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Report on the Work of the Government——February 21, 2019

Report on the Work of the Government

Delivered at the fourth session of the 18th people's Congress of Zizhou County on February 21, 2019

 Ye Qinglong,Mayor of the People’s Government of Zizhou County

Fellow Deputies,

Now, on behalf of the people's Government of the county, I would like to report on our work to the people's Congress of the people's Republic of China for your deliberation, and I also invite members of the CPPCC Committee of the county and those present as nonvoting delegates to give their opinions.

i. Review of work in 2018

In 2018, the whole county took Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics as guidance, firmly established "Four Consciousnesses", firmly "four self-confidence", resolutely "two maintenance", took the overall situation of economic and social development with the aim of tackling poverty and tackling poverty, and closely focused on the three key points of precision poverty alleviation, post disaster reconstruction and catching up with China, and paid close attention to the three aspects of eliminating the evil and eliminating the evil, the urban and rural environment and the style of cadres. Governance means that economic development moves forward under pressure, making progress while maintaining stability. The total output value was 6.36 billion yuan, an increase of 9.1%; the fixed assets investment at the county level was 4.7 billion yuan, an increase of 30.6%; the total retail sales of consumer goods was 0.99 billion yuan, an increase of 14.2%; the local fiscal revenue was 129 million yuan, an increase of 16.6%; the income of urban residents was 25198 yuan, an increase of 8.4%; the income of rural residents was 9713 yuan, an increase of 9.4%.

Let us feel excited: the quality of development is higher! All the major economic indicators were over fulfilled. The growth rate of GDP, fixed asset investment, total retail sales of consumer goods and income of urban and rural residents were all higher than the average level of the whole city, achieving the best performance since the 13th five year plan. Let us be deeply encouraged is: the development stamina is more sufficient! In addition, the water supply industry group established the first batch of 80 million mu of water supply industry group of Shaanxi Province, and the water supply industry group of shaanmu county and shuohuo group was established as the first group of water supply industry group of Shaanxi Province. What we are quite gratified is that the post disaster reconstruction has been accelerated! 51 post disaster reconstruction projects have been started, with an investment of 840 million yuan; flood control standards in county towns have been raised to once in 30 years; and all urban and rural power supply systems have been restored. Let us be full of joy: the masses get more benefits! The poverty population in the county has been reduced to 5371, the incidence of poverty has been reduced to 1.93%, and the per capita annual income of poor households has reached 5200 yuan; the main projects of No.1 Primary School, No.4 primary school and No.2 Middle School have been completed, and 31 weak schools have been reconstructed; the county hospital and the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine have been successfully established as grade II grade A hospitals, and the Health Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council has been praised by the National Health Commission and the Poverty Alleviation Office of the State Council. Let us be full of self-confidence: the sense of security of the masses is stronger! Zizhou has been rated as "advanced county of safe construction of the whole province" for three consecutive years, and the satisfaction rate of social security ranks first in the city.

1. Decisive progress has been made in poverty alleviation. A total of 417 million yuan was invested, 63 poor villages were withdrawn, and 22472 people from 7364 households were lifted out of poverty. Industrial poverty alleviation focuses on the combination of "short, easy and fast" and "long-term benefits", and cashes 71.81 million yuan of funds to each household. With an investment of 130 million yuan, 168 people drinking water projects have been built, 108 kilometers of "oil return sand" and "short board" projects have been completed, and 47 villages have been provided with power and power supply projects. 25 photovoltaic power stations are connected to the grid for power generation. 359 households with 1500 people were relocated and 722 dilapidated houses were reconstructed. More than 90% of the poverty-stricken population's hospitalization reimbursement in the county. 5.35 million yuan for 8532 poor students. 5478 people were provided with classified insurance, and 1106 people from 811 households were gradually retired. The "3 + X" assistance system has been put into full force, and the National Health Commission has made targeted poverty alleviation, the provincial education department's "two links and one package" poverty alleviation and the cooperation between Jiangsu and Shaanxi have achieved remarkable results, forming a strong social poverty alleviation joint force.

2.  Agricultural benefits in mountainous areas have been steadily released. On the basis of increment, the leading industries pay more attention to quality improvement. The added value of primary industry is 1.65 billion yuan, ranking the second in the city. The area of walnut and apple reached 300000 Mu and 218000 Mu respectively. Zizhou Huangqi was selected into the list of "the top ten Qin medicines in Shaanxi", and the area of traditional Chinese medicine reached 200000 mu. We should actively adjust the planting structure of Sichuan water field and develop 2450 mu of field vegetables. We will promote the adjustment of breeding structure, introduce 2000 superfine cashmere goats, and vigorously develop the breeding of mutton sheep and beef cattle. We have strengthened the prevention and control of African swine fever and other diseases. The "strategic plan for Rural Revitalization" has been compiled to create 16 demonstration villages. The "three year action plan for rural human settlement environment improvement" was formulated, and township sanitation stations were set up, and the human settlements in 91 villages were centralized.

3. New driving forces for development accelerated growth. The added value of the second industry was 2.2 billion yuan, an increase of 6.7%. In the whole year, industrial enterprises invested 38 million yuan in technological transformation, and 6 enterprises were included in the "four top enterprises". It has exploited 810 million cubic meters of natural gas, 110000 tons of liquefied natural gas and 540000 tons of clean coal. Yongxing coal mine is under construction and has been driven to the coal seam. The added value of the three industries was 2.51 billion yuan, ranking the third in the city. The national demonstration project of e-commerce in rural areas was approved, and the fund was 15 million yuan. The memorial hall of nostalgia has been built in the filial piety culture scenic area, and the folk custom exhibition hall of Xifeng Temple scenic area has been completed and opened. National entrepreneurship is more pragmatic, with 824 newly registered individual businesses, 64 cooperatives and 225 enterprises. The added value of the non-public economy was 3.8 billion yuan, accounting for 60% of GDP. Foreign investment of 1.6 million US dollars was utilized to achieve zero breakthrough in foreign trade and export. Objective evaluation of the implementation of the 13th five year plan in the middle term has been carried out, and the later implementation plan has been worked out.

