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Report on the Work of the Government —— February 4th, 2018

Report on the Work of the Government

Delivered at the third session of the 18th people's Congress of Zizhou County on February 4, 2018,

ye Qinglong, Mayor of the People’s Government of Zizhou County

Fellow Deputies,

Now, on behalf of the people's Government of the county, I would like to report on our work to the people's Congress of the people's Republic of China for your deliberation, and I also invite members of the CPPCC Committee of the county and those present as nonvoting delegates to give their opinions.

i. Review of work in 2017

Last year was a very unusual year in Zizhou's history. From July 25 to 26, the whole county suffered the once-in-a-century rainstorm and flood disaster. All the main water systems in the county exceeded the warning water level. The Dali River surged into the county seat. All water, electricity, roads, gas and communications were interrupted in the county. The functions of the city were completely lost. The people's lives and property suffered huge losses. 143697 people were affected and 6 people were affected One person was lost, and the direct economic loss reached 4.379 billion yuan.

At the time of emergency and crisis, the county Party committee and the county government made great efforts to rally and lead the cadres and masses of the whole county to launch a magnificent flood fighting and rescue struggle. We evacuated the masses and saved lives in the shortest time, restored urban and rural electric power, communications, roads and other infrastructure in the shortest time, cleaned up the sludge and restored the functions of the county in the shortest time, started the post disaster reconstruction and promoted various plans in the shortest time, and achieved the "Zizhou speed" of flood fighting and emergency rescue, which was highly affirmed by the leaders of central and provincial governments 。 In the struggle against the rainstorm and flood disaster, the spirit of Zizhou, which is tenacious, daring to fight and be open and enterprising, has been fully demonstrated. The cohesion and centripetal force of Zizhou people have been enhanced unprecedentedly, and the image of Zizhou has been baptized and reconstructed in an all-round way. This spirit is leading the county people from the great victory of flood relief to another great victory of post disaster reconstruction!

Here, on behalf of the county people's government, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and high respect to the cadres and masses, armed police officers and soldiers, public security officers and police, leaders at all levels, volunteer teams and caring people from all walks of life who care about and support the flood fighting and rescue work in our county! I would like to express my deep sorrow to the victims of the flood!

The country is prospered by many difficulties. Last year, it was under such extremely difficult circumstances that we took the initiative to bear pressure and overcome difficulties, and made encouraging achievements in economic and social development. The growth rate of six major economic indicators was higher than the average level of provinces and cities. We were once again rated as the province's safe and advanced county. The total output value of the county reached 6.246 billion yuan, an increase of 9.3%, and the growth rate exceeded 9% for the first time in recent five years; the fixed asset investment at the county level was 3.6 billion yuan, an increase of 29.8%; the total financial revenue exceeded 300 million yuan, reaching 320 million yuan, an increase of 46.7%, including 110 million yuan of local fiscal revenue, 19.6% over completion; the total retail sales of consumer goods was 878 million yuan, an increase of 15.6% year-on-year; urban and rural residents The average income reached 28113 yuan and 9896 yuan respectively, increasing by 9.1% and 9.4%. The growth rate of farmers' income was higher than that of urban residents.

We accomplished the following in our work last year.

(1) Focusing on the precise strategy, we have made solid progress in poverty alleviation. According to the general idea of "poverty alleviation, long-term planning, wide coverage and well-off society", we have established the "ten operation and three groups", and integrated and strengthened the "four teams". We have set up 18 Township poverty relief teams, forming a strong organizational structure, effective measures, cadres' strength and awesome efforts. We will increase financial support and invest 310 million yuan in poverty alleviation funds. 89 mutual aid fund associations issued loans of 20.54 million yuan, 3515 poor households received micro loans of 137 million yuan, and 12596 poor households received industrial support. 20 photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects were connected to the grid for power generation. In Jiangdu District, 15.2 million yuan was put in place for counterpart cooperation. There was no dropout in the compulsory education stage, and the hospitalization reimbursement of the poor population reached more than 90%. The project of "double package, double push and ten covering" has been launched, with 15000 mu of land leveled, 48 convenience bridges built, 85.4 km village group roads built, and 36 high-pressure irrigation pumping stations built. 602 dilapidated houses were rebuilt in rural areas. Adhering to the combination of poverty alleviation and aspiration support, we carried out "five families and ten stars" and other excellent tree model activities, and set up 21 love supermarkets. 15011 people from 4374 households have been lifted out of poverty, and 15 poor villages have been withdrawn.

(2) Improve the quality and efficiency, accelerate the rise of mountain agriculture. The output value of the fruit industry reached 425 million yuan, an increase of 54.3%. Grain output is 104000 tons. It has planted 41000 mu of Chinese medicinal materials, and Zizhou Astragalus membranaceus monitoring station, the first circulation and traceability system of traditional Chinese medicine in the province, has been put into operation. 588000 sheep, 156000 pigs and 573000 poultry were raised. Effective prevention and control of h7n9 influenza virus, no major animal epidemic occurred in the county. 422 kilometers of new production roads and 100 kilometers of power lines have been rebuilt. Meteorological service capacity was further improved. The township industry service team was set up, and the industry was managed by special personnel. It has been awarded the provincial advanced county in rural land registration and certification. The "Zizhou mode" of agricultural modernization construction in mountainous areas has basically taken shape, and the provincial decision-making advisory committee has made a special investigation and recommended to the provincial Party committee and the provincial government.

(3) We will fully release production capacity and ensure steady growth of the real economy. 1.2 billion cubic meters of natural gas was exploited, 180000 tons of LNG and 800000 tons of clean coal were produced. The processing industry of agricultural and sideline products has developed steadily. Start the construction of Astragalus industry integration project. There are 12 "individual enterprises" and 19 "four top enterprises" under the unified system. The online transaction volume of e-commerce exceeded 10 million yuan. Rural tourism and folk festivals received 384000 tourists. 55 key projects completed investment of 2.83 billion yuan and 66 post disaster reconstruction projects were reserved. The whole nation's entrepreneurship has driven 600 million yuan of social investment, and the added value of non-public economy accounts for 59.2% of GDP. Four workstations, including Xi'an and Yinchuan, have been set up. 74 newly registered enterprises and 269 self-employed enterprises have set up a number of small and micro processing factories for wine, vinegar, sauce and meat.

