the "six stabilities" work, comprehensively implemented the "six guarantees" task, and well completed the goals and tasks set by the fifth session of the 18th National People's Congress of the county .

In the whole year, the GDP of the county was 6.793 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 3.9%, and the city's growth rate ranking rose to the fifth place from the ninth place in 2019; the county's fixed asset investment was 5.511 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 11.9%, and the city's growth rate ranking rose to the fifth place from the eleventh place in 2019; the total retail sales of social consumer goods, excluding the withdrawal factor of Sanfeng company, reached 939 million yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 22.1% The results show that the city ranks first; the local fiscal revenue is 115 million yuan, with a year-on-year growth rate of 10.6%, and the city's growth rate ranking rises from the 11th place in 2019 to the third place; the per capita disposable income of urban residents is 28872 yuan, with a year-on-year growth rate of 5.5%, and the per capita disposable income of rural residents is 11572 yuan, with a year-on-year growth rate of 8.4%, ranking fifth and third in the city respectively.

i. A decisive victory was won in the fight against poverty. Focusing on "two worries and Three Guarantees", we made scientific plans and made every effort to fight. We allocated 400 million yuan of integrated funds in echelons, and completed the task of reducing poverty in 1804 households and 2676 people. We made solid progress in the rectification of problems, completed the renovation of 34 dilapidated houses in poor households, solved 573 remaining dilapidated houses, and implemented 124 drinking water improvement projects and 122 road improvement projects. The "measures for the operation and management of village collective economy (for Trial Implementation)" was issued, 84 village collective economic projects were newly built, 241 of which were completed in the whole county, and the goal of clearing up was achieved ahead of schedule. We will intensify efforts to help the poor through consumption, mainly through online sales and order agriculture, with a total amount of 80.145 million yuan. Focusing on 167 monitoring households and 207 marginal households, we fully implemented the anti return to poverty mechanism, increased the coverage rate of rural minimum living allowance from 1.94% to 4.28%, and released 107 million yuan of social assistance funds. We have successfully accepted the national census of poverty alleviation and the special assessment of poverty alleviation cooperation between the East and the West.

ii.Industrial development has entered a new stage. In terms of industrial foundation support, 20000 mu of new apples were planted, 10000 mu of old orchards were transformed, 7000 mu of walnuts were planted, and 50000 mu of traditional Chinese medicine were planted. Five ten thousand sheep farms and one feed processing plant were built, which filled the blank of cattle and sheep slaughterhouse in the county. The comprehensive utilization project of traditional Chinese medicine of Tianqi company was completed and put into operation, with a sales revenue of 47.76 million yuan. Signed a supplementary agreement with Shaanxi fruit group to build a new mode of "returning to land" and "returning to fruit" to help farmers increase income in advance. In terms of industrial characteristics gathering, we actively promoted the construction of "two places and five parks". Matigou agricultural products processing, warehousing and logistics park has completed the land acquisition of 325 mu, and the construction of the first phase started smoothly. Laojundian added 15000 sheep to Ma'an Sino German international poverty alleviation Industrial Park, signed a cooperation framework agreement with Yulin high tech Zone on the co construction of enclave economy, and huainingwan Park formed a project landing intention. In terms of innovation platform construction, we actively cooperated with Xi'an Jiaotong University, Northwest University of agriculture and forestry science and technology, and promoted the construction of China Academy of Astragalus membranaceus, Yulin Branch of Western Digital Economy Research Institute, research center for comprehensive management of ecological environment and construction of livable villages and towns on the Loess Plateau, national ultra fine white cashmere goat Engineering Center, and Shanbei mountain Apple Research Institute, so as to realize the goal of industrial development County, high-quality development goals to form scientific and technological support. In terms of financing platform construction, we have completed the merger and cancellation, assets clearance and capital verification, departure audit and other work of five state-owned enterprises, including urban investment company, immigration and relocation company, industrial park construction company, New District thermal power company, and natural gas supply company. We have integrated the established production and investment company to carry out market-oriented cooperation with Shaanxi coal group, Shaanxi fruit group, Zhongken circulation company, and yingma'an company, so as to improve the capital strength and operation efficiency Our ability is constantly enhanced. In the aspect of demonstration construction, laojundian town is listed in the list of the only national strong agricultural towns in the city, and the mountain Apple science and technology experimental demonstration station is recognized as the provincial county science and technology innovation experimental demonstration station. In the aspect of comprehensive utilization of energy, the comprehensive utilization plan of kerosene, gas and salt resources has been prepared, and new progress has been made in exploring a new mode of enterprise local cooperation with Changqing and Yanchang companies. Shunxiang natural gas company was acquired by a listed company. The company has produced 8000 tons of oil, 810 million cubic meters of natural gas and 170000 tons of liquefied natural gas. The added value of industries above designated size increased by 20.2% year on year, ranking first in the city.

iii.  New impetus is injected into the project support. The competition for funds and items has achieved remarkable results. We have seized the "window period" for central provinces and cities to intensively introduce measures to hedge the epidemic situation, issued a series of hard measures such as "20 measures to promote steady growth of investment" and "measures to expand effective investment incentives", planned to package and declare 113 new central investment projects, 48 special bond projects, 21 bank financing projects, and made up for the security of investment within the central budget The number, scale and number of supported projects are the highest in the past years. The total amount of funds raised was 1.488 billion yuan, an increase of 506 million yuan or 63.04% over the previous year. We won 56.26 million yuan of general bonds, 90.02 million yuan of special bonds, and 5.65 million yuan of incentive subsidies from the province to the county. We won 109 million yuan of special bonds for the first time, ranking first in the six southern counties of Yulin. The project management has become more standardized, the first key construction project management system in the city has been developed and used, and the measures for the management of public resource transactions, the Interim Measures for the management of public resource transactions below quota, the implementation measures for the management of government procurement, the measures for the management of joint examination and filing of contracts for government invested projects, and the Interim Measures for the handling of budget overruns and accountability for government invested projects have been formulated and promulgated And a series of standardized project management documents. We carried out the "red, yellow and blue" listing and supervision of key projects, carried out the observation activities of key projects, started 64 of 67 key projects, completed the investment of 3.12 billion yuan, and held the first on-site meeting of the city's key project construction and capital competition in southern area in Zizhou. The company has taken the initiative in attracting investment, innovated the "third-party think tanks and professional institutions" mode of attracting investment, and cooperated with Tianjin Guchuan associated bank to hold the "return of sub businesses, rejuvenating the county through entrepreneurship" and the conference of attracting investment and attracting talents, launched the online "sub business cloud platform", signed 47 project contracts or framework agreements, with a total investment of 16.85 billion yuan. The only county investment promotion activity in the province has been published by the provincial government information journal Hair. We have worked out the "fourteenth five year plan" scientifically. We have planned 533 reserve projects, with a total investment of 63.6 billion yuan.