4. Post disaster reconstruction is in full swing. The master plan of the county seat has been submitted to the provinces and cities for approval, and 17 special plans for flood control, water and soil conservation and ecological control have been compiled. Xiaohegou, fengjiagou and hejiagou dredging and reconstruction projects were carried out, and the sewage interception and reconstruction projects of DUJIAGOU, Suqu and Shigou were completed, and the urban drainage and sewage pipe network was dredged. According to the concept of flexible water control, the river embankment from Zhangzhai to gaoqu was built, and three levee gaps in the urban area were blocked. 10.41 million yuan of relief funds were issued, benefiting 31000 people. We will pay 18.11 million yuan for the construction and renovation of houses after the disaster, so as to ensure that the people affected by the disaster have safe houses. We will start the early stage work for the reconstruction of Zhangzhai post disaster resettlement houses and the old family houses of emeiyu and material companies. Supply 225 mu of construction land and demolish 12000 square meters of illegal buildings.

5. The well-being of people's livelihood has continued to improve. We strengthened the fine management of the school, trained 1800 principals and teachers, and recruited 108 special post teachers. The comprehensive management of public security in and around the campus has been normalized, and the schools in urban areas are equipped with security guards and school doctors. We deepened the cooperation between vocational education center and full-time colleges, and enrolled 248 students. The main body of the comprehensive building of the county hospital was completed, and 4 township health centers such as Zhuanmiao were transformed, and 21 village clinics were put into use. 50 medical and technical personnel were recruited. There were 1824 new urban jobs and 62000 labor service exports. We have completed all the insured tasks. We will earnestly implement the policy of caring for the disabled, the elderly left behind, women and children. We will carry out information collection for ex servicemen and other preferential care objects. The civil affairs comprehensive service building was completed, including 11 happy homes and 7 rural community service centers. The Miaojiaping cultural and Sports Center was completed and put into use, and the main body of the county exhibition hall was completed. Construction of gymnasium and natatorium began. The national mountain bike Invitational Competition and "autumn charm of Loess · drunken Meizizhou" photography masters gathering activities were held. Radio and television acquisition and broadcasting equipment and capacity have been improved in an all-round way. 76 pieces of news information about Zizhou have been pushed to the central media, and the documentary film "Li Zizhou" has passed the sample examination. In the 16th Provincial Games, 14 Zizhou athletes won the championship.

6. Environmental protection has been strengthened in an all-round way. The implementation opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening ecological environment protection and the responsibility list of county level leaders were issued. We have completed the task of environmental protection supervision and rectification in central and provincial level, and launched 17 key battles of environmental pollution prevention and control. Three large-scale farms in the forbidden area will be relocated. Strictly implement the responsibility system of river directors and ban 24 sewage outlets into the river. We have strengthened urban water spraying, dust suppression and cleaning, equipped with 10 sprinklers, dry sweepers and cleaning trucks, and carried out special dust control on construction sites. 128 cooking fume facilities were transformed, 61 coal-fired boilers were replaced, and 1184 households were converted from coal to gas. 11 "scattered pollution" enterprises were managed. Taking the establishment of provincial forest city as the starting point, 34000 square meters of green space were restored in the urban area after the disaster. Four ecological comprehensive control projects, including Tianshan canal, Xiaohegou, Baijiagou and Dali River, have been implemented, covering an area of 92.7 square kilometers.

7. Social governance has achieved remarkable results. Five key operations of safety production were carried out, and no major accident occurred in the county. Comprehensively strengthen and improve the level of food and drug safety supervision. We have carried out a solid campaign against gangsters and evils, and cracked 257 criminal cases. The "snow project" was carried out, and 628 small video probes were installed. The activities of "investigation of contradictions and disputes, resolution of accumulated cases of letters and visits, and great rectification of social order" were carried out. The number of visits to Beijing to provinces and cities decreased year on year. We actively prevented and resolved financial risks and cleared and resolved 110 million yuan of non-performing loans.

8. Solid steps have been taken in the reform. We have deepened the reform of "release, management and service", formulated 27 measures to optimize the business environment, and undertook 18 provincial and municipal approval items and cancelled 6 items. The reform plan of government institutions has been formulated, and the national and local taxes have been combined. We will comprehensively implement budget performance management and the "zero base" budget system. 188 rural economic cooperatives were set up to audit the property rights of the villages and the collective financial transactions were completed. The work of cleaning up and renovating the "greenhouse" has been carried out in depth.

In the past year, the county government performed its duties in accordance with the law and consciously accepted the legal supervision of the people's Congress and democratic supervision of the CPPCC. All 29 suggestions of NPC deputies and 64 proposals of CPPCC members were completed. We will earnestly respond to the hot issues raised by the people's questions about politics, netizens' posts and county magistrate's mailbox. Strengthen the audit rectification and give full play to the audit supervision function. We will further promote the building of a clean and honest government and the fight against corruption in the government system, persistently correct the "four styles", and pay close attention to "promoting reform with cases" and inspecting and inspecting the rectification work, so as to further improve the administrative efficiency.

In 2018, we had a solid and solid life, more difficulties than expected and better results than expected. This is the result of the correct leadership of the municipal Party committee, the municipal government and the county Party committee, the unity and struggle of the cadres and the masses in the county, and the strong support of all sectors of society. Here, on behalf of the county people's government, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all the cadres and masses in the county, to the deputies to the county people's Congress, CPPCC members, non party personages, to the armed police officers and soldiers stationed in Zizhou, public security officers and policemen, to retired cadres and all people from all walks of life who care about and support the cause of Zizhou's reform and development!