(4) Based on the functional restoration, the post disaster reconstruction was carried out orderly. The master plan of the county was revised, and more than 30 special plans and reconstruction project construction schemes, such as County Drainage and waterlogging prevention, water and soil conservation and ecological management of the whole county, were commissioned. The temporary water supply project of the county after the disaster was started in time, three grit chambers were built, and the high channel water collecting gallery was reconstructed to ensure the emergency water supply for urban residents. Suide water diversion project has 24.1km pipeline laying and 1600 cubic meters of daily water supply. 32.6 km of drainage and sewage pipe network was dredged, and 2.4 km of gas supply pipeline was restored. 2.1km river bank was built and 63000 square meters of river channel was cleaned up. 87 roads were destroyed by flood. The comprehensive treatment plan of geological disasters after the July 26 disaster was formulated, and the treatment project of 16 hidden danger points was started. We have completed land acquisition for key projects such as education and municipal administration, and demolished a number of illegal buildings. The main body of Zhangjiawan resettlement housing is completed, Jiaoqu and Wangzhuang resettlement houses are under construction, and 10 resettlement houses in Matigou are completed. It has solved many problems left over by history in the field of urban construction, and accomplished many major events that we wanted to do but failed to accomplish in the past. 340 rural water supply projects were renovated to solve the problem of safe drinking water for 87000 people. The road hardening of administrative village and full coverage of optical fiber network are realized.

(5) Sharing the fruits of development, people's livelihood security has more texture and temperature. First, give full support to the development of education. Through the national compulsory education balanced County acceptance. 132 teachers were recruited, and the living subsidy policy for public rural teachers was implemented. 6542 poor students were subsidized with 15.69 million yuan. The first and fourth small-scale new projects and the second middle school expansion project were launched. The vocational education center cooperates with Yangzhou technician college and other 4 colleges to carry out vocational education oriented order training. Second, the work of health and family planning has stepped up to a higher level. County Hospital was established as a second class hospital. 10 township health centers and 52 clinics were newly built and rebuilt. The second hospital of Shandong University and Shandong Provincial Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine respectively provide all-round assistance to county hospitals and TCM hospitals. 84 medical technicians were recruited and 200 village doctors were trained. We will further improve the level of maternal and child health care, prevention and control of maternal and child diseases. Third, social security is powerful. 1860 jobs were developed. 67 demobilized college students' conscripts and non commissioned officers were resettled, and 23 high-level talents were introduced. 61000 people were transferred to work and 8275 people were trained in skills. We will complete the task of universal insurance registration. Implement dynamic management of minimum living allowance and implement classified insurance. Six rural happiness hospitals and eight rural community service centers have been built. Fourth, cultural services are closer to people's lives. Ten cultural squares and the main body of Miaojiaping cultural and Sports Center have been completed. He created a large-scale drama of folk opera "Chong Er Chuan" in Northern Shaanxi. Wanzhao, the inheritor of stone carving, was selected as one of the first batch of "national intangible cultural heritage craftsmen". The influence of radio and television publicity was further expanded, and cable TV was opened to 1300 poor households free of charge. Children's sports school exports 24 competitive sports seedlings. Fifth, social governance has been strengthened in an all-round way. The study and judgment of letters and visits should be normalized and county leaders should be open to the public. The situation of drug control was maintained, and the sense of security and satisfaction of the masses ranked first in the city for two consecutive years. We will carry out the work of popularizing law in the Seventh Five Year Plan. The overall situation of safety production is stable. We will strengthen supervision over the food, drug and grain markets to stabilize prices. Sixth, the construction of ecological civilization continued to increase. It started the establishment of national forest city and passed the acceptance of provincial environmental protection model county. The excellent and good rate of air quality was 83%. Permanent basic farmland has been designated. 780000 trees were planted voluntarily, and 1100 mu of trees were afforested in the two mountains of the county. The area of soil erosion control is 116 square kilometers, and the development of water-saving irrigation is 12000 mu. Carry out the "river chief system" and strengthen the environmental management of the river course and the line. The task of energy saving and consumption reduction and pollution reduction has been completed in an all-round way.

(6) We will continue to deepen reform and continue to promote opening up and development. Strengthen the monitoring of county economy, and release the potential and vitality of town economy. We will deepen the reform of the commercial system. We will strengthen the supervision during and after the event, and carry out the "double random and one open" random spot check. The reform of the payment system for the poor was carried out in an all-round way. We held the Yulin mountain apple and Zizhou Astragalus membranaceus forum, and launched the national cultural, scientific and health "three to the countryside" demonstration activities in Zizhou. Yingma'an super fine cashmere goat Technology Co., Ltd., the first Sino foreign joint venture, was introduced. The county government signed strategic cooperation agreements with the provincial water group and the provincial fruit industry group respectively. The national health and Family Planning Commission, the Provincial Department of education, Yuyang District, Jiangdu District, northwest agricultural and Forestry University of science and technology, Yangzhou technician college and other in-depth exchanges and cooperation with us. Our "circle of friends" is growing.

Over the past year, we have consistently taken the people's expectations as the direction of administration and constantly strengthened the government's own construction. We should promote the normalization and institutionalization of "two studies and one practice" learning and education. We strengthened the function of audit supervision, completed 345 audit projects, handed over 12 cases to discipline inspection and supervision organs, and interviewed 23 leaders. We will strengthen the performance management of financial funds and revitalize the existing funds by 38.74 million yuan. We started people asking about politics and handled 130 letters from netizens and county magistrate's mailbox. 67 suggestions of NPC deputies and 72 proposals of CPPCC members were undertaken, and the quality and satisfaction of handling were steadily improved. The implementation of the "three single" supervision management has improved the executive power of the government.

Ladies and gentlemen, in the past year, we have withstood pressure, overcome difficulties, accumulated experience, and maintained a stable development trend of county economy. The achievement of these achievements is the result of the overall situation and scientific decision-making of the county Party committee. It is also the result of the unity, hard work and joint efforts of the cadres and masses of the county. Here, on behalf of the county people's government, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the cadres and masses in the county, to the deputies to the county people's Congress, CPPCC members, non party personages, to the armed police officers and soldiers stationed in Zizhou, public security officers and policemen, to retired cadres and all people from all walks of life who care about and support the cause of Zizhou's reform and development!