 iv.New changes have been achieved in urban and rural construction. We have strengthened the planning and construction of the county, positioned and promoted the cooperative investment promotion in the new urban area and the market-oriented transformation of the old urban area. We have completed the planning of the six greenhouses in the county, the industrial integration development planning of Miaojiaping Town, and the conceptual planning of Zhangzhai district. Among them, Zhangzhai District transformation has reached a cooperation agreement with Shaanxi land construction group with a total investment of 2.3 billion yuan. The construction waste landfill, waste goods centralized purchase market and urban centralized breeding community were implemented to fill the gaps, and the transformation of the old county Party committee and other old communities was completed. We actively solved the problem of urban construction difficulties, carried out the "five undeveloped land" management, revitalized more than 40 mu of idle land, and linked 238.8 mu of land to increase or decrease in the first transaction, with a profit of 69.252 million yuan. We strengthened the improvement of the living environment, carried out the special action of "governance of dirty, chaos, violation and road occupation", comprehensively promoted the marketization of urban and rural environmental sanitation services, significantly improved the urban appearance, effectively improved the management level, and successfully passed the review of national health county. Laojundian town and zhoujiajian town were named as national health towns.

v.  Conform to the expectations of the masses and highlight new achievements. In terms of education, the "three year action plan for boosting education in Zizhou county" has been formulated to comprehensively promote education reform from five aspects of schools, principals, teachers, students and safeguard measures. The first primary school was successfully put into operation. We will improve the performance appraisal and incentive mechanism for front-line teachers, and fully implement the living subsidy for rural teachers. In terms of medical services, we vigorously promoted the construction of close county medical community and the establishment and improvement of modern hospital management system, issued the implementation plan and supporting documents, established the Management Committee of medical community, and established two medical communities. The introduction of Alibaba nail medical information platform, women's health station CDC, county hospital outpatient building reconstruction project started construction, to create a health promotion county in the province. In terms of public services, the national highway 307 crossing line has been completed and opened to traffic, the new bus passenger station has been completed and put into use, and the relocation project of the government affairs service center has started smoothly. In terms of stable employment, 1986 jobs were developed, 1955 new jobs were created in cities and towns, 18 professional and technical personnel of education and health, 28 professional and technical personnel of animal husbandry and veterinary medicine, 45 special post teachers and 39 "three supports and one support" personnel were recruited. Nine online and offline recruitment activities were carried out. 63000 people were transferred and employed.

Ten practical things for people's livelihood have been completed or basically completed: Six "three functions in one" flush toilets have been built; all construction sites in urban areas have been replaced with ecological walls; 721 parking spaces have been added in the county, and two parking lots have been built; Interim Measures for property management in Zizhou county have been formulated, and property management in residential areas has been initially standardized; 30 new taxi capacity has been added, and 17 customized buses have been put into operation Ziyu high-speed class line further standardized the passenger transport market; all the service centers of retired servicemen in villages and towns were listed; the public service hotline resources were integrated into the "12345" platform, realizing the "No.1 listening to the voice of the people". The reconstruction and expansion of the water purification plant, the construction of the civilized and strict management demonstration street in Dali road and the exhibition of the cultural center are being carried out in an orderly manner.

vi.solve the remaining problems and achieve new breakthroughs. Respecting history, taking into account reality, taking a long-term view, scientifically implementing policies, handling according to law and strictly abiding by the bottom line, a number of typical problems of project construction, urban construction legacy and group visits have been solved: 156 million arrears of private enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises have been paid off in advance, 9.828 million yuan of subsidy under Yulu plan has been cashed, 10.32 million yuan of subsidy under zero difference rate of drugs has been cashed, More than 50% of the audit funds of the "July 26" road water damage project have been cashed out. The chimney of the heating station which has been abandoned for nearly 30 years has been removed smoothly. The allocated land which has been idle for 27 years has been returned to the state. The problem of "six row demolition" which has been left over for nearly 8 years has been basically solved. The drug treatment center which has been vacant for 3 years has been built and turned over to the Municipal Public Security Bureau as a regional center The drug treatment center was put into use, and the grain system development project, which could not be started after three years of land transfer, was successfully implemented. Sanfeng oil company, which had stopped production for three years, entered the stage of strategic restructuring, hardened Jucai lane and opened Chaoyang Road.

vii. Social governance shows a new normal. Actively respond to COVID-19, strengthen key areas, key places, key personnel, key links control, do a good job in publicity, prevention, observation, diagnosis and treatment, protection and other epidemic prevention and control work, first in Yulin six counties to build nucleic acid testing laboratory, the godsend company funded cooperation to build a disposable medical mask factory, accumulative total of 19 million 604 thousand and 600 yuan in epidemic prevention and control, the whole county Zero input, zero spread and zero infection were achieved. We vigorously promoted pollution control, including 20 straight outlets along Dali River, 7 illegal clay brick factories, and 279 cooking fume catering enterprises. The number of days with good air quality throughout the year was 315, an increase of 18 days over the previous year. The expansion of the sewage treatment plant has been completed to meet the discharge standard. Efforts should be made to strengthen ecological construction and implement five ecological comprehensive treatment projects, including niuxuegou, Caomao, Wangzhuang, Songjiagou and honghualou. Strengthen the construction of ecological corridor demonstration area on the Loess Plateau, with a total greening mileage of 32.2 km. The forestry promotion project was implemented, 769500 trees were planted voluntarily in spring, and 51000 mu of afforestation area was completed. Actively prevent and control financial risks, repay 39.72 million yuan of government implicit debt, clear up and dissolve 28.8885 million yuan of non-performing loans, and the non-performing loan ratio is 3.66%. The number of criminal and public security cases in the whole county and the number of petitions to provinces and cities in Beijing continued to decline. Zizhou county has been listed as a demonstration county of geological disaster universal monitoring by the Ministry of natural resources, and invested 9.2 million yuan to install 92 hidden danger point monitors. 8 million yuan was allocated to strengthen the flood control material reserve, and the four indicators of safety production decreased significantly.

viii. The government should build its own image. Efforts have been made to optimize and improve the business environment, holding talks on reaching production and efficiency, government bank enterprise docking meeting, implementing the working mechanism of "one enterprise, one policy, one special class", sparing no effort to relieve the difficulties and reduce the burden of enterprises, accumulating 2.07 million yuan of enterprise pension, unemployment and work-related injury insurance, 17.53 million yuan of tax reduction and fee reduction, and 24.5 million yuan of loans. Innovatively launched the working mechanism of "sub (only) one-time, continent (week) service". The main market players in the county reached 6402, with a year-on-year growth of 18.51%. There were 13 new "five enterprises", 2.6 times of that in 2019. The private investment completed 3.112 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 23.6%. We have effectively improved the level of government work, strictly implemented the "three important and one big" administrative decision-making, standardized the financial fund payment procedures, cleared up 1462 normative documents, and continuously improved the level of institutionalization, standardization, and legalization of government work. 8131 pieces of government information were made public and 1280 messages were left on the mass websites. They consciously accepted the legal supervision of the county people's Congress and the democratic supervision of the CPPCC. They handled 36 suggestions from deputies to the people's Congress, 73 proposals from CPPCC members, and 5 letters. The recovery rate and satisfaction rate were 100%. The "12345" platform has accepted 858 work orders, with a completion rate of 98.6% and a satisfaction rate of 76.75%, all of which are in the forefront of the city. 486 audit projects were completed, and 226 million yuan was found to be used irregularly. We carried out two rounds of work to clean up the special financial accounts and revitalize the existing funds, cancelled 53 special accounts and revitalized 109 million yuan of funds. We will solidly promote the "three to three rectification" activities, rigidly implement the spirit of the Central Committee's "eight provisions" and its implementation rules, and the specific measures of the provincial and municipal Party committees, continue to rectify formalism and bureaucracy, and constantly strengthen the construction of Party style and clean government.