We are aware that there are still many problems in the development: the economic structure is not excellent, the new industry, new business form and new economic support capacity are insufficient, and the new kinetic energy has not yet formed; the task of reconstruction after the disaster is arduous, the infrastructure is in debt, the supply of public services and the demand for people's livelihood are still far from being met; the lack of supporting tax sources, severe fiscal revenue and expenditure situation, and the pressure on the protection of wages, transportation and transportation and people's livelihood is relatively high The business environment needs to be further optimized. The phenomenon of enterprises and the masses running in many ways and running repeatedly, and the low efficiency of the work still exists; a few public officials are not free of mind, have a strong sense of undertaking, lack of enterprising consciousness, lack of professional ability, professional quality and professional spirit, and the ability to solve the problems by means of marketization, legalization and reform needs to be improved. We will take strong measures to solve this problem.

ii. Goals and work arrangements for 2019

After 40 years of hard work and unremitting efforts in reform and opening up, we stand at a new historical starting point of building a beautiful and happy Zizhou and realizing the great Chinese dream. With the increasing support of the state to the western region and the old revolutionary base areas, the basic conditions for the development of our county are becoming more and more complete, the guarantee of essential factors is constantly enhanced, and many new kinetic energy is growing faster and faster. As long as we maintain strategic determination and face difficulties, we will certainly be able to show new achievements at a new starting point and create new achievements in the new journey. This year is the decisive year for our county to take off the poor hat and win the decisive battle. It is the key year for building a well-off society in an all-round way. The general requirements of the government work are: in the guidance of Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics, we will fully implement the Party's nineteen and nineteen second, Third Plenary Session, and China's provincial and municipal policies and arrangements, and promote the overall layout of the "five in one" as a whole, and coordinate and promote the "four comprehensive". The strategic layout should adhere to the general keynote of seeking progress in stability, take poverty alleviation as the guidance, and comprehensively and strictly govern the party as the main line, and do a good job in the five major events of catching up and surpassing, ecological protection, urban and rural planning, livelihood Protection and social management, make good use of the "three mechanisms" and the "baton" of target responsibility assessment, and strive to create a new situation of beautiful and happy Zizhou construction in an innovative era To greet the 70th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China with outstanding achievements.

The main expected targets are: to achieve a GDP of 6.84 billion yuan, an increase of 7.5%; to achieve a county level fixed asset investment of 5.5 billion yuan, an increase of 17%; the total retail sales of consumer goods 1.1 billion yuan, an increase of 11%; local fiscal revenue of 138 million yuan, an increase of 7%; the income of urban residents is 27365 yuan, an increase of 8.6%; the income of rural residents is 10587 yuan, an increase of 9%. In order to achieve the above goals, we must not underestimate the difficulties, and we must enhance our drive. We should fully implement the eight character policy of "consolidating, strengthening, upgrading and unblocking" of the Central Committee, earnestly enhance the sense of mission and the spirit of responsibility, fully prepare for hard battles, attack fortresses and overcome difficulties, and concentrate on the affairs of Zizhou. We should focus on eight aspects of work.

1.  We should concentrate our efforts to overcome difficulties and resolutely win the battle of poverty alleviation. Benchmarking "577" to achieve the "12345" goal. First, income: the per capita annual income of poor households is 5500 yuan, which accounts for the proportion of the per capita disposable income of rural residents in the county, which is higher than the level in 2018; second, there is no worry about food and clothing; third, the security of compulsory education, basic medical care and housing is guaranteed; fourth, the incidence of poverty in the whole county must be controlled within 1%, and the accurate identification rate and accurate exit rate of poor households must be more than 95%, The satisfaction of the masses must be more than 90%; five hundred percent: electric power to households, safe drinking water, cement roads to villages, collective economy in poverty-stricken villages, and problem rectification up to 100%. 10 registered poverty-stricken villages were withdrawn with high quality, and 2334 people from 1105 households were lifted out of poverty, and 78 poverty-stricken villages and 18400 poor households that had been withdrawn were consolidated and upgraded.

One is to optimize the organization system for tackling key problems. Establish an organization and command system with clear responsibilities, orderly division of labor, smooth government orders, vertical and horizontal linkage, efficient operation and responsibility backtracking. The county leading group for poverty alleviation and the county headquarters for poverty alleviation shall be operated together. The office of the leading group, the office of the headquarters and the Poverty Alleviation Office shall be integrated into one, and the functions of the Staff Department and command post of the Poverty Alleviation Office shall be strengthened. County level leaders perform their duties according to the division of responsibilities, and are fully responsible for the exit acceptance indicators. We should integrate poverty alleviation forces, strengthen the management of the "four teams", and establish an assessment mechanism with clear rewards and penalties. We will further carry out the activities of "learning, speaking and testing" on Poverty Alleviation Policies to ensure that poverty alleviation cadres at all levels have a clear understanding of the policies. We will solidly carry out the "ten to ten look" major labor competition for poverty alleviation, report comments monthly and quarterly, and report in line.

Second, we should pay close attention to poverty alleviation through industry. According to the "4 + X" industrial pattern, we will take "1 + n" measures to increase income. A total of 120 million yuan was allocated for the "three changes" reform, and 88 poor villages and 52 non poor villages were promoted. Invest 60 million yuan to set up poverty alleviation and development investment and financing company, and create more than five county-level poverty alleviation industrial parks. The dynamic management and assessment of 212 forest rangers were strengthened, and 9.17 million yuan of ecological benefit compensation fund was realized. A small loan of 20 million yuan was issued. Build a 5 MW Liancun photovoltaic power station. We should make use of counterpart and social poverty alleviation channels to play the role of consumption in poverty alleviation.