We are soberly aware that there are still many problems in development: first, the quality of development is not high. The problems of imbalance and insufficiency are quite prominent, such as the insufficient branding and marketization of agriculture, the bottleneck of management and technology, the small scale of industry and processing industry of agricultural and sideline products, the great restriction of resource exploitation by environment, the small-scale production of three industries and the lack of climate, the large amount of debts in people's livelihood, and the arduous task of poverty alleviation. Second, there is insufficient development momentum. There are insufficient cultivation of market players, low level of project packaging planning, large proportion of infrastructure projects, small proportion of industrial projects, and prominent bottlenecks in land, environment, talents and technology. Third, the development environment is not good. The problems still exist: some cadres can not keep up with the pace of the times, and their work level, mental state and open consciousness restrict the pace of development; the risks and contradictions in the economic and social transformation are increasing, and the task of optimizing the investment environment and maintaining social stability is complex. The problem is the voice of the times and the driving force for progress. We will study these problems carefully and improve them.

ii. The general requirements of government work in the new era and the objectives and tasks of this year

The new era breeds new opportunities, and new development must be realized in the new era. Our confidence comes from: first, there are opportunities for policy. The central government has implemented the strategy of Rural Revitalization and continued to fight against poverty. The flood disaster in our county has been highly valued by the Party Central Committee and the State Council. The construction of ecological civilization demonstration area on the Loess Plateau in Shaanxi Province has been included in the national pilot project. Zizhou has been listed as an experimental demonstration county of ecological comprehensive treatment in Hilly and gully areas of Loess Plateau. The city should grasp the "one after another" characteristic agricultural model in counties with good agricultural conditions in the south We should firmly grasp the opportunities and make good use of the real gold and silver in our policies. Second, there is a foundation for development. After continuous efforts in recent years, agricultural modernization in mountainous areas has become a large-scale and deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The industry is stabilizing and rebounding. Cultural tourism is in the ascendant. The entrepreneurial effect of the whole people is fully released. Urban and rural infrastructure is constantly improving. All these have laid a solid foundation for us to complete the poverty alleviation, speed up the post disaster reconstruction and realize an all-round well-off society. Third, the masses have expectations. After several years of continuous efforts, Zizhou's economic strength has been continuously enhanced, the people's living standards have been steadily improved, and the people's demand for livable, healthy, travel, cultural life and other aspects is stronger. Fourth, cadres have confidence. In recent years, the county Party committee and the county government have been looking at the general situation, seeking the overall situation, grasping major events, maintaining strategic determination, and leading the people of the county to forge ahead on the road of building a beautiful and happy Zizhou. The momentum accumulated for many years is being released in an orderly and effective way, and the development trend of natural development has been formed. In particular, after the double tests of poverty alleviation and flood fighting last year, our cadres and the masses have further improved their ability to cope with risks and challenges, and are more confident and motivated to meet difficulties and accomplish their missions.

To do a good job in government work in the new era, we must fully implement the overall deployment of the county Party committee. We should adhere to the idea and goal of development in the future. In guiding ideology, we must adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with China's characteristics and profoundly understand and grasp "8 definite" and "14 insistence", and consciously apply them to guide the development of Zi Zhou. In terms of strategic deployment, we should improve our political position, fully implement the "five in one" overall layout and the "four comprehensive" strategic layout, actively practice the requirements of catching up and surpassing and "five solid" requirements, and firmly focus on the "five new strategies" of the provincial Party committee and the "three goals" of the municipal Party committee. In the overall goal, we should fully realize that beautiful Zizhou is not only the requirement of external beauty, but also the display of internal beauty; happy Zizhou is the effective guarantee of people's livelihood, the harmony and stability of the overall social situation, and the comprehensive display of democratic rights; the strength of Zizhou is not only the improvement of economic strength, but also the prosperity of people's life. The "three goals" cover a wide range, rich content, mutual contact and mastery. They are the embodiment of the strategic layout of central provinces and cities in Zizhou, and the vivid practice of Zizhou in implementing the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. We must adhere to the principle of "sticking to it and grasping it to the end". In terms of development orientation, we should base on our own advantages and seize the policy opportunities to build a modern agricultural demonstration county in the mountainous area of Northern Shaanxi, an advanced county of innovation and entrepreneurship in the whole province, a national green food base county, and an experimental demonstration county for ecological comprehensive management in Hilly and gully areas of the Loess Plateau. In the work path, we should adhere to the overall path of Party building leading, innovation driven, green rise, catch-up and surpass. We should focus on the key points, make up for the weak points, and strive to achieve higher quality, more efficient, more fair and more sustainable development. On the step arrangement, it is necessary to make overall plans for the current and long-term development. On the basis of in-depth study and implementation of the 2050 strategy of the municipal Party committee, we should scientifically plan the strategic steps from now to building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way. In 2018, we should adhere to the principle of poverty alleviation to lead the overall economic and social development, and strive to promote the "three changes" to realize the normalization, institutionalization and long-term effect of targeted poverty alleviation. In 2019, it is necessary to improve the effectiveness of targeted poverty alleviation work in an all-round way, and strive to make up for the shortcomings of people's livelihood, social governance and social civilization, so as to smoothly realize the poverty alleviation of the whole county and achieve a well-off level for some people. In 2020, the construction of "four counties" will achieve initial results, the "three goals" will be basically realized, and Zizhou and the whole city will be qualified to enter an all-round well-off society.

To do a good job in government work in the new era, we must comply with the growing needs of the county people for a better life. We should pay close attention to the changes in major social contradictions, earnestly grasp the most direct and realistic interests of the people, adhere to the principle that everyone should be responsible and enjoyed by everyone, constantly improve the public service system, and ensure the basic life of the masses. We will continue to strengthen the construction of a government under the rule of law, thoroughly investigate and resolve conflicts and disputes, and actively and steadily handle risks and hidden dangers, so as to enrich, guarantee and sustain the people's sense of gain, happiness and security.

To do a good job in government work in the new era, we must ensure that all work is carried out with sound. In accordance with the requirements of strong faith, strong politics, strong responsibility, strong ability and excellent style, we should take responsibility with the spirit of nail, strengthen the realm of "success does not have to be in me". We should do things one by one and do them year after year. We should be brave to shoulder the heaviest burden, dare to gnaw the hardest bones, be good at picking up the hottest taros, and ensure the decisions of the central, provincial, and county committees The policy and deployment have been implemented and the actual results have been achieved.