At the same time, the work of statistics, meteorology, supply and marketing, postal service, communication, compilation, historical records, archives, foreign affairs and overseas Chinese Affairs, ethnic and religious affairs were further strengthened; the work of national defense mobilization, civil air defense and fire rescue was further strengthened; new achievements were made in women and children, the disabled, the elderly, volunteers, the Red Cross and philanthropy.

Fellow Deputies, the year 2020 just passed has been an extraordinary one. In this year, the whole county won many tough battles in poverty alleviation, epidemic prevention and control, resumption of work and production, and drought and flood control with steady and powerful work measures, and handed over a qualified answer paper in the World War II exam, which drew a successful end to the 13th five year plan.

——Over the past five years, the comprehensive economic strength has increased significantly. The GDP of the region has exceeded 5 billion yuan, which is 1.5 times of that at the end of the 12th Five Year Plan. The local public budget revenue exceeded 100 million yuan, with an average annual growth of 7.2%. The total investment in social fixed assets reached 21.5 billion yuan and the total retail sales of consumer goods reached 4.93 billion yuan, 2.8 times and 1.7 times of that in the 12th Five Year Plan period, respectively.

——Over the past five years, the "three major battles" have won major victories. A total of 2.236 billion yuan has been invested in various types of poverty alleviation funds, and 3795 projects have been implemented, including industrial projects, renovation of dilapidated houses, relocation of immigrants, safe drinking water, and road improvement. All 88 poor villages have been withdrawn, and 60515 poor people from 20646 households have been lifted out of poverty. We firmly implemented the iron fist action to tackle pollution. The treatment rates of urban sewage and domestic waste increased from 89.5% and 96.1% to 100% and 98.2% respectively, and the urban forest coverage rate reached 41.8%. We have successfully established a national health county, a provincial environmental protection model county, a provincial garden County, and a provincial forest city.

——Over the past five years, the pace of transformation of development mode has become more solid. A total of 243 key projects have been started, 206 have been completed and put into operation, with an investment of 13.63 billion yuan. Adhering to the development path of Ecological Industrialization and industrial ecology, the preservation area of mountain apples, walnuts and Chinese herbal medicines in the county reached 182000 mu, 226800 Mu and 215000 Mu respectively, and the number of sheep in stock reached 400000. The annual output of natural gas is about 1 billion cubic meters. The proportion of added value of the tertiary industry in GDP increased from 38.4% to 45%.

——Over the past five years, the urban and rural landscape has improved significantly. The post disaster reconstruction of "July 26" was comprehensively promoted. A total of 286 kilometers of roads, 11.2 kilometers of dikes, 5152 meters of underground pipe network were newly reconstructed, and 26000 square meters of illegal buildings were demolished. 5275 sets of indemnificatory houses have been built, including Laojun hall, Matigou relocation and so on. 3022 households have moved to new houses. The area of the two sub central towns in the north and the south is expanding.

——In the past five years, people's sense of gain, happiness and security have been continuously improved. A total of 2.894 billion yuan has been invested in education development, and 77 primary and secondary schools and kindergartens have been newly built, expanded and thinned. It has been successfully established as a national county with balanced development of compulsory education and a provincial county with "double high and double universal education". County Hospital and traditional Chinese medicine hospital were established as second class A hospitals. We have made solid progress in the people's war against drugs, the special struggle against gangs and evil, and the construction of spiritual civilization, democracy and the rule of law. For four consecutive years, we have been rated as the province's "safe and advanced county".

Distinguished delegates, a series of achievements have been made in the 13th five year plan,It is the result of Xi Jinping's guiding ideology of China's socialism in the new era.It is the result of the strong leadership and scientific decision-making of the municipal Party committee, the municipal government and the county Party committee,It is the result of the effective supervision and full support of the county people's Congress and CPPCC, and the unity of the cadres and the masses in the county.Here, on behalf of the county people's government, I would like to express my high respect and heartfelt thanks to the people of the whole county, to the deputies to the county people's Congress and members of the CPPCC, to the democratic parties, the Federation of industry and commerce, personages without party affiliation and people's organizations, to the officers and men of the armed forces stationed in Zizhou, and to all the comrades and friends who have made contributions to Zizhou's development!

We are also soberly aware that Zizhou still faces many difficulties and challenges in its progress: the total economic volume is small, the industrial structure is not good, the factors are not complete, the efficiency is not high, the supporting major projects are few, and the imbalance and insufficient development are still prominent; the cultivation of market players is insufficient, the number of backbone enterprises is small, the financial base is weak, and the income and expenditure contradiction is large; there are still many problems in public services and people's livelihood security Short board, lack of high-quality education, medical supply, consolidating the achievements of poverty alleviation, urban and rural construction, ecological protection, security and stability, and other tasks are very heavy; the transformation of government functions is not in place, the business environment is not good, and the sense of responsibility, the sense of rule of law, and the feelings for the people of a few cadres need to be strengthened. In this regard, with a high sense of responsibility and mission, we will face up to difficulties without any slack, redouble our efforts to solve problems in a down-to-earth way.

B Objectives and tasks of the 14th Five Year Plan Period

Distinguished delegates,  the "14th five year plan" period is the first five years to start a new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way and march towards the second Centennial goal. It is a period of strategic transformation for Zizhou county to consolidate its achievements in poverty alleviation and implement rural revitalization. It is a period of great opportunity to write a new era, catch up and surpass, and achieve high-quality development. It is also a period of constantly meeting the expectations of Zizhou people, To make up for the short board of social livelihood, we need to improve the quality and efficiency. The general work guideline for China's economic and social development in the next five years is to hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics and to adhere to the spirit of Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics. Conscientiously implement the spirit of the eight plenary session of the thirteen and eight plenary sessions of the provincial Party committee, the four plenary session of the four session of the CPC Central Committee and the eight plenary session of the seventeen th CPC Central Committee, and adhere to the general keynote of the steady progress of China's work. Promoting the development of high quality as the theme, taking reform and innovation as the fundamental motive force, and satisfying the people's growing needs for better life as the fundamental goal, taking "13555" as the general goal of thinking, namely, "adhering to the spirit of Xi Jinping's new era China characteristic socialism and Xi Jinping's general book, the spirit of the important speech of Shaanxi Province, and strive to write a new era to catch up with the new chapter". We should adhere to the strategy of "developing fruit and medicine at the same time, cashmere in the South and meat in the north", strengthen the second industry by stabilizing oil, promoting coal, expanding gas and exploring salt, expand the third industry by integrating agriculture and tourism, culture and tourism, and industry and city, expand the East and West, prevent the north and optimize the governance in the south, and optimize the county, with livable County as the core and characteristic We should build a Chinese herbal medicine industry chain based on Astragalus membranaceus, a breeding industry chain based on superfine white cashmere goat and Hu sheep, a fruit industry chain based on mountain apples and walnuts, a cultural tourism industry chain based on red revolution, green health and loess culture, and a tourism industry chain based on coal and natural gas The comprehensive development of energy industry chain, to build the Loess Plateau Ecological Comprehensive Management Demonstration County, Shanbei mountain area modern agricultural integration development benchmark County, the national innovation and entrepreneurship advanced county, the national quality Astragalus standardized production base, the world-class ultra-fine white cashmere goat breeding base, overall reform, development and stability of the work, promote the modernization of the management system and management ability, and strive to create a high level A new situation of quality development will open up a good situation for the all-round construction of socialist modernization.