Third, we will comprehensively implement the policy of helping the poor and benefiting the people. Focusing on the pertinence and practicability of the training, the primary goal is to train local talents, train 500 walnut Apple technical experts, 200 Chinese medicine planting experts and 300 animal husbandry talents. We will support entrepreneurship and promote employment. We will implement policies such as tax and fee reduction, capital subsidies, site arrangements, business guarantee loans and interest discounts. We will develop one employment base and two community factories. We implemented the responsibility system of controlling dropouts and ensuring schooling, and delivered 58 disabled children to their homes. We will promote effective convergence between the minimum living standard security system and Poverty Alleviation Policies. We will implement the "four fold" medical insurance policy for urban and rural residents of the poor, including medical insurance, serious illness insurance, medical assistance, and comprehensive medical insurance, so as to ensure that the reimbursement of hospitalization expenses for the poor reaches more than 90%.

Fourth, efforts should be made to make up for the shortage of poverty alleviation. According to the principle that the project must follow the exit target of poor villages and follow the industry, 150 million yuan of infrastructure project funds will be allocated. We have completed the task of relocating 3496 people from 883 households in the 13th Five Year Plan period and transformed 125 dilapidated houses. We will implement the "six plus six" law to help the poor and support the will, and vigorously publicize the models of self-improvement and poverty alleviation. Standardize the operation of love supermarket. We should make full use of the "3 + X" assistance system, actively connect with and cooperate with the assistance units, enrich the forms of assistance and improve the actual effect. We should encourage private capital to invest in poverty alleviation projects and participate in poverty alleviation. Increase the registration of social poverty alleviation network app, and the demand docking rate will reach more than 80%. According to the principle of simplifying the complicated, standardize the file arrangement and realize the interconnection of data and information.

2.  We should strengthen the direction of agricultural modernization in mountainous areas and lay a solid foundation for Rural Revitalization. We should give priority to the development of agriculture and rural areas, take the implementation of Rural Revitalization Strategy as the starting point, accelerate the structural reform of agricultural supply side, and promote the continuous increase of farmers' income.

First, speed up the upgrading of agricultural products in mountainous areas. We will promote the establishment of national organic product demonstration counties and build 8 organic product demonstration bases. We will continue to strengthen the management and protection of fruit industry and constantly improve the efficiency of agricultural management. We will develop a walnut base of 30000 mu, and carry out walnut selection to adapt to local conditions. Taking fruit company as the leader, we will develop 20000 mu high standard apple base, promote 2000 mu orchard hail net and build 300 mu seedling breeding base. We will start the construction of fruit production and marketing service center, supporting logistics and trading center, fruit processing plant, 10000 tons of fruit warehouse, 3 production and marketing service stations and 13 production and marketing service points. We will vigorously promote the standardized planting technology of traditional Chinese medicine, apply for the national genuine medicine base, and develop 20000 mu of Chinese herbal medicine. We will support the construction of primary processing and storage bases for medicinal materials. We will strengthen technical guidance, steadily push forward the adjustment of planting structure in Sichuan Province, and develop facility agriculture and 10000 mu of field vegetables. The introduction and improvement of beef cattle and mutton sheep varieties were strengthened. Two beef cattle breeding farms and three mutton sheep breeding farms were built. The number of beef cattle and mutton sheep in the county reached 10000 and 34000 respectively. To speed up the construction of yingma'an breeding base, the number of superfine cashmere goats has reached 10000. Support the construction of forage industry system to ensure the healthy development of breeding industry. We will not slacken our efforts to prevent and control African swine fever and other animal diseases.

Second, the overall implementation of rural revitalization projects. The remaining 223 administrative villages are planned to be revitalized, and 6 municipal demonstration villages are built with high standards to maintain the continuity of the construction of demonstration villages. Complete the power and power supply project for every village. The improvement of rural living environment should be carried out from point to surface, focusing on garbage and sewage treatment, toilet revolution and village appearance improvement. The county and shuanghuyu, Matigou and Miaojiaping towns carried out pilot projects of environmental sanitation purchase socialization services. The integrated urban-rural waste treatment mode of "household classification, village collection, town transfer and county treatment" is implemented to guide rural residents to separate collection, reduce treatment and resource utilization, and effectively reduce the amount of centralized garbage collection and transportation. According to the residential density of villagers, the facilities such as garbage cans and transfer boxes should be reasonably allocated, village level cleaners should be equipped, and a long-term village cleaning system should be established. We will continue to promote the improvement of toilets in rural areas. We must control the non-agricultural conversion of agricultural land and resolutely curb the trend of disorderly piling, dumping, occupation and construction in rural areas.

The third is to innovate agricultural and rural systems and mechanisms. We will implement supporting measures for the reform of rural land ownership, contracting rights and management rights, and support the orderly transfer of land management rights. To strengthen the sense of responsibility of village cadres in developing industry, the economic benefits of village collective should be linked with the performance pay of village cadres. We should give full play to the role of agricultural leading enterprises and trade associations, vigorously cultivate new business entities such as family farms and farmers' cooperatives, and introduce them into the overall pattern of modern agricultural development. We will extensively carry out such actions as marriage and funeral, thrifty and simple marriage, cultivate civilized rural customs, good family customs and simple folk customs, and improve the level of rural civilization.

3.  We should vigorously support the development of private economy and accelerate the construction of modern industrial system. We will continue to revitalize the stock, expand the increment, enlarge the total volume and improve the quality, and unswervingly encourage, support and guide the development of the private economy.