Comrades, it's the right time to advance and the right time to develop. 2018 is the first year to implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. It is a connecting year for the implementation of the 13th five year plan. It is also a key year for Zizhou to overcome poverty, rebuild after disaster, and catch up with and surpass. The general requirements of the government are: guided by Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics and taking the "implementation year" as the starting point, we thoroughly studied and implemented the nineteen major spirits of the party, the decision making of China, the provinces, and the county committees, and insisted on the general keynote of keeping steady in the future, vigorously promoting the spirit of fighting against floods and the spirit of Zidu, highlighting the key points of tackling poverty, rebuilding after disaster, and catching up with the three major points. The three major carriers of poverty alleviation competition, double guarantee, double promotion, ten coverage and ten promotion, and national entrepreneurship are the three major carriers. We should pay close attention to the three major rectification of anti-corruption, urban and rural environment, and cadres' work style. We should promote economic, political, cultural, social, ecological civilization and government party building, and strive to open up a new situation of building a beautiful, happy and powerful Zizhou in an innovative era. The main targets are: to complete the county's GDP of 6.807 billion yuan, an increase of 9%; the county level fixed assets investment of 4.13 billion yuan, an increase of 14.7%; the local financial revenue of 120 million yuan, an increase of 8.1%; the total retail sales of consumer goods, 968 million yuan, an increase of 10.3%; the per capita income of urban residents is 30362 yuan, an increase of 8%; the per capita income of rural residents exceeds 10000 yuan, reaching 10766 yuan, an increase of 8.8%.

III. key work in 2018

(1) We will firmly fight the battle of poverty alleviation. We should strengthen the systematic thinking and action consciousness of the overall work of poverty alleviation, promote the transformation from development-oriented poverty alleviation to equal emphasis on development-oriented and guaranteed poverty alleviation, from focusing on the progress of poverty alleviation to paying more attention to the quality of poverty alleviation, from paying attention to completing the goal of poverty alleviation to paying more attention to enhancing the sense of gain of the poor people, and completing the task of lifting 22738 people from 7117 households in 60 poor villages with high quality Business.

First, adhere to targeted poverty alleviation and targeted poverty alleviation. We should take the problem rectification as the guidance, continue to do a good job in the implementation of the rectification of the problems fed back by the central and provincial governments and the problems found in the self inspection, and carry out the rectification work throughout the whole process. We should adhere to the primary path of industrial poverty alleviation, enrich and improve the industrial poverty alleviation "toolkit", support the poor households at home and abroad with the same standards, and encourage the development of "small and flexible" industries. Summarize and promote the "enterprise + poor households", "Park (base) + poor households", "cooperatives + poor households", photovoltaic, e-commerce and other poverty alleviation modes. Strengthen financial support and standardize the management and operation of mutual funds association. We will accelerate the construction of the "two houses", transform 383 dilapidated houses in rural areas, complete the centralized resettlement project of laojundian and distribute them to each household, and complete the main body of relocation project of Yihe community, so as to solve the problem of "happy work" of relocated households after "settling down". We will strictly implement the Poverty Alleviation Policies on education, health, employment, ecology and providing for the poor. We will continue to carry out the selection activities of "five families and ten stars", give full play to the role of "red and black list" and love supermarket, and stimulate endogenous motivation.

Second, optimize the allocation of infrastructure. We should revise the plan for the integration of agriculture related funds, strictly implement the project filing system, improve the project implementation mechanism, and standardize the project management. We vigorously carried out the activities of "double guarantees, double promotion, ten coverage and ten promotion", carried out in-depth ten promotion actions, including infrastructure, public services, livelihood security, transformation and upgrading of poverty alleviation industries, ecological construction, endogenous power, folk custom construction, rural governance, collective economy, and the role of grassroots organizations in tackling key problems. All the 60 plans to withdraw from poverty-stricken villages have met the standards. Continue to strive for photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects to ensure the income of poor households.

The third is to improve the organization system for poverty alleviation. We will establish a mechanism for leading cadres of the four major county-level leading groups to work together and jointly manage poverty alleviation, and implement the policy of "contracting villages by departments". We will strengthen the comprehensive coordination role of the poverty alleviation headquarters, carry out the annual task wall chart operation, and further consolidate the main responsibility of the township and the "ten office and three groups". We will establish an accurate poverty alleviation data exchange and sharing platform to bridge the information gap between departments. We will improve the "3 + X" assistance system, encourage all walks of life to participate in poverty alleviation, and build a "Trinity" pattern of special projects, industries and society. We will further carry out the large-scale competition for targeted poverty alleviation and strive to achieve actual results in poverty alleviation. We should strengthen the professional training and daily management of poverty alleviation teams, give full play to the guiding role of supervision, assessment and evaluation, and reward and punish the leaders at the county level, the poverty relief corps, the village departments and the townships. We will seriously investigate and deal with the problems existing in the field of poverty alleviation, such as inadequate implementation of responsibilities, inaccurate work measures, and irregular use of funds.

(2) Vigorously implement the strategy of Rural Revitalization. In accordance with the general requirements of industrial prosperity, ecological livability, rural civilization, effective governance and affluence, we should strive to make agriculture a promising industry, make farmers an attractive occupation, and make the countryside a beautiful home to live and work in peace and contentment.

First, unswervingly promote agricultural modernization in mountainous areas. Adhere to the "fruit industry oriented, multi industry development", and strive to improve the quality of the industry. The development of mountain Apple 20000 mu, including fruit company base 10000 mu, planting walnut 50000 mu. Coordinate the technical backbone of the Department, the township industry service team, and the farmers' professional technical service team, and implement the spring orchard management improvement action according to the "one garden and one policy". Compiled and printed the technical regulations of apple and walnut in Zizhou mountain area, and trained 14000 fruit farmers. We will promote the localization of seedlings and build 70 mu Apple nursery and 50 mu walnut nursery. With the help of the large platform of Shaanxi fruit industry group, we started the construction of fruit industry building. Vigorously develop the traditional Chinese medicine industry, formulate the "Zizhou Huangqi seed management measures", planting 40000 mu of Chinese herbal medicine. We should actively adjust the planting structure in Chuandao area, and focus on supporting the construction of greenhouse demonstration projects around the county. Strengthen the technical guidance and improve the economic benefits of the courtyard. We should adhere to the principle of determining livestock with grass and appropriate family scale breeding, and promote new technologies such as artificial breeding of sheep and embryo transfer. We should speed up the construction of yingma'an breeding base and drive the individual farmers to breed superfine cashmere goats. We will support the breeding of large livestock such as meat donkeys and beef cattle. Establish the quality traceability system of agricultural products, and certify 8 "three products and one standard" of agricultural products.

Second, unswervingly promote the construction of beautiful countryside. We have worked out plans for the revitalization of administrative villages and built 20 beautiful villages. We will comprehensively solve the problem of safe drinking water in rural areas. 65 warping dams will be built and maintained. We will accelerate the construction of "four good" rural roads, implement 85 kilometers of safety protection projects, and build 252 kilometers of village group roads. We will increase the construction of rural power and electricity, and build and transform 78 kilometers of 10kV lines. We will eliminate the blind areas of rural mobile signals and promote the upgrading of 2G to 4G. We should continue to improve the living environment in rural areas, deal with the phenomenon of disorderly piling and falling down in rural areas, curb the momentum of random repair and construction, and promote the reform of toilets in rural areas. We will extensively carry out such actions as marriage and funeral, thrifty and simple marriage, cultivate civilized rural customs, good family customs and simple folk customs, and improve the level of rural civilization.