Taking into account the actual situation of the county and the requirements of high-quality development, the main expected goals during the "14th five year plan" period are: the county's GDP will exceed 10 billion yuan, the accumulated fixed asset investment will exceed 40 billion yuan, and the local fiscal revenue will exceed 300 million yuan.

Distinguished delegates,  to achieve the goals of the 14th five year plan, we should adhere to the guidance of the new development stage, new development concept and new development pattern, adhere to the system concept, problem orientation and bottom line thinking, dialectically view the relationship between "danger" and "opportunity", accurately grasp the balance between "stability" and "progress", and focus on high-quality development, high-quality life and efficient governance We should do our own thing well, promote quality change, efficiency change and power change, foster opportunities in crisis and open up new situations in the changing situation, realize rapid growth in quantity, reasonable change in quality and steady improvement in efficiency, and promote the high-quality development of the whole county.

We should unswervingly base ourselves on industrial development and drive the people to enrich and strengthen the county. Adhere to the transformation of resource "endowment" into development "advantage", firmly grasp the main direction of industrial transformation and upgrading and the key support of market expansion and upgrading, strive to promote the upgrading of industrial foundation and the modernization of industrial chain, improve economic quality and efficiency and core competitiveness, and create an upgraded version of county economy to enrich the people and strengthen the county.

We should unswervingly strengthen the power support of reform and innovation. We should adhere to the principle of deepening reform to promote development, keeping to the principle of innovation and increasing vitality, firmly grasp the main line of supply side structural reform, make every effort to promote comprehensive innovation with scientific and technological innovation as the core, use reform and innovation to break down the institutional obstacles, structural contradictions and institutional obstacles restricting development, speed up the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, and fully release the kinetic energy of economic development.

We should unswervingly practice the people-centered development thought. We should take the realization, maintenance and development of the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people as the starting point and foothold of development, give priority to ensuring the expenditure on people's livelihood, do a good job in people's livelihood, and strive to make the people enjoy more modern quality of life that they can see, touch and feel.

We should unswervingly rely on the thinking of the rule of law to improve the level of governance. We should bring all aspects of social governance into the orbit of the rule of law, use legal thinking and legal methods to deepen reform, promote development, resolve contradictions, maintain stability, and promote the formation of a legal environment in which we should act in accordance with the law, find a way to solve problems, and rely on the law to resolve contradictions.

C Our Work in 2020 2021

2021 is the first year of the fourteenth five year plan. It is of great significance and far-reaching significance to do a good job in the government's work in 2021. The main expected goals of the county's economic and social development are: GDP growth of 7%, fixed asset investment growth of more than 10%, total social income growth of 9%, local general public budget revenue growth of about 10%, urban per capita disposable income growth of 7%, rural per capita disposable income growth of 9%. We will resolutely complete all the binding targets issued by the municipal government.

Around the above goals, we should focus on the following eight aspects in 2021:

i.  Pay more attention to effective connection and promote rural revitalization with high quality

Consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation. We will continue to strengthen the follow-up assistance and Counterpart Assistance for industrial employment poverty alleviation, migration and relocation, effectively improve the income of village collective economy, solidly carry out the dynamic adjustment of rural minimum living security, and establish and improve the long-term mechanism for consolidating and expanding the achievements of poverty alleviation and the normalized assistance mechanism for low-income population. 25 rural drinking water consolidation and improvement projects were implemented. We should promote the construction of training schools and bases for farmers, strengthen cultural, knowledge and technical education for the poor, and strive to stimulate the endogenous motivation of the poor.

We will promote rural revitalization in an orderly manner. Efforts should be made to bring Zizhou County into the key supporting County of National Rural Revitalization. According to the scale of 3 townships and 50 villages each year, the Rural Revitalization development plan should be formulated in a scientific way. The plan should be carried out in a rolling system, and the Rural Revitalization should cover the whole area within 5 years. According to the general requirements of "five revitalization and eight convergence", efforts should be made to improve quality increment, ecological governance, project planning, management and implementation, leverage force and platform construction.

Improve agricultural production capacity. We will strengthen agricultural seed management, technology popularization, and disaster prevention and mitigation to ensure a stable grain output of 150000 tons. We will promote the standardization of government investment and the scale of private investment, plant 10000 mu of mountain apples, transform 10000 mu of old orchards, build 35000 mu of Chinese herbal medicine base, and issue opinions on supporting the development of Chinese herbal medicine industry based on Astragalus membranaceus and Scutellaria baicalensis. High standard farmland construction of 20000 mu and terracing of 8000 mu were implemented. To promote the construction of animal husbandry industrialization, the breeding scale of mutton sheep, beef cattle and superfine cashmere goats will reach 200000, 35000 and 100000 respectively. Vigorously develop protected fruits and vegetables, promote the construction of Miaojiaping protected fruit and vegetable demonstration base and peijiawan thousand mu greenhouse base, and ensure the "rice bag" and "vegetable basket" of urban and rural residents.

Building modern agricultural management system. 22 professional large households and family farms with large-scale operation and strong demonstration ability were cultivated. We should guide farmers' professional cooperatives to develop in a standardized way, and establish production-oriented, marketing oriented, industrial chain oriented, comprehensive and other consortia. We should improve the leading enterprises' ability of radiating and driving farmers, and promote the large-scale and intensive management of agricultural industry. We should encourage farmers' professional cooperatives and leading enterprises to extend the industrial chain by focusing on variety research and development, processing and packaging, and circulation and sales, and increase support for weak links.

We will promote agricultural and rural reform. We should firmly adhere to the three bottom lines of no change in the nature of public ownership of land, no breakthrough in the red line of cultivated land, and no damage to the interests of farmers, and resolutely curb the problem of indiscriminate occupation of cultivated land and building houses in rural areas. We should promote land trusteeship and land circulation, strengthen the management of village collective assets, revitalize the use of assets in the supply and marketing system, and enhance the vitality of rural development. We should strengthen the construction of rural grassroots organizations, build a village level governance system that combines autonomy, rule of law, and rule of virtue, and cultivate a civilized rural style, a good family style, and a simple folk style.

Improve the rural living environment. The "four roads in rural areas" project will be completed, and the infrastructure construction of "four roads in rural areas" will be improved. We will strengthen the treatment of rural waste and sewage, build two rural domestic waste treatment stations, six classified collection and transfer centers, and lay 123 kilometers of rural domestic sewage pipe network. Efforts should be made to strengthen the greening, beautification and lighting of rural areas to improve the appearance of villages.