One is to ensure the steady growth of the industrial economy. We will make every effort to promote the comprehensive utilization of kerosene and gas and strive to make a major breakthrough in resource development. We will standardize the order of oil and gas development, give full support to Changqing and Yanchang wells to expand production capacity. The natural gas production will reach 1 billion cubic meters, and strive to fully resume production of oil wells. Actively strive for gas consumption indicators, and increase the intensity of gasification in villages and towns. It produces 200000 tons of liquefied natural gas and 600000 tons of clean coal. Start the transformation of coal transportation line, complete the construction of Fengqu 110kV substation, and strive to build Yongxing coal mine into production. Accelerate the construction of Astragalus comprehensive development project of Tianqi biological company and put it into operation within the year. We will support agricultural and sideline products processing enterprises to develop into "specialized and special new products", and strive to cultivate a number of "small giants" and "single champion".

Second, smooth the circulation of national economy. Support for the implementation of logistics. Accelerate the construction of agricultural products processing, warehousing and logistics project in Huaining Bay. Completed the construction of national e-commerce demonstration county project, launched the county e-commerce service center, and developed 138 e-commerce service stations. Set up Zizhou Pavilion on Jingdong and tmall network platforms. In the west of the city, the wholesale and distribution center of agricultural products will be built, and in the east of the city, the agricultural market will be built mainly for fresh food, meat and wholesale and retail. We will set up centralized trading markets for agricultural products in central market towns such as laojundian, Matigou, zhoujiajian and Dianshi, and promote street management and stall management into the market. We will work out the tourism planning of the whole region, promote the construction of rural tourism projects such as yuanzeping, wohuwan and jiangxingzhuang, and further improve the supporting facilities of scenic spots.

The third is to promote the high-quality development of national entrepreneurship. We will introduce implementation opinions on speeding up the development of the private economy, establish a system of county-level leaders connecting with enterprises, support small and micro enterprises of growth type, and cultivate 10 "four top enterprises" according to "one enterprise and one policy". A special fund of 10 million yuan is planned to encourage the whole people to start their own businesses in accordance with the requirements of effective investment, market for products, profits for enterprises, income for employees and tax revenue for the government. Support the work station of Zizhou in the whole region to carry out activities and build an entrepreneurial exchange and cooperation platform. The Research Institute of Astragalus membranaceus was established, and the database of Zizhou Astragalus membranaceus was established. Two group standards, namely "technical specification for cultivation and processing of Zizhou Astragalus membranaceus" and "quality grade of Astragalus membranaceus in Zizhou" were published. We should actively build a new "Pro Qing" relationship between government and business, vigorously promote entrepreneurship, and create a good environment and provide more opportunities for the development of private economy.

Fourth, we should actively expand effective investment. According to the requirements of "pay attention to investment for continued construction projects, start-up projects for new projects, and put into operation for completed projects", strengthen the responsibility for project package and promotion. We strengthened coordination and scheduling, vigorously promoted the construction of 70 key projects, and completed an annual investment of 5.036 billion yuan. We have taken the initiative to connect with the new round of national policy trends and capital investment in the development of the western region. We have planned 50 projects focusing on poverty alleviation, post disaster reconstruction, improvement of people's livelihood, and short board packaging of infrastructure. We have made every effort to squeeze into the planning plate of central and provincial governments. In accordance with the requirements of "regional positioning, industrial orientation, personnel responsibility determination, and quantitative assessment", we strengthened the construction of investment promotion team, and achieved a new breakthrough in attracting investment by reaching 5 billion yuan. We should do a good job in the fourth national economic census and find out the family background accurately.

4.  adhere to the principle of paying equal attention to construction and management, and improve the level of livability and employment in cities. In accordance with the general requirements of "strengthening planning, reinforcing weaknesses, strict management, ensuring safety and improving quality", the authority and seriousness of the planning should be maintained, and the capacity and quality of the county seat should be promoted to comprehensively improve the construction and management level.

First, accelerate the construction of basic projects. New Zhangzhai and Wangzhuang bridges were built, and eight municipal road projects were implemented. The project of diverting rainwater and sewage from Shuanghu Road, Renmin Road and Dali road was started. Completed yaojiabian and emaoyu flood discharge projects. Start the construction of information building of water supply company and fully cooperate with the implementation of "three counties" water supply project in the city. The reconstruction and expansion of sewage treatment plant and extension of sewage pipe network are completed. Start the construction of construction waste landfill, and complete the PPP project of pyrolysis and gasification of municipal solid waste. Start the power supply project of urban ring network. The construction of the west section of the riverside park will be implemented. Vigorously promote the Zhangzhai resettlement housing and materials company's old family building, emaoyu shantytown reconstruction project.

Second, improve the level of fine management. Establish the idea that city creation is always on the way, so as to promote management improvement. We will increase efforts to create civilized counties, do a good job in the review of national health counties and provincial environmental protection model counties, and promote the linkage between urban and rural areas. We will carry out activities to improve the quality of urban management, and establish a street patrol system in which the director of environmental sanitation and municipal administration makes one-day inspection, the director of housing and urban construction makes a weekly inspection, and the county magistrate in charge of the inspection once a month. Carry out the construction of civilized construction site to avoid power failure, water cut-off, gas cut-off, communication and other accidents caused by construction. Strengthen the city appearance and professional market management. Issue the implementation opinions of community property management to standardize the community property management.

Third, strengthen planning control. We should strengthen the functions of the Urban Planning Committee and strictly implement the master plan of the county seat and the general plan of land use. We should do a good job in the third land survey. We will strive for the policy of linking the increase and decrease of construction land in urban and rural areas, increase the reclamation of old homesteads, reclaim 1286 mu of land, and supply 300 mu of construction land.

5.  Focus on enhancing people's sense of gain, and make every effort to ensure and improve people's livelihood. We will continue to do our best, do what we can, and do a good job in all aspects of people's livelihood.

One is to develop fair and quality education. In accordance with the requirements of development focusing on fairness, reform focusing on system and overall quality, a pilot scheme for the reform of management system and school running mode of newly-built schools has been issued. The implementation of fine management of teachers' salary and performance, the development of differentiated assessment and evaluation standards, more work, more pay, good performance and good pay, so that teachers have a sense of happiness in their posts, a sense of achievement in their career, and a sense of honor in society. We should strengthen the construction of Headmasters' team and constantly improve their professional knowledge and professionalism. To achieve the consolidation of school, teachers, parents moral responsibility, promote the healthy development of students, create a provincial "double high, double common" county.