Third, unswervingly promote rural reform. Build county rural property rights trading platform to guide the standardized transfer of rural land management rights. We will complete the work of clearing assets and checking assets in 279 administrative villages, and accelerate the separation of "three powers" in rural areas. We will comprehensively promote the "three changes" reform of 70 pilot villages, and achieve the goal of village collective economy clearing. More than 100 mu of leading industrial park, in line with the conditions of supporting water, electricity, roads and other infrastructure. We should vigorously cultivate new farmers and speed up the construction of farmers' brokers. Encourage enterprises and large households to contract or manage orchards, and promote industrial standardization and large-scale development. Make full use of agricultural machinery subsidy policy to promote agricultural production mechanization.

(3) We will accelerate the construction of a modern economic system. We should adhere to the principle of quality first and efficiency first, take the supply side structural reform as the main line, vigorously support the development of the real economy, and actively cultivate new formats.

One is to promote steady industrial growth. We will accelerate the examination and approval of oil and gas wells and give full support to Changqing and Yanchang wells to expand production capacity. The natural gas production will reach 1.3 billion cubic meters and the oil production will reach 10000 tons. Strive to produce 250000 tons of LNG and 1 million tons of coal washing. Actively promote the gas integration development project, Yongxing coal mine was completed and put into operation, and the transformation of coal transportation special line was started. We will strive for the approval of "drug and food homology" of Astragalus membranaceus, promote the construction of fine processing projects of Astragalus membranaceus, support the cooperation between processing enterprises and pharmaceutical enterprises in the county, introduce scientific research team to tackle key technologies such as biological extraction, and strive for major breakthroughs in product research and development. We will guide the technological transformation and upgrading of agricultural and sideline products processing enterprises, develop in the direction of precision, depth and detail, and expand sales. Improve the management and service level of industrial parks.

Second, stimulate the vitality of the tertiary industry. We will integrate the e-commerce resources of the departments, build a three-level e-commerce service system in counties and villages, strive for the national e-commerce demonstration county project, build county e-commerce service centers, and develop 25 e-commerce service stations. Accelerate the construction of Huaining Bay Industrial Park and small food distribution base, and build Huaining Bay Industrial Park into a bearing area for agricultural and sideline products screening and grading, cold chain transportation, warehousing and logistics, quality inspection and market trading. The distribution center of characteristic small food should be built into the bearing area of bulk liquor and stuffing. We will start the construction of Chinese herbal medicine trading market and strive to build a Chinese herbal medicine trade center in Northern Shaanxi. We will work out the tourism planning of Zizhou, start the construction of red Memorial Exhibition Hall in Nanfeng village, promote the construction of yuanzeping rural complex tourism area, support the 3A scenic area of Xifeng temple to upgrade 4A scenic area, and improve the supporting facilities of rural tourism. We will optimize the structure of modern service industry and actively develop industries such as finance and insurance, home service, and health care for the aged.

Third, we should pay close attention to the construction of key projects. We have made solid progress in the construction of 53 key projects and completed an annual investment of 4.427 billion yuan. 52 major preliminary projects were planned. We will implement the system of quarterly announcement of the progress of key projects, and implement the responsibility of promoting and contracting. We will actively connect the strategic and major project packages, capital packages and policy packages of central and provincial governments, carefully reserve a number of agricultural products processing, gas development, eco-tourism, livelihood security and infrastructure projects, and establish a three-year rolling project library. We will revise the assessment methods for investment promotion, strengthen the construction of investment promotion team in accordance with the requirements of "regional positioning, industrial orientation, personnel responsibility determination, and quantitative assessment", and strive to make new breakthroughs in investment promotion.

(4) We will promote urban and rural post disaster reconstruction as a whole. We should adhere to the concept of scientific planning, overall construction and management improvement, strengthen the concept of flexible water control, returning the city to the river, and harmonious coexistence of man and nature, comprehensively improve the ability of disaster prevention and mitigation, and solidly promote post disaster reconstruction.

First, adhere to planning guidance. According to the requirements of "strengthening planning, reinforcing weaknesses, ensuring safety, strict management and improving grade", the overall function of the county seat will be comprehensively improved. To speed up the preparation of the overall plan of the county, the county is arranged in accordance with the layout of "eastward expansion, South prevention and North governance optimization". To enter the East is to gradually move the administrative functional area of the county to the East, evacuate the dense population in the old urban area, and solve the traffic congestion problems in the central area; the western expansion is to adjust the protection scope of water sources, plan and utilize the space in the west of the city, and lay out and construct relevant functional blocks; the southern defense is to ensure the safety Taking flood as the bottom line, we should implement the Dali River flood control project and return the city to the river; the northern governance is to implement the comprehensive ecological management project of the northern part of the county city, and build a park around the mountain; the medium optimization is to optimize the management and environment of the urban built-up area. Complete the special planning and detailed planning of the area. Plan the construction of public parking lot, public toilet, public green space and wetland park.

The second is to build a fine county. To ensure the safety of the county during the flood season, 4.4 km of new dikes, 5.5 km of river channel dredging in the county section, demolition of 7 flood blocking and overflow bridges, and reconstruction of Yuejin channel, so as to raise the flood control capacity of the county to the standard of once in 30 years. The comprehensive treatment project of "three ditches" in urban area was launched. Optimize the layout of underground pipe network, implement the rainwater and sewage diversion project in the county, and build 1.7 km flood discharge tunnel and 8.5 km sewage pipe network. Support the provincial water affairs group to transform the water purification plant and urban water supply network. The project of capacity expansion and reconstruction of waste treatment plant and upgrading of sewage treatment plant were carried out in the county. Smooth internal and external road network, new 8 municipal roads, 307 National highway transit line project completed and opened to traffic. We will carry out the project of upgrading the county seat, complete the construction of county exhibition hall and exhibition, implement the construction of archives and other venues, and complete the lighting projects of the East-West gate, yangbeishan, main street and high-rise building facade of the county. Start the relocation project of county meteorological station. Miaojiaping resettlement house was delivered for use.