II. Pay more attention to reform and innovation, and build an industrial system with high quality

Promote the integrated development of agricultural industry. We should accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the agricultural industry, establish the "chain leader" responsibility system, cultivate a number of leading enterprises with the status of "chain leader", and drive the gradient value-added of agricultural products. We will build a fruit production and marketing service center, strengthen apple production management, sorting and storage, brand operation, marketing and packaging and other links, as well as high-end routes for smugglers to customize and export. We should seize the opportunity of Astragalus being included in the pilot project of drug food homology, support Tianqi and Tianci companies to develop Astragalus pieces, Astragalus Scutellaria extract and Astragalus health food, and actively develop modern traditional Chinese medicine and biopharmaceutical industry with Astragalus and scutellaria as the main ingredients. The designated slaughterhouses for cattle and sheep will be put into use to accelerate the development of breeding industry, beef and mutton deep processing and cold chain transportation. We will promote the construction of cashmere and wool trading market, super fine cashmere Breeding Laboratory, cashmere bonded warehouse and cashmere carding plant, so as to truly make super fine cashmere go from Zizhou to the world.

Cultivate and expand new industries. We will continue to support Yanchang and Changqing to release their existing oil and gas production capacity, strive to extract 10000 tons of oil, 1.2 billion cubic meters of natural gas, and convert 500 million cubic meters of natural gas locally. Support Yongxing coal mine and Chengyuan Coal Preparation Plant Phase II expansion, construction of coal container line, Yongxing coal mine 35kV substation and Fengqu substation to Yongxing coal mine substation double circuit line project. Support existing agricultural and sideline products processing enterprises to launch new projects, expand production and release production capacity.

Promote the upgrading of service industry. We will implement the neighborhood center and tourist distribution center construction project, start the construction of Zizhou building with "four centers and one apartment" as the core function, continuously expand the service supply, and promote the consumption upgrading of Commerce, finance, leisure, entertainment, culture and tourism, and health care. Vigorously develop the digital economy and build the digital economy innovation block of Binhe Road. We will vigorously develop online and offline community services, promote the construction of smart communities, and meet the diverse needs of residents.

Strengthen the ability of scientific and technological innovation. We will intensify the construction of five scientific and technological innovation platforms, namely, China Academy of Astragalus membranaceus, Yulin Branch of Western Digital Economy Research Institute, research center for comprehensive management of ecological environment and construction of livable villages and towns on the Loess Plateau, National Engineering Center for ultra-fine white cashmere goat, and Shanbei mountain Apple research Institute, so as to identify key technological breakthroughs and speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. We will strengthen the training of high-level talents in education, medical care, science and technology, and innovation, guide the construction of a collaborative innovation system with enterprises as the main body, institutions as the support, and market as the guidance, and accelerate the integration of "industry, University, and research".

We will raise the level of opening up to the outside world. Strengthen the friendly co construction with Jiangdu district and Yuyang District, explore the development of "feilou economy", and continue to expand cross regional industrial cooperation. Relying on Ying Ma'an company, we strengthened international cooperation with German and Swiss enterprises, and the export volume exceeded 10 million yuan. Optimize and improve the layout of comprehensive transportation channels, complete the reconstruction of huainingwan expressway connecting line of Suiyan expressway, Fengqu huaishucha three-level highway, promote the construction of three-level highway from Matigou to laojundian, sanyanquan to Hejiaji, sanhuangmao to Dianshi, and strive for and cooperate with the provinces and cities to upgrade 307 National Highway and 205 provincial highway. We will carry out the project of Zizhou's external image promotion, compile "two songs and one sentence", sing the new Zizhou, and publicize Zizhou's cultural history, brand products and investment environment in expressway, Yuyang airport, Xi'an railway station and subway station.

iii.  pay more attention to project support and lay a solid foundation for catching up and surpassing with high quality

Unswervingly strengthen the construction of key projects. We will strengthen the protection of land elements, increase more than 300 mu of reserved land, increase or decrease the transaction of linked projects to 1700 mu, and balance the occupation and compensation of cultivated land to 2000 mu. We will improve the management system of key construction projects, continue to implement the working mechanisms of leadership package, red, yellow and green Listing Supervision, dispatch notification, observation and evaluation, and focus on 94 annual key projects to ensure that more than 60% of the projects will start in mid March. We will strengthen the dynamic updating and timely sorting of the project reserve database, track and implement 48 central and provincial budget investment reserve projects, and make every effort to promote the achievement of the signing projects of the "return of sub businesses, entrepreneurship and rejuvenation of the county" and the investment and wisdom Introduction Conference.

Go all out to promote the work of competing for funds and projects. We should strengthen the rigid assessment mechanism for investment promotion, strengthen point-to-point investment promotion, professional investment promotion, enterprise investment promotion, business investment promotion and industry chain investment promotion, increase the promotion of "sub business cloud platform", give full play to the role of third-party investment promotion institutions, and strive to introduce influential enterprises in China, with an annual investment of no less than 1 billion yuan. Encourage existing large projects and enterprises to increase capital and expand production and extend the chain. We should improve the assessment and reward methods for SHANGZHENG project funds, focus on the direction of financial investment of the central and provincial governments, actively go to the Ministry and provincial departments, and spare no effort to transform policy dividends into development dividends. We should use the initiative, positive actions and achievements of leading cadres at all levels, especially the top leaders, to interpret all the original missions for Zizhou's development.

Actively develop the headquarters economy. We should formulate measures to encourage and support the headquarters economy of "sub businesses", highlight key areas and focus on the types of main bodies, adhere to the principle of paying equal attention to the resources of domestic and foreign headquarters, giving consideration to the company headquarters and the plate headquarters, and recruiting both R & D centers, design centers and marketing centers, so as to attract the headquarters economy with "sub businesses" as the main body to settle down and start businesses.

Unswervingly support the development of private economy. We have implemented incubation and upgrading projects for small and medium-sized enterprises, adding more than 500 new entrepreneurial entities. We will fully implement the policies of tax and fee reduction, rent and interest reduction, and ensure that all relief measures directly benefit market players. We will further smooth the channels of communication between government and enterprises, normalize the implementation of the mechanism for enterprises to reach production and efficiency, and the system for leading cadres to contact and help enterprises, and strive to build a new type of "pro" and "clean" government business relationship.

Vigorously optimize and improve the business environment. We will carry out the "year of improving business environment", complete the relocation of the new government affairs service center, and build a call service center for small and medium-sized enterprises. We will give full play to the role of optimizing the business environment service enterprises to run special classes, improve the working mechanism of business environment supervision, complaint, acceptance, supervision, feedback, investigation and accountability, and resolutely open up the "last mile" of business environment policy implementation. We will improve the social credit system and speed up the construction of an important product traceability system.