Second, further promote the construction of healthy Zizhou. We will start the construction of national health promotion demonstration counties to comprehensively improve the health literacy and health level of urban and rural residents. We should promote the comprehensive reform of county-level public hospitals and implement the objective responsibility assessment of presidents. Reconstruction of county hospital outpatient building, new public health service building. We will carry out the pilot work of combining medical care with nursing care in TCM hospitals. We should consolidate the achievements of the assistance of tertiary hospitals and strive to improve the level of medical services. We should extensively carry out patriotic health campaign, strengthen the prevention and control of infectious diseases and chronic diseases, improve the level of reproductive services, and build a big health pattern with prevention as the main task.

The third is to implement a positive employment policy. We will strengthen employment guidance services, build a two-way employment selection platform for labor force and employing units through special job fairs such as "Jiangsu Shaanxi cooperation" and "spring breeze action", and resettle 1800 people with employment difficulties. We will implement policies such as small discount guaranteed loans for entrepreneurship, skills training, and transportation subsidies for the transfer of poor labor.

Fourth, improve the social security system. A multi-level social security system covering the whole people, balancing urban and rural areas, clear rights and responsibilities, appropriate security and sustainability should be established. We will strictly implement the minimum living allowance policy and effectively solve the problem of household insurance. We will implement policies such as assistance, preferential care and charity, improve the care and service system for rural left behind children and women, the elderly, and families who have lost their only child, and strengthen rehabilitation services for disabled people.

The fifth is to implement the project of benefiting the people through culture. We should encourage the creation of excellent literary and artistic works, inherit and protect intangible cultural heritage. We started the construction of County Library and archives, and completed the decoration and exhibition of county exhibition hall. We will start the construction of training centers for children's sports schools. We will extensively carry out national fitness campaign and actively prepare for the second national fitness games and Yulin Youth Championships. We should improve the power, influence and credibility of news and public opinion, and actively spread the good voice of Zizhou. Realize the digitization and high definition of TV station and radio station. Promote media integration and complete the construction of county financial media center. To create a clean cyberspace.

Ladies and gentlemen, the people's livelihood project is the heart warming project. This year, we will focus on the hot and difficult issues that the masses are most concerned about, and earnestly do a good job in the ten livelihood projects, so that the masses can enjoy more development achievements and reform dividends. The first is the project of benefiting the people through education. This year, new teaching buildings of No.1 Primary School, No.4 primary school and No.2 Middle School will be put into use to comprehensively alleviate the difficulty of enrollment and large class size in urban areas. Second, the project of health benefits the people. As soon as possible, the comprehensive building of county hospitals will be put into use, seven township national medical centers will be built, and the construction of public health service platform will be started. The role of village clinics, public health service teams and family contract services will be given full play to further solve the problem of difficulty for people to see a doctor. Third, rest assured table project, the county agricultural product quality and safety testing center was opened to ensure the safety of the masses. Fourth, safe drinking water project, transformation of county water purification plant, completion of urban water supply network expansion, restoration of Qingshuigou reserve water source, comprehensive improvement of urban water supply quality. The fifth is flood control safety project. The new Shigou river bank is 3.2km, and the Yuejin channel air shield dam is implemented to further improve the flood control capacity of the county. The sixth is to slow down the traffic congestion, transform Shuanghu street and Renmin Street, relocate bus stations, build a new urban parking lot and two farmers' markets, optimize bus routes, and effectively solve the problem of urban traffic congestion. The seventh is the environmental protection improvement project. The county sewage treatment plants and garbage landfills are transformed, and four township sewage treatment stations are built to improve the living environment. Eighth, the rural road standard improvement project, adhere to the "four good highway" standard, the new transformation of 100 km of rural road, supporting the construction of drainage, safety protection facilities and signboards, strive to improve the traffic capacity of rural roads. The ninth is the employment promotion project. We have built a professional talent service platform and market, and held 10 special job fairs. The employment rate of graduates has reached more than 90%, and the labor force has been transferred to 59000 people. Tenth, we will speed up the construction of probes in important parts, complex places and weak rural areas, build a video monitoring network system for county and township public security, and build a "fence" for public security prevention and control.

6.  We will systematically promote the construction of ecological civilization, and continue to fight the battle of pollution prevention and control. We should conscientiously implement Xi Jinping's thought of ecological civilization and implement the strictest environmental protection system in accordance with the principles of "protection priority, green development, problem orientation, strengthening governance, reform and innovation, supervision by law, party and government responsibility and the rule of the whole people".

The "four major battles" are good. Fight a good battle to defend the Castle Peak. We will create a provincial forest city, afforest 14000 mu of barren mountains, 1000 mu of surrounding mountains and 20 km of green roads. We will promote the systematic management of water, water, forest, farmland and grass dams, covering an area of 91 square kilometers. Fight the blue sky. Conscientiously implement the "ten atmospheric regulations" to ensure that the air index is fully up to standard. New air monitoring stations will be built, and dust-proof and fog gun trucks will be purchased to enhance the ability to deal with polluted weather. We will consolidate the achievements of dust control on construction sites and cover the bare land in urban areas. Encourage "coal to electricity" and "coal to gas", and increase the elimination of yellow label cars and old cars. Fight the battle of blue water. The phenomenon of "disorderly construction, disorderly drainage" and "disorderly construction and consolidation" of rivers at all levels. Strict management of water resources, shut down the self provided wells in the urban water covered area. To improve the ability of ecological development of rural wetland. Fight the battle of pure land. We will strengthen soil pollution control and remediation, and carry out special remediation of solid waste pollution prevention and control. Effectively control the use of chemical fertilizer and pesticide, and promote organic fertilizer.