Third, accelerate the construction of small towns. In accordance with the requirements of "each exhibition's characteristics, complementary functions and integrated development", we will promote the construction of small towns with "one principal, one subsidiary, one axis and two belts". Complete the small town construction project of Matigou, improve the water supply and drainage, sewage treatment and other supporting facilities, and create a sub center of the county. We will promote the construction of laojundian as a city and a town, complete the resettlement housing, old street reconstruction, community service center and sewage treatment plant, and create a new highland of comprehensive services in Nanchuan. We will accelerate the construction of small towns such as zhoujiajian, peijiawan, Huaining Bay, sanchuankou and Dianshi, and focus on cultivating regional high-standard agricultural service and agricultural products trade distribution centers. The construction of class II Highway from sanyanquan to Hejiaji was completed, and the construction of class III Highway from sanhuangmao to guayuanzewan was started.

The fourth is to strengthen the fine management of urban and rural areas. The comprehensive law enforcement bureau of the city should be started and operated to consolidate the achievements of urban construction. We will thoroughly carry out the "ten major" special rectification actions in the county, and resolutely reduce the stock of illegal buildings and curb the increment. Promote the fine operation of environmental sanitation to extend to the back streets and alleys, urban-rural junction and other areas. We will carry out major urban and rural environmental renovation, promote urban-rural linkage, and strengthen the management of town appearance and market. Organize and carry out County flood control emergency drills to improve the people's awareness of disaster prevention, mitigation and avoidance and the ability of self-help and mutual rescue.

(5) Efforts should be made to ensure and improve people's livelihood. We should adhere to the principle that investment in people's livelihood should only be increased but not reduced, and that people's livelihood should not be reduced. We should ensure that children have education, learning and teaching, income from work, medical care for the sick, security for the elderly, housing and support for the weak.

One is to promote the revitalization and development of education. The education work conference of the whole county was held. We should make education satisfactory to the people as a firm goal, take the establishment of provincial "double high and double general" counties as the starting point, grasp the reform, break through the difficult problems, and make up the weak points, so as to promote the breakthrough and development of education. We should strengthen the construction of "two teams", carry out the reform of headmaster's rank system, implement the system of headmaster's report to the people, and let the society evaluate the education satisfaction; implement the project of training famous teachers, recruit 120 teachers, and enhance teachers' professional happiness. We should cultivate good school spirit, teacher style and study style, strengthen students' moral education, and effectively improve education ecology. We should explore the mechanism of cooperation in running schools, actively introduce the cooperation of famous schools, create brand schools, and promote the development of education in the whole county through demonstration. We will implement the third round of three-year action plan for preschool education, speed up the construction of key educational projects, and open the vocational training building.

The second is to implement the healthy Zizhou action. The meeting of healthy Zizhou was held. We will support the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to create a second-class hospital and run a special specialty of traditional Chinese medicine. Transform Macha, huaishucha and Guayuan zewan health centers to promote the standardized operation of village clinics. We will implement the project of "invigorating medicine and strengthening technology", solidify the achievements of supporting doctors in top three hospitals in Shandong Province, strengthen personnel training, technical exchange and medical cooperation, and strive to improve the level of diagnosis and treatment. The project of "mobile intelligence + health poverty alleviation" was implemented, and the remote consultation system of county and township hospitals was opened. We should strengthen public health education and management, conscientiously carry out family doctor contract services and public health services, and enhance the ability of the Centers for Disease Control and prevention of infectious diseases. Continuously improve the quality of family planning services. Do a good job in the early stage of the construction of public health service building.

Third, strengthen employment services. A total of 18.09 million people were difficult to find jobs. We will carry out the "spring breeze action" in a down-to-earth manner, hold special job fairs, actively develop public welfare posts, and promote multi-channel employment of college graduates and other youth groups and migrant workers. Improve the integration mechanism of training resources and improve the pertinence and effectiveness of training. Set up Xi'an and Jiangdu labor transfer and employment service stations to effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers.

Fourth, improve the social security system. A multi-level social security system covering the whole people, balancing urban and rural areas, clear rights and responsibilities, appropriate security and sustainability should be established. We will complete the tasks of the national insurance program and realize the full coverage. We will improve the standard of urban and rural minimum living allowances, strictly implement the dynamic management measures for minimum living allowances, and effectively solve the problem of household insurance. We should link up medical and civil affairs policies, and resolutely prevent poverty caused by illness and return to poverty due to illness. We will implement policies such as assistance, preferential care and charity, improve the care and service system for rural left behind children and women, the elderly, and families who have lost their only child, and strengthen rehabilitation services for disabled people. Establish emergency rescue system for sudden natural disasters. The civil affairs comprehensive service building will be opened. We will accelerate the establishment of a housing system with multi-agent supply, multi-channel security, and simultaneous rent and purchase.

The fifth is to implement the project of benefiting the people through culture. We will issue opinions on promoting the development of cultural industry, encourage the creation of excellent literary and artistic works, complete the shooting of lizizhou documentary, and inherit and protect intangible cultural heritage. Efforts should be made to create a civilized county, actively cultivate and practice the socialist core values, promote the construction of social morality, professional ethics, family virtues and personal morality, and continue to carry out the "ten major creation", "ten carriers" and "civilized etiquette decimal activities". We will continue to carry out the January 1st activities, organize festival culture, square culture, community culture, cultural performance, and nationwide reading. We will extensively carry out the nationwide fitness campaign and fully support children's sports schools to create "Shaanxi Province county-level demonstration sports schools". We should improve the ability of radio and television news gathering and editing, and improve the power, influence and credibility of news and public opinion. To create a clean cyberspace.

The people's yearning for a better life is our goal. This year, we will continue to do ten things for people's Livelihood: first, accelerate the transformation project of shantytowns in Zhangzhai, emaoyu and material company's family area, so that the affected people can move into new houses as soon as possible; second, implement the project of banning the burning of bituminous coal and gasification in the urban villages and suburban villages such as Yao jiabian, so as to improve the living conditions of the residents; third, to build a small and four small towns To build a high standard brand demonstration school; to standardize the bus operation and optimize the bus line to ensure that the main street of the city can see the bus for 10 minutes to facilitate people's travel; the fifth is to complete the relocation of bus station to relieve the traffic pressure in the county; the sixth is to complete the water diversion project of wanggedu reservoir to comprehensively improve the drinking water quality of county residents; the seventh is to plan and build six public toilets in the county to facilitate people's day The eighth is to plan and build county libraries, swimming pools and sports centers to improve the quality of life of residents; the ninth is to send 2000 films to the countryside to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the grassroots; the tenth is to create a provincial food safety county to ensure the safety of the people's tongue. In addition to doing a good job in these work, as long as the problems are strongly reflected by the masses, we will pay close attention to them and solve them in time.