Strengthen and improve statistical work. Strengthen the training of statistical work, increase the construction of statistical team, and speed up the construction of statistical system reflecting high-quality development. We should lay a solid foundation for statistics at the grass-roots level, promote the application of information technology and other statistical resources to towns and villages, and focus on village level accounts and raw data collection, so as to ensure that the source data of statistics are true, accurate, complete, timely and unified.

iv.  Pay more attention to long-term development and solve development problems with high quality

With the spirit of seizing the day and not giving up lightly, with a highly responsible attitude towards history and future, and with the style of focusing on tasks and nodes, we will do our best to grasp the six major events concerning Zizhou's long-term development.

Accelerate the comprehensive development and utilization of kerosene, gas and salt. We will further find out the distribution, quantity and ownership of energy resources in the county, and improve the comprehensive development and utilization plan of kerosene, gas and salt. Standardize the approval procedures of oil and gas wells, increase the utilization of idle wells and sealed wells, and ensure the gas consumption index of residents and industry. We should actively set up enterprises with mixed ownership, coordinate the development of kerosene and gas resources within the county, strengthen foreign cooperation, strive to revitalize MaoYuan coal mine and Xingsheng coal mine, and speed up the pace of "strengthening the county through industry".

Establish provincial economic and technological development zones. We should vigorously promote the reform of the system and mechanism of industrial parks, take the creation of provincial economic and technological development zones as the guide, and strive to build an important platform for open economy and an important carrier for high-quality development, so as to promote the formation of a new economic growth pole. Speed up the construction of "two places and five parks" and work out the development plan of industrial parks scientifically. We will strengthen the infrastructure construction of the park, complete the first phase of the standardized workshop project and flood control project of Matigou agricultural products processing, warehousing and logistics park, accelerate the industrial sewage treatment project, improve the factory road of Jinyuan company, and comprehensively enhance the comprehensive carrying capacity, supporting service capacity and radiation driving capacity of the park. The first phase construction of "enclave economy" Park in Yulin high tech Zone will be substantially promoted.

We will carry out pilot projects on compensation for comprehensive ecological management. Firmly establish the development concept of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains". According to the principle of "multi-point demonstration, point to area", formulate the comprehensive ecological management plan. In five years, the comprehensive ecological management area of hejiagou, fengjiagou, Xiaohegou and Dali River, Xiaoli River, Huaining River will be 762 square kilometers.

Strive for the southward relocation of the county section of Qingyin expressway. Strengthen the communication with the central and provincial transportation and development and reform departments, and actively promote the southward relocation of the county section of Qingyin expressway, so as to ensure the long-term stability of the county as the fundamental goal, effectively improve the flood discharge capacity of the county section, reduce vehicle exhaust and noise pollution, eliminate traffic safety hazards along the expressway County, and further expand the development space of the county.

We will continue to deepen education and health care reform. We should take the deepening of education and health care reform as an important part of improving the ability of population gathering and sustainable development, strengthen the determination and confidence of education and health care reform, focus on the established system and practical results, increase efforts, speed up the progress and expand the depth of the reform, so as to make the reform focus on the established goal and bring long-term benefits to the people of Zizhou.

Promote the comprehensive development of Zhangzhai area. In accordance with the principle of "government leading, enterprise main body, market operation, co construction and win-win", we actively support the development and construction of Zhangzhai District, effectively relieve the problem of insufficient functions of the old city, and strive to enhance the overall urban image of Zizhou county.

v.More attention should be paid to coordinated development and high-quality urban and rural development

Strengthen the planning and construction of the county. Improve the overall planning of land space. Speed up the "eastward" pace, promote the integration of city and Miao, industry city integration, industry tourism integration. Accelerate the promotion of "West Expansion", implement the development agreement of Zhangzhai gaoqu area, and create a new urban leisure and health plate. We will do a solid job in "northern defense", promote the comprehensive ecological management of Buddha Hall, Xiaohegou, fengjiagou and hejiagou river basins, and build a solid ecological barrier for the county. As a whole, we should do a good job in "Southern governance", complete the embankment project of Songjiagou Shigou bridge section, implement the river regulation of the county section, and strive to repair the ecology of Dali River system. Continue to promote "medium optimization", implement municipal road construction project of hejiagou planning road, ZIMI Road, jing14 Road, Jing17 Road, jing18 road and jing16 Road extension of agricultural and commercial bank, Zhangzhai, yaojiabian, waterworks and emaoyu flood discharge tunnel construction project, Jingba Road, wei13 road and Suqu village rainwater and sewage diversion project, Dali road main sewage pipe reconstruction, West Street to Zhangzhai sewage treatment project Pipe network construction project, to further improve the function of the county, enhance the carrying capacity.

Strengthen the fine management of the city. Continue to strengthen the work of "one creation and four consolidation" and complete the upgrading and reconstruction project of Dali road. We will vigorously carry out the renovation of street views on both sides of urban roadways, environmental control, removing walls to reveal the green, and filling in the gaps. We will actively promote the classification and resource utilization of domestic and construction waste, and comprehensively put waste materials into the centralized recycling market. We will strengthen the management and control of illegal construction, and carry out pilot projects to transform overhead lines into the ground. We will implement the project of emergency management and smart city big data platform, promote the sharing of basic data information, accelerate the progress towards the goal of "one network unified management" of smart city, and build "Zizhou brain".

Solve the remaining problems of urban construction. We should deepen the reform of urban management system, strengthen the construction of urban management and law enforcement team and the overall coordination, command and supervision, and comprehensive evaluation of urban management. We started a thorough investigation of urban collective land and above ground buildings, and completed more than 50% of the registration work. In accordance with the principle of "combination of sections, downward shift of focus, territorial management and industry supervision", establish and improve the three-level property management system of county, town, street and community, and comprehensively improve the service level of property management. The next step is to solve the remaining problems such as the reuse of the underground space of the central square, the blue ocean garden, the cultural troupe, Yushui sunshine and so on. Cooperate with and actively promote the settlement of the remaining problems of neutron thermoelectric project according to law.

Marketization promotes the transformation of shanty towns. In accordance with the idea of "government guidance, enterprise leading, multi-party benefit and supporting improvement", innovate the financing mode of shantytown transformation, accelerate the transformation of old residential areas such as grain trade building, sports building, agricultural machinery building, gardener building, family home of telecommunication bureau, family home of Forestry Bureau and family home of No.2 Middle School, and jointly develop six shantytown areas such as Jiaowang area, building materials market and Chaoyang Square reform.

Vi. pay more attention to ecological construction and build beautiful and livable homes with high quality

Make up ecological short board. We should always take the rectification of ecological and environmental problems as an important political task, comprehensively eliminate the stock and resolutely eliminate the increment. We will set up a comprehensive law enforcement team for ecological and environmental protection, intensify efforts in pollution prevention and control, and promote the continuous improvement of ecological and environmental quality and the improvement of key indicators. We should conscientiously implement the "river head system", promote the "four disorder" of river channels and the regulation of sewage outlets, and improve the capacity of sewage collection and the efficiency of sewage treatment in villages and towns. The centralized breeding community has been put into full use. We strengthened the control of loose coal, prevented and controlled the source of dust pollution, and completed the low nitrogen transformation of gas boilers in 17 enterprises and institutions.