Second, strengthen ecological supervision. We will implement the negative list of industry access in key ecological function zones. Delimit the forbidden and restricted breeding areas, implement the joint examination and filing system of large-scale farms, and prevent breeding pollution. We should create conservation oriented institutions, green families, green schools and green communities, and build an environment-friendly and resource-saving society. We will firmly implement the principle of "party and government sharing the same responsibility and one post with two responsibilities" in environmental protection, and strengthen the legal responsibility of producers for ecological and environmental protection.

7.  Based on co construction, CO governance and sharing, we should strengthen and innovate social governance. We should adhere to the basic tasks of solving social problems, resolving social contradictions, promoting social equity and justice, responding to social risks and maintaining stability, so as to further enhance the sense of security of the masses.

First, prevent and resolve major risks. An action plan was issued to prevent and resolve major risks. We should make good use of 300 million yuan of new government bonds and strictly control the hidden debts of the government. We will strengthen the main responsibility of financial institutions, increase the resolution of non-performing loans of banks, control the ratio of non-performing loans to less than 4%, and vigorously crack down on such behaviors as "Laolai", illegal fund-raising, malicious evasion and cancellation of debts, and debt owed by public servants. We will strengthen the construction of the social credit system, and implement the joint punishment for breach of credit and joint reward for keeping faith.

The second is to strengthen the comprehensive management of the community. Learn from "Fengqiao Experience" to explore the formation of Zizhou safe building mode. We should do a good job in "strengthening the foundation project" of grid service management in urban and rural communities, build an "all factor grid" integrating information collection and reporting, convenient service, conflict resolution, public security prevention and other functions, and expand community services. We should strengthen the construction of social psychological service system and cultivate a social mentality of self-esteem, self-confidence, rational peace and positive.

The third is to build a strong defense line of safety production. In accordance with the principles of "the party and the government share responsibilities, double responsibilities for one post, accountability for dereliction of duty" and "three musts", we should compact the responsibilities of all links in production safety, and improve the system for investigation and control of hidden dangers. We will strengthen public safety management in major events, holidays and crowded places. Strengthen the management and operation of township meteorological stations and village level meteorological information service stations. We should strengthen emergency management and enhance the ability of disaster prevention, mitigation and relief. We will strictly supervise the market of food, drugs, cosmetics and health care products, and carry out in-depth activities to create "assured consumption".

Fourth, we should pay close attention to the special struggle against the underworld and evil. It is necessary to crack down on the villains, villains and family evil forces that the masses detest. We should also crack down on the underworld and villain tyrants and family evil forces that the masses detest. We should also crack down on the underworld and evil behaviors, such as extorting projects, maliciously blocking work and asking exorbitant prices, and resolutely crack down on all kinds of protective umbrellas. We should maintain the high pressure situation in drug control and consolidate and expand the achievements in drug control. We should strengthen the standardization of the public security forces and improve their law enforcement capabilities.

Fifth, strengthen the responsibility of maintaining stability of letters and visits. The county-level leadership should be combined with the leadership and guidance system. We will implement the system of hearing and ending letters and visits according to law, clear up the accumulated cases of letters and visits, strictly control the increment, and resolutely crack down on illegal acts such as harassing visits. We will comprehensively implement law learning and application education for leading cadres and civil servants and legal education for young people, and continuously improve the level of legal services. We will promote the reform of the people's jury system, and enhance the jury's credibility and social awareness.

8.  We should adhere to the problem orientation and promote reform in depth. We should insist on seeking impetus from reform, enhance the systematicness, integrity and coordination of reform, and promote the reform to go deep and practical.

First, we will deepen reform in key areas. We will optimize the setting up of government institutions and the allocation of functions, and complete the task of government institutional reform on schedule. We should deepen the comprehensive reform of education, promote the reform of the headmaster rank system, and establish a teacher withdrawal mechanism. Deepen the medical reform and start the pilot reform of modern hospital management system in county hospitals. We should strengthen budget performance management, formulate a new classification and quota standard system for public funds, carry out special actions to clear overdue taxes, and optimize the structure of fiscal expenditure. Establish government financing guarantee company to effectively solve the financing problem of small and micro enterprises.

The second is to continuously optimize the business environment. We will implement the three-year action plan to optimize the business environment, deepen the reform of "three centralization and three in place", and build a new county government service hall. We will set up an administrative examination and approval service bureau, carry out the service mode of "accepting and accepting the shortage" and "joint handling and connecting", and open up the "last kilometer" of serving the masses. We will promote the online "all in one network" for administrative examination and approval services, and "only enter one door" and "run once at most" for administrative examination and approval services. The online availability rate of government affairs services will reach more than 70%, and efforts will be made to ensure that no one is required to handle affairs. We will comprehensively promote "double randomness and one openness" and strengthen supervision in and after the event.

Third, build a new pattern of opening up and development. We have carefully organized Zitui Cultural Festival, bicycle Invitational race and other festival events to create a good image of Zizhou. Actively participate in domestic large-scale product marketing, brand promotion and investment promotion activities, and make great efforts to launch Zizhou's good products. We should make full use of the opportunities provided by the National Health Commission and the Provincial Department of education for poverty alleviation and the cooperation between Jiangsu and Shaanxi provinces, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with scientific research institutes, industrial associations and large enterprises, and promote the local transformation and utilization of achievements. We will actively develop export-oriented economy, export 5 million yuan and utilize foreign capital 1.2 million US dollars.

iii.  Comprehensively strengthen the self construction of the government

The most important thing to do in politics is to carry out the work and to bear the responsibility. We will strive to promote the transformation of the government's functions and style, and enhance its governance capacity, and strive to create a people's satisfied government that is diligent, pragmatic, efficient and honest.