(6) We will systematically promote the construction of ecological civilization. Adhere to the ecological county, practice the concept of green water and green mountains is the golden mountain and silver mountain, let Zizhou always have blue sky, clear water and fresh air.

First, promote green development. We will promote the industrial model of house feeding, biogas and fruit recycling, and develop labor-intensive, low-energy consumption agricultural and sideline products processing industry and clean energy industry. We should cultivate and strengthen energy-saving and environmental protection industries, promote green buildings and building materials, and develop prefabricated buildings. We should actively develop wetland resources, build a demonstration area for ecological development of Dianshi dam, and cultivate and develop a number of pilot projects for effective integration of rural tourism and ecological protection. We should advocate green lifestyles, extensively carry out conservation oriented institutions, green families, green schools, green communities, and green travel, so as to promote energy conservation and water conservation for all.

Second, strengthen ecological construction. With the establishment of a national forest city as the starting point, we will carry out the large-scale greening of the land, complete the afforestation of 10000 mu of three North shelterbelts and other projects, implement the urban greening projects of two mountains, parks and roads in the county, strengthen the greening and management and protection of rural roads, and extensively carry out greening around villages and farmyards. We will strengthen the responsibilities of river directors at all levels, carry out river regulation, ecological management, disaster prevention and mitigation, and carry out large-scale greening of the banks of Dali River, Xiaoli River and Huaining river. We will strengthen mountain closure and grazing prohibition, and protect the achievements of returning forests to grasslands and economic forests. The water and soil loss area of 90 square kilometers has been controlled by comprehensive measures such as changing slope into terraces, returning farmland to forest and grassland, economic forest, and building warping dams. Start the preliminary work of flood detention project in the upper reaches of the county.

Third, strengthen ecological supervision. We should strengthen the "party and government responsibility" and "one post and two responsibilities" for environmental protection in villages and towns, strengthen the main responsibility of township ecological supervision, strictly implement the negative list of industrial access to key ecological function areas, and resolutely stop and punish illegal acts that damage the ecological environment. Extend the scope of mechanized road cleaning in urban areas, and implement dust control measures at construction sites. We will promote the elimination of old and old cars and yellow label cars. Ban the direct sewage discharge outlets in the urban section of Dali River. We should guide livestock and poultry breeding to select reasonable sites, encourage comprehensive utilization of straw, implement zero growth action of chemical fertilizer and pesticide, and effectively control agricultural non-point source pollution.

(7) Strengthen and innovate social governance. To coordinate relations, regulate social behavior, solve social problems, resolve social contradictions, promote social equity and justice, respond to social risks, and maintain stability as the basic tasks, comprehensively promote the construction of Pingan Zizhou.

First, strengthen community governance. We should promote the construction of information technology, expand the community service. We must rely on and organize residents to participate in community governance. Village level general election should be organized in accordance with the law. After withdrawing the village and supporting it, we should work together. We should strengthen the construction of social psychological service system and cultivate a social mentality of self-esteem, self-confidence, rational peace and positive.

Second, keep the safety bottom line. We will strictly implement the responsibility system for safe production, strengthen the main responsibility of enterprises, the responsibility of territorial management and the responsibility of department supervision, strengthen the source control, and do a good job in the investigation and treatment of hidden dangers. We will step up efforts to crack down on non-governmental violations in key industries and resolutely curb major and extraordinarily serious safety accidents. We should focus on the safety of road traffic, hazardous chemicals and urban operation, strengthen the management of geological hazards, and strengthen the public safety management of major activities, holidays and crowded places. We will further improve the ability of emergency response and revise and improve various emergency plans.

Third, strengthen the responsibility of maintaining stability of letters and visits. We will standardize the procedures for handling letters and visits according to law, improve the mechanism of interest expression, consultation and communication, administrative adjudication and relief, and carry out the action of "clearing the warehouse and finding the bottom" of the accumulated cases of letters and visits. Construction of township video interview system. We will implement the responsibility system of "who enforces the law and popularize the law", and carry out in-depth publicity and education on law popularization during the "Seventh Five Year Plan". We should do a good job in assessing the risks of social stability and strengthen the early warning, investigation and resolution of social conflicts and disputes.

Fourth, crack down on crimes. We will carry out a large-scale special campaign against gangsters and evils. We will crack down on the villains and villains who are hated by the masses, such as villains, villains, and family evil forces. We will also crack down on the evil behaviors such as interfering with the change of the village level, interfering with the poverty alleviation and the appraisal of the minimum living standard, as well as extorting projects, obstructing work with malice, and asking exorbitant prices. We will strengthen the construction of a three-dimensional social security prevention and control system, promote the "bright" pilot project, resolutely win the three-year people's war on drug control, and maintain a high-pressure situation of cracking down on all kinds of illegal crimes. We should strengthen the standardization of the public security forces and improve their law enforcement capabilities.

(8) Promote reform and opening up in depth. We should find out the focal points and breakthrough points of reform in various fields, "self revolution, blade inward", continue to increase the weight, and try our best to break the institutional and institutional barriers restricting development.

First, we should deepen the reform of "releasing, managing and servicing". The county and provincial committees should undertake the ten items of reform and improve their ability to carry out the tasks independently. We will launch the reform of "running once at most", strengthen the parallel examination and approval management of government affairs halls, and promote the decentralization of department powers to the window. We will deepen the reform of the commercial system and promote the integration of multiple certificates, simple cancellation, electronic business license and enterprise registration. We should actively explore the convenient service mechanisms such as online settlement and door-to-door service. We should explore the mixed ownership economic model and cultivate a variety of market economic entities. Establish industry development guidance fund to explore and promote PPP mode in agricultural production and operation and cultural industry. We should establish a financial settlement system that adapts to the performance of the work, and strive for a matching incentive system for funds.

The second is to promote opening up and development. We will continue to hold the apple picking festival in mountainous areas and the "four famous mountains" cycling Invitational race, so as to continuously enhance Zizhou's influence and attraction. With the opportunity of counterpart cooperation between Jiangsu and Shaanxi, we should deepen the exchange and interaction with Jiangdu district. Strengthen cooperation with scientific research institutions to promote the local transformation and utilization of scientific and technological achievements. Support the development of foreign trade economy and strive for zero breakthrough in export in the county.