Strengthen the ecological barrier. Seizing the strategic opportunity of ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River Basin, 60 warping dams have been strengthened, and the area of soil erosion from hejiagou to fudiantang has been controlled for 6.34 square kilometers. We will conscientiously implement the actions to improve the quality and efficiency of Saishang forest city. We will return 20000 mu of farmland to forests, 10000 mu of farmland to grass, 2000 mu of natural forest protection projects, and 28000 mu of shelter forest projects. Jinji mountain and Shuangfeng Mountain Scenic Area upgrading and reconstruction project, Sino German international poverty alleviation Industrial Park, Matigou agricultural products processing and warehousing logistics park, northern tableland forest farm, surrounding counties, beautiful villages, county and township road greening project were implemented. Strictly implement the regulations on closing mountains and forbidding grazing, and earnestly protect the achievements of afforestation.

Adhere to green development. We will start the construction of ecological civilization demonstration counties and make every effort to promote the establishment of ecological counties. We will strengthen the control of agricultural non-point source pollution, strictly control the pollution of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and agricultural film, and help Zizhou create its brand of agricultural products. Vigorously develop energy conservation and environmental protection industry, guide and force existing industrial enterprises to upgrade production technology, speed up product renewal, reduce energy consumption, material consumption and pollutant emission intensity, and promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure.

vii. pay more attention to the improvement of people's livelihood and ensure high quality to benefit the people

We will steadily expand employment. We will improve the policy system of stabilizing enterprises, stabilizing posts, and expanding employment, carry out personnel recruitment fairs, entrepreneurship exchanges and other activities through multiple channels, increase the employment and entrepreneurship assistance for key groups such as college graduates and veterans, create 1800 new urban jobs, and control the registered unemployment rate in cities and towns below 4.3%. We will strengthen the cooperation among vocational education institutions in order, orientation and post setting training, and vigorously develop poverty alleviation factories and labor-intensive industries with large employment capacity. Carry out special rectification of public welfare posts and the construction of information platform.

We should adhere to the priority of education development. We will promote the reform of the headmaster rank system, the reform of the county management and the appointment of the school and the trusteeship of Zizhou middle school. We will strengthen the efforts to make up the shortage of educational infrastructure, implement the playground upgrading projects of experimental middle school, experimental primary school and third primary school, and reconstruct the apartment building and stadium of Zizhou middle school. We will strengthen the construction of supporting kindergartens in the small area reconstruction project, and rebuild the post and Telecommunications hope kindergartens and shuanghuyu central kindergartens. Implement the reconstruction project of special education school. We will consolidate and expand the achievements of poverty alleviation through cooperative consumption in Colleges and universities.

We will make every effort to ensure the health of the people. We will improve the public health emergency management system and do not relax and grasp the prevention and control of the normal epidemic situation. We will accelerate the progress of the construction of the comprehensive building, infection building, maternal and child health station and CDC of the county hospital, implement the capacity improvement project of the basic health station, and provide convenient, low-cost and high-quality medical services to the people of Zizhou. We will further promote health literacy and promote the construction of health continents.

We will prosper and develop cultural and sports undertakings. Complete the relocation of the financial media center. The overall tourism planning of Zizhou county is prepared, the promotion project of nanfengzhai scenic area is implemented, and the special rural tourism projects such as zhoujiaalkali Ming and Qing ancient town are built. We should dig into the cultural symbols of Zizhou and actively create the provinces and the whole country. Open cultural center, county swimming hall, east city football field, run library and archives. Participated in the 15th Yulin sports meeting and the primary and secondary school students' sports meeting. Strengthen the application of provincial and municipal intangible cultural projects and regularly carry out the intangible cultural exhibition activities. We will strengthen the protection of cultural relics and ensure the safety of field cultural relics and cultural relics in the collection.

We will improve the multi-level social security system. We will strengthen social assistance work such as minimum living security, special poverty support, orphan raising, rehabilitation of disabled children, improve the care and service system for left behind children, women and the elderly in rural areas, and fully issue various kinds of assistance funds. We will improve the working system and security system of retired military personnel, and improve the working mechanism of national defense mobilization and "double support". We will implement housing upgrading project, transform 300 rural housing, and upgrade more than 400 old residential buildings. Support various market entities to increase the supply of elderly care services and products, and promote smart home-based elderly care services.

Strengthen and innovate social governance. We will launch the "Eighth Five Year Plan" for the popularization of law, strengthen the education of the rule of law for teenagers, and constantly improve the people's awareness of the rule of law and the quality of the rule of law. We will adhere to and develop the Fengqiao Experience in the new era, and improve the linkage system of people mediation, administrative mediation and judicial mediation. We should strengthen the analysis and judgment of letters and visits, adhere to the bottom line of policy principles and comprehensively implement policies to resolve the problem. We will establish and improve the work system of financial risk early warning and disposal, and prevent and resolve government debt and financial risks. We will improve the supervision system in key industries such as road traffic, construction site and food safety, strengthen the construction of disaster prevention, mitigation and disaster resistance, and improve the emergency rescue capacity. Carry out comprehensive prevention and control project of geological disaster. We will build a public security big data service center, promote the normalization of drug control, resolutely combat the black evil forces and their "umbrella", so as to make the urban and rural areas more peaceful and the masses more comfortable.

We should concentrate on the work of working hard to achieve the people's livelihood and practice. First, a number of theme urban parks for people's livelihood are built; second, a number of smart express boxes are set up; 3. 6 new public parking spaces are built, more than 800 parking spaces are added; the fourth is to build 22 happy homes and community day care centers; fifth, 1000 rural harmless sanitary toilets and 15 water flushing public health toilets; 6. The implementation of the trumpet project for Huimin village; and the seventh is to realize the urban area 5 G network is fully covered. Meanwhile, we will complete the people's livelihood reality that is being promoted in 2020.

viii.  pay more attention to self construction, conduct high-quality administration according to law and serve the people incorruptedly

Political construction is the first. We must adhere to Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with China's characteristics, arm our minds, guide practice and promote work. The tree firmly "Four Consciousnesses", "four self confidently" and "two maintenances" are highly consistent with the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core in the political position, political direction, political principle and political road, and consciously strengthen the leadership of the party in every aspect of every field of government work.

We will always be the heart of the people. Strengthen the people's position, stick to the people's feelings, give priority to new financial resources to protect people's livelihood, and give priority to policies and measures to improve people's livelihood. We will carry out large-scale investigation, large-scale visits, and large-scale rectification of people's livelihood problems, effectively solve the problem of "urgent difficulties and anxieties" of the masses and enterprises, do what we can, do what we can, and continue to make up for the shortcomings of people's livelihood.

Consolidate the foundation of the rule of law. We should put the construction of a government under the rule of law throughout the whole process and all fields of government work, optimize the legal adviser and assistance system, improve the evaluation mechanism for major administrative decisions, strictly standardize the fair and civilized law enforcement, implement the whole chain of "decision-making, implementation, management, service and results", promote the decision-making process to be more scientific, the administrative behavior to be more standardized, and the power operation to be more sunny, so as to let the masses know Feel the fairness of the rule of law, the power of norms, the warmth of justice. We should take the initiative to accept the legal supervision, work supervision and democratic supervision of the CPPCC, and constantly improve the quality of handling the proposals of NPC deputies and CPPCC members.