First, we should take a clear-cut stand on politics. Firmly establish the "Four Consciousnesses" and earnestly achieve the "two maintenance" and consistently maintain a high degree of consistency with the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core. We should strictly abide by the party's political discipline and rules, firmly carry out the provincial Party committee's inspection of the second half of the article, and complete the rectification items with high quality. Taking the illegal building of villas in Xi'an, the northern foot of Qinling Mountains, as a negative teaching material, we resolutely resist such behaviors as "no orders, no more prohibitions, policies on the upper level, countermeasures on the lower level, and self-discipline and so on. We should educate and guide Party members and cadres to "never forget their original intention and keep their mission in mind", so as to realize, keep and practice their original heart.

Second, be brave in taking responsibility and implementing. We should carry out the special education of "stressing politics, daring to take responsibility, and changing the style of work" among the leading bodies of the government, carry out overall planning with systematic thinking, deepen and solidify the achievements of the "four major activities", and strive to solve the key problems and weak links restricting Zizhou's development. We should strengthen the management by objectives, strengthen the assessment and supervision of the three major battles, project construction and economic operation, and enhance the executive ability. We will make vigorous efforts to rectify Wenshan Huihai, and streamline the meetings and documents by one third. We should standardize the items of supervision, inspection and assessment, effectively solve the problems such as multiple duplication, focusing on leaving marks and neglecting actual performance, and greatly reduce the number of forms and materials to be filled in. We will thoroughly implement the "three mechanisms" and encourage cadres to fulfill their responsibilities and start their own businesses.

The third is to set an example in administration according to law. We should adhere to the principle that legal duties must be performed and laws cannot be done without authorization. We must strictly implement the "three important and one large" system, improve the mechanisms for reviewing the legality of major decision-making matters and the review of normative documents, improve the ability of administration according to law, and earnestly strengthen the construction of a government under the rule of law. Actively accept the legal supervision and work supervision of the county people's Congress and its Standing Committee and the democratic supervision of the county Political Consultative Conference, and earnestly handle the motions of the people's Congress, the suggestions of deputies and the proposals of the CPPCC. We will vigorously promote the openness of government affairs, protect the masses' right to know, to participate and to supervise, and to accept the supervision of the public and public opinion.

Fourth, be honest and keep the bottom line. We should strictly implement the principle of "one post with two responsibilities" and persevere in doing a good job in building a clean and honest government and combating corruption in the government system. We should expand the scope and depth of audit supervision, promote the full coverage of public funds, public assets, public resources and the performance of economic responsibilities by leading cadres, and promote the standardized operation of power. Firmly establish the idea of "tight days" and reduce general expenditure by 5%. We will strictly implement the spirit of the eight Central regulations and detailed rules for implementation, rectify the "four tendencies" and carry out the special rectification of illegal collection and gift giving. Taking the negative examples such as Hu Zhiqiang and Xin Yaofeng as examples, we should use the system to control the power, make good use of the power for the people of the whole county, resolutely rectify the corruption and work style problems around the masses, and vigorously create a political ecology with clean and positive atmosphere.

Ladies and gentlemen, only by striving to create happiness can we prosper. Let us conscientiously carry out Xi Jinping's new socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics under the firm leadership of the county Party committee, and strive to become a practitioner, striker and dreamer in the new era. We will offer 70th anniversary tribute to China in the new China.

Explanation of terms

1. "3 + X" support system: in the process of poverty alleviation in Shaanxi Province in 2017, the three major assistance systems of state-owned enterprises, universities and hospitals were established as a whole.

2. Xueliang project: a "mass public security prevention and control project" with the county, township and village comprehensive management center as the command platform, comprehensive management informatization as the support, grid management as the basis, and public security video monitoring networking application as the focus. It is named after "the eyes of the masses are bright".

3. "Ten to ten" labor competition for Poverty Alleviation: to see the role of Party building, the unity of data, the satisfaction of the masses, the intensity of relocation, the effect of income increase, the performance of capital supervision, the implementation of policies, the improvement of quality, the cultivation of typical projects, and the exit process.

4. "4 + X" industrial pattern: it is mainly composed of four major industries such as mountain apple, walnut, traditional Chinese medicine and characteristic breeding, supplemented by X industries such as small grains, field vegetables, edible fungi, beekeeping, beans, red onion and courtyard economy.

5.1 + n "income increase measures: each poor household has a major income increasing industry, and the income of registered poor households is effectively supported through labor, land transfer, asset income, ecological compensation, photovoltaic (i.e." 1 + n "support measures).

6. The "six plus six" law of poverty alleviation and aspiration support: Centering on the "six methods of supporting local records" with the contents of "education guidance, code of conduct, village rules and regulations, civilization creation, public welfare assistance and judicial security" and the "six measures" of Yulin City, including "full coverage of poverty-stricken households' training, establishment of positive and negative models, production awards and subsidies, labor subsidies, exit incentives, filial piety and respect for the elderly" in Yulin city.

7. National health promotion counties: the National Health Commission, through the construction of healthy communities (villages), healthy families, health hospitals, health schools, health organs and health enterprises at the grass-roots level in urban and rural areas, has carried out a wide range of health promotion actions for the whole people, popularized health knowledge, spread health ideas, and comprehensively improved the health literacy level of residents.

8. "Fengqiao Experience": the experience of resolving grass-roots contradictions created by cadres and masses in Fengqiao town, Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province, is "for the masses, believe in the masses, mobilize the masses and rely on the masses", experience 1 "small things do not go out of the village, major events do not go out of the town, contradictions are not handed over, local solution"; experience 2 "help released prisoners"; experience 3 "new management mode of migrant workers" ”。

9. "Three important and one large" system: decision making on major issues, appointment and removal of important cadres, arrangement of important projects and use of large amount of funds must be decided through collective discussion.