The third is to implement the national entrepreneurship strategy. The county wide business conference was held, policies were issued to support the development of private economy. Efforts were made to break the constraints of capital, technology, land, investment and financing system, etc., to stimulate and protect entrepreneurship, to promote the private economy to a higher level and wider fields, and to set off a new round of nationwide entrepreneurship boom. We will build a nationwide business incubation base to support the healthy growth of small and micro start-ups. Support the work station of Zizhou in the whole region to carry out activities and build an entrepreneurial exchange and cooperation platform. We will implement the policy of awarding and subsidizing the city's Direct stores of excellent and special agricultural products, and let the agricultural products of Zizhou mountain areas enter the families of big cities. We will introduce "ten actions" to comprehensively optimize and improve the business environment, effectively reduce links, optimize processes, reduce time limit, and improve efficiency. We will strive to create a legalized and convenient business environment, run well platforms for people's and online governance, and strive to build a new "Pro Qing" political and business relationship.

(9) We should focus on the construction of a clean and efficient government. We should further strengthen the "four senses" and firmly respond to the Party Central Committee's advocacy, resolutely implement its decisions, and resolutely refuse to do what the Party Central Committee forbids.

We will continue to perform our duties according to law and strive to build a government ruled by law. We should enhance the awareness of the Constitution and law, and consciously accept the supervision of the people's Congress according to law and the democratic supervision of the CPPCC. We will strictly implement the legal procedures for major administrative decisions, and improve the system of public participation and expert consultation. We will vigorously improve the quality and efficiency of administrative reconsideration, administrative response to litigation and administrative adjudication. We will promote the openness of government affairs, expand and protect the masses' right to know, to participate, to express and to supervise.

With perseverance and tenacity on the road, we should continue to do a good job in style construction and strive to build a clean government. We will firmly carry out the education on the theme of "never forget the original intention and keep in mind the mission", and implement the requirement of strictly administering the party in an all-round way. We will implement the detailed rules for the implementation of the eight Central regulations, keep a close eye on the new problems and new trends of the "four styles", resolutely correct the new manifestations of formalism and bureaucracy, and resolutely prevent unhealthy tendencies from rebounding, resurgence and hidden variation. We will strictly rectify the corruption problems that occur around the masses, and make clean and honest political work and upright officials become the bright background of government work.

We should earnestly improve the executive power and strength, and strive to build an efficient government. We will continue to start with the leading cadres of the government, vigorously streamline meetings and documents, and hold regular work arrangements in the form of video conferences, so as to spare more energy for departments and towns to implement. We should severely punish the departmentalism of "I am the master of my territory" and enhance the sense of responsibility and cooperation of "I must be responsible for meritorious work". We will strengthen the follow-up audit of the implementation of major policies and measures, and pay close attention to the audit and rectification of problems found. With a view to the excellent environment, we will resolutely carry out the three major rectification measures, namely, the special struggle for the elimination of underworld and evil, the great improvement of urban and rural environment, and the centralized rectification of cadres' work style, so as to let the cadres and the masses of the county see obvious changes, enhance their confidence in development and obtain more tangible benefits. We should improve the target management and work implementation mechanism, establish accounts at the beginning of the year, audit accounts in the middle of the year, and hand in accounts at the end of the year in accordance with the objectives and tasks set in the government work report, so as to make sure that what you say will be done, what you promise will be done, and what you will do will be achieved.

Ladies and gentlemen, the times are the paper makers, we are the respondents, and the people are the readers. Let us conscientiously carry out Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics under the firm leadership of the county Party committee, unite and rely on the people of the county, remember the original intention, remember the mission, work hard and forge ahead, and strive to produce a reply that satisfies the people's satisfaction in the new journey of strives to create the beautiful and happy strength of China's sub continent.

Explanation of terms

Ten offices and three groups: industry Poverty Alleviation Office, employment and entrepreneurship, ecological poverty alleviation, migration and relocation, dilapidated housing transformation, education, health, social security, social poverty alleviation, and intellectual support; and three poverty alleviation coordination groups: infrastructure construction and public service coordination group, fund guarantee coordination group, and cadre management coordination group.

Four teams: the first secretary, the poverty alleviation team, the cadres stationed in the village and the leading groups of the two village committees.

Five families and ten stars: the county Party committee and the county government carried out the selection and commendation activities for the "hard-working and rich family, the environmental health home, the filial piety and love family home, the family of teaching children and the family of uniting the neighborhood". The event is held once a year. The same family can only select one item each year, with one star in mind. In the second year, the same prize will be given to two stars. In addition, the same family will be awarded the title of "Ten Star civilized household" if the same award reaches 10 stars year by year.

Double random and one open: refers to the random selection of inspection objects in the supervision process, random selection of law enforcement inspectors, and timely disclosure of the results of random inspection and investigation.

"Three orders" management refers to the implementation of supervision task notice, tracking supervision sheet and task cancellation list management.

"3 + X" assistance system: refers to a work carried out by Shaanxi Province in order to further boost poverty alleviation. "3" refers to the state-owned enterprises, higher education system and medical and health care system; "X" refers to the assistance from industries, employment, technology, talents, training and other aspects. The state-owned enterprises that help our county are Yuneng investment and Shaanxi coal group, Xijing university is the University, and Xingyuan hospital is the hospital.

Three products and one standard: three products refer to pollution-free agricultural products, green food and organic agricultural products, and one standard refers to geographical indications of agricultural products.

Medicine and food homology: refers to the part of animals and plants (including food raw materials, spices and condiments) that have traditional eating habits and are listed in the national standard of Chinese herbal medicine. Generally speaking, it refers to both food and medicine of traditional Chinese medicine.

One is the county seat, the other is Matigou Town, the other is the urban development axis along the eastern line, and the two belts are the urban and rural coordinated development zones along Dali River Basin and Huaining river.

Ten special rectification measures: to carry out the rectification actions such as disorderly parking of vehicles, road occupation, environmental sanitation, illegal construction control, outdoor advertising, dust pollution, noise pollution, lampblack control, agricultural trade market, passenger transport market, etc., to create a "clean, green and orderly" good environment for the general public.

Spring breeze action: initiated by the Ministry of labor and social security of the people's Republic of China, it aims to help migrant workers to achieve employment, including providing employment opportunities for migrant workers, protecting their legitimate rights and interests, and rectifying labor agencies.

"Ten actions" to optimize and improve the business environment refer to the measures and measures to put forward clear quantitative objectives and achieve objectives for the construction of business environment from eight aspects, including the establishment of enterprises, the handling of construction permits, access to water, electricity and heating, real estate registration, credit, tax payment, cross-border trade and investment facilitation, cost reduction, and business environment monitoring and evaluation as well as strengthening supervision and examination Law.