We should be pragmatic. As a leading cadre, we should strengthen the ability of taking responsibility. We will work out a five-year action plan for the construction of digital government, and promote "cloud office and palm office". We should adhere to the spirit of not seeking ease in ambition, not seeking refuge in affairs, and taking the lead in work. We should carry forward the spirit of "Ru Zi Niu", "Tuo Huang Niu" and "Lao Huang Niu", so as to achieve everyone's high efficiency, fast pace in everything, and practical results in every case. We will improve the supervision mechanism of government work assignment and meeting, optimize the performance appraisal system, strengthen process supervision, administrative accountability, fault tolerance and error correction, and strive to form an institutional environment in which we can do what we say, do well, and do well.

Abide by the rules of honesty. Rigidly implement the main responsibility of comprehensively and strictly governing the party, continuously deepen the construction of party conduct and clean government in the government system, and rectify formalism and bureaucracy. We should strengthen the idea of living a tight life, spare no effort to reduce non necessary, non urgent and non rigid expenditures, and concentrate our financial resources on major and practical matters. We will improve the risk prevention and control, internal power control, and audit mechanisms for a clean government, strengthen the supervision of key departments and key posts where funds are intensive, resources are rich, and assets are concentrated, and severely crack down on corruption and style of work around the masses, so as to continue to consolidate the political ecology of a clean and vigorous atmosphere.

Fellow Deputies,the journey is full of vigor and vitality, and we will continue to work hard at the critical moment. Let's unite and rely on the people of Zizhou County under the strong leadership of the CPC Zizhou county Party committee. With the vigor of time, the steadiness of still water and the tenacity of long-term service, we will concentrate our efforts, forge ahead, seize the day and work hard to write a new chapter of Zizhou in the new era!


1. Six stabilities and six guarantees: stabilize employment, finance, foreign trade, foreign investment, investment and expectation; ensure residents' employment, basic people's livelihood, market players, food and energy security, supply chain stability and grass-roots operation.

2. Five parks in two places: Matigou agricultural products processing and warehousing logistics park, laojundian yingma'an Sino German international poverty alleviation Industrial Park, huainingwan agricultural and sideline products processing park, Miaojiaping Industrial Park, Yulin high tech Zone enclave economic park.

3. Enclave Economy: it is a regional economic cooperation mode that two independent administrative regions with a gap in economic development break the restrictions of the original administrative divisions and realize complementary resources and coordinated economic development between the two places through cross space administrative management and economic development.

4. Zishang cloud platform: a mobile application that collects Zizhou businessmen's information, builds an information exchange and sharing platform for Zizhou businessmen, and timely understands Zizhou's project information.

5. Five undeveloped land: approved but not supplied, supplied but not used, used but not used up, built but not invested, invested but not reached and so on.

6. Three supports and one support: after graduation, college students go to rural grassroots units to support agriculture, education, medicine and poverty alleviation.

7. Integration of three functions: construction project of sanitation facilities integrating domestic waste collection house, public toilet, sanitation workers' lounge, etc.

8. No.1 listen to the voice of the people: through direct merger, two-line parallel, three-party communication and other ways, all the government service hotlines scattered in various departments and units will be integrated to form a unified service platform for government service hotlines.

9. Rain and dew program: a labor transfer training and employment project for the rural poor.

10. Zero price difference of drugs: adopt the way of government packaging procurement, compress the intermediate links in the field of drug circulation, cancel the wholesale and retail price difference of drugs, reduce the price of drugs, and benefit the people.

11. Sub (only) one time, Zhou (weekly) service: fully implement the working mechanism of "only one door", "one-time notification", "at most one run", "one window acceptance", "one Netcom" and "one special class", and simultaneously carry out the thoughtful services such as "vacancy approval", "green channel", "assistant agency", "door-to-door service" and "delayed acceptance", so as to comprehensively improve the business environment.

12. Top five enterprises: industries above Designated Size, qualified construction industry, all real estate development and business, wholesale and retail above Designated Size, accommodation and catering industry, and legal entities of service industry above designated size.

13. Three important and one big: decision making on major issues, appointment and removal of important cadres, arrangement of important projects, and use of large funds.

14. Three to three rectification: the "top leaders" of the party and government at all levels compare their thinking, execution and position; the cadres at all levels compare their learning, dedication and performance; the organs and units compare their management, standardization and honor; focus on the "four styles"; focus on the daily reading and empty pay of cadres; focus on the inaction, slow work and disorderly work; and carry out three special rectification actions.

15. Double high and double universal: popularize nine-year compulsory education with high quality and high level, popularize preschool education and ordinary high school education.

16. Five revitalization and eight Convergence: industrial revitalization, talent revitalization, cultural revitalization, ecological revitalization and organizational revitalization; policy convergence, mechanism convergence, planning convergence, industrial convergence, infrastructure public service convergence, investment convergence, land use convergence and talent convergence.

17. Four good rural roads: build, manage, protect and operate rural roads.

18. Drug food homology: Traditional Chinese medicine and food are originated at the same time. Many foods are drugs, and there is no absolute dividing line between them.

19. Four centers and one apartment: Financial Service Center, business incubation center, headquarters economic center, financial media center and high-end talent apartment.

20. Digital Economy: through the identification, selection, filtering, storage and use of big data, it guides and realizes the rapid optimal allocation and regeneration of resources, and realizes the economic form of high-quality economic development.

21. Skyscraper Economy: it is an intensive and high-density economic form to break the boundaries of urban areas and introduce various enterprises to develop and rent buildings, so as to introduce tax sources and drive economic development.

22. Two songs and one sentence: one is a northern Shaanxi dialect song to publicize Zizhou, one is a Putonghua song to publicize Zizhou, and one is a slogan to publicize Zizhou.

23. Increase and decrease: reclaim the inefficient, idle and abandoned construction land in rural areas, and use the surplus construction land index for urban construction on the premise of ensuring farmers' resettlement and development land and obtaining reasonable income.

24. Balance of cultivated land occupation and compensation: according to the amount of cultivated land occupied by construction, the amount of cultivated land with equal quantity and quality should be added.

25. One creation and four consolidation: create provincial civilized county, consolidate the achievements of national health county, provincial Garden County, provincial environmental protection model county and provincial forest city.

26. River head system: the main leaders of the party and government at all levels are responsible for organizing and leading the management and protection of corresponding rivers and lakes.

27. Four disorder of river course: occupying, mining, building and piling around the river course.

28. County management and school employment: all teachers and principals of public compulsory education schools are under the unified management of the county government, so as to change the teachers and principals from the "school person" of a school in the past to the "system person" of the county compulsory education system.

29. Fengqiao Experience: the cadres and masses of Fengqiao town, Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province have created the experience of "under the leadership of the party, mobilizing and relying on the masses, persisting in solving contradictions on the spot without handing them in, achieving less arrests and good public security".

30. Huimin village village loudspeaker project: to serve the "three rural" as the purpose, the Internet plus big horn cloud broadcasting technology is used to provide practical policy information and agricultural technology services for the villagers, and play the role of early warning, alarm, organization and evacuation in emergency handling such as earthquake prevention and disaster mitigation.