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Main tasks of Zizhou County People's Government in 2017

2017 is the first year for the county to implement catch-up and surpass, the key year for poverty alleviation and poverty eradication, and an important year for building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way into the decisive stage. It is crucial to do a good job in next year's work. The expected development goals are as follows: the GDP of the county will increase by 12%, the fixed asset investment at the county level will increase by 45.8%, the local fiscal revenue will increase by 16.5%, the total retail sales of consumer goods will increase by 33.3%, and the income of urban and rural residents will increase by 9% and 15% respectively.

Focusing on the above objectives, we should focus on the following ten aspects.

I. We will accelerate the modernization of agriculture in mountainous areas. It grows 30000 mu of apple, 40000 mu of walnut, 30000 mu of traditional Chinese medicine and 100000 mu of soybean. We will implement the memorandum on jointly promoting the development of mountain apple industry and open up the export channel of mountain apple. We will support the appropriate scale breeding of families, and the output value of animal husbandry will reach 580 million yuan. Develop facility agriculture. Accelerate the construction of Xiaolihe agricultural comprehensive demonstration park. We will promote the separation of the ownership, contracting and management rights of rural land, and encourage the orderly circulation of rural land. We will carry out the third agricultural census.

II. Promote industrial transformation and development. We will explore the cooperation between Changqing Oilfield, Yanchang Petroleum and private enterprises in the comprehensive development of kerosene and gas resources, and promote the deep conversion and utilization of existing resources. Stable natural gas production. Promote the construction of Yongxing coal mine. The renovation and expansion project of Chengyuan coal preparation plant has been completed, with an annual production of 500000 tons of clean coal. We will build a platform for cooperation between agricultural products processing enterprises and scientific and technological institutions, and speed up technological transformation and product upgrading. We will promote the integrated project of planting, selling and processing Chinese herbal medicines, and start the construction of planting bases and processing bases. Start the construction of 600 MW wind power generation project and 20 MW photovoltaic power generation project.

III.Promote the upgrading of service industry. We will complete the preparation of the tertiary industry development plan, and issue guidance and support policies. Encourage agricultural products storage and processing enterprises to provide large customers with order purchase, storage and other services. It is planned to build a warehousing and logistics park integrating screening and grading, packaging and transportation, quality inspection, brand cultivation and marketing. Support the central village to build comprehensive service network. Formulate the county's e-commerce development plan and establish e-commerce public service platform. We should strengthen the brand creative design of agricultural products, hold and participate in various agricultural products exhibitions and sales activities. We should innovate the financial service mode and expand the scope of agricultural insurance. Promote the integration of rural tourism and sports, competition performance, fitness and leisure.

IV. We will thoroughly implement the national entrepreneurship strategy. We will improve the information system of Zizhou and carry out a series of publicity and reporting activities for Zizhou makers. We should strengthen entrepreneurship guidance services and encourage "grassroots" entrepreneurship. Formulate the management methods for the use of regional public brands and improve the popularity of "mountain" series products. In large and medium-sized cities, we will set up specialty agricultural products stores, direct selling stores and distribution stores. We will support the development of processing, sales, cultural and creative industries, and guide small and micro enterprises and family workshops to accelerate their development. Scientific and technological personnel are encouraged to participate in technological upgrading and new product development of enterprises through technology. We should give full play to the role of science and technology in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship, and strengthen cooperation with scientific research institutions such as Northwest A & F University.

V. We will comprehensively carry out the "double guarantee, double push and ten coverage" activities. Formulate the annual implementation plan of "double guarantee, double promotion and ten coverage", and establish three mechanisms of project review, fund acquisition and fund integration. We should adhere to the principle of planning first, adjusting measures to local conditions, queuing up by categories and covering all areas. The government has invested 20 million yuan to integrate all kinds of agricultural related funds, so as to achieve "multiple channels of water inflow, one pool water storage, and one tap water discharge", so as to give full play to the fund's maximum benefit.

VI. We will promote urbanization with people as the core. We will actively use the results of "multiple plans in one" to start the revision of urban master plan, land use and forest land protection. Completed the "county and key town space planning" preparation, implementation of urban lighting, greening, beautification, purification and upgrading project. The planning of landscape forest construction in the county and its surrounding areas should be formulated to make sure that the city has flowers in three seasons and green in four seasons. Formulate urban parking and public transport layout planning. We will start the construction of new water source projects and prepare for the construction of urban water projects. The main works of Zizhou exhibition hall and Miaojiaping sports and sports center were completed, and exhibition arrangement was promoted simultaneously. We will set up comprehensive urban law enforcement and management institutions, strengthen planning implementation and urban management capabilities, and continue to carry out special actions to control illegal buildings in urban areas, ban the burning of fireworks and firecrackers, and prohibit the honking of horns. Consolidate the achievements of "four innovations in one city" and improve the livable level of cities. Improve the urban data information base and promote the construction of smart city. Complete the main works of Matigou small town and Miaojiaping resettlement housing. With the integration of urban and rural environmental sanitation and beautiful rural construction as the carrier, improve the town and rural living environment. We should actively apply for traditional villages and do a good job of protection and moderate development.

VII. Pay close attention to the construction of key projects. We will steadily promote the construction of key projects in agriculture, industry, infrastructure and people's livelihood, and strive to complete an investment of 4 billion yuan. We have completed the 307 National highway transit line project, started the construction of Zizhou section of Suiyan expressway, implemented the 30 km cement road connecting villages, and achieved the goal of unblocking all the organic villages. Promote the township gasification project and complete the construction of Matigou and Zhoujia alkali gas stations. Guarantee the demand for construction land and actively revitalize the stock of land. We will accelerate the basic work of major preliminary projects. Actively strive for policy based financial resources, transfer payment funds and bond project funds, and build PPP project library. We will continue to improve the investment environment and crack down on unreasonable work obstructions.

VIII. Improve the level of ecological civilization.

We will implement the promotion project of Buddha Hall ecological park and complete the greening of roads around Yangshan and Jinji mountain. We should pay close attention to closing hillsides and prohibiting grazing, and protect the achievements of returning forests to grasslands and economic forests. The area of soil erosion control is 14 square kilometers, and 8000 mu of high-efficiency water-saving irrigation project has been completed. 7 medium-sized and 40 small-sized sand dams will be built. Improve the layout of urban sewage pipe network, and complete the construction of laojundian and Matigou skid mounted sewage treatment facilities. We will implement comprehensive environmental management projects in Huaining Bay and Peijia Bay. Strengthen the prevention and control of lampblack pollution and promote the comprehensive utilization of straw. Carry out special law enforcement actions on construction noise and medical waste.

IX. We will do our best to improve people's livelihood.

The first is to complete the task of poverty alleviation. We should strengthen the comprehensive coordination function of the poverty relief headquarters, strictly implement the accountability measures for dereliction of duty in poverty alleviation, improve the mechanism of poverty alleviation and exit, and consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation. We will do a solid job in ensuring the overall situation. We should take the poverty alleviation "toolkit" as the starting point, give full play to the role of departments and industries in poverty alleviation, make good use of counterpart assistance policies, and focus on the six major poverty alleviation projects of industry, education, health, finance, employment and relocation, so as to completely get rid of poverty and lay a solid foundation for building a moderately prosperous society.

The second is to create a county with balanced development of national compulsory education. We should seize the opportunity of the provincial education department's "two links and one package" Counterpart Assistance and targeted poverty alleviation pilot counties to make up for the short board of education infrastructure. The school layout was adjusted and 33 schools were merged. The first primary school and the fourth primary school will be built, and the expansion of the second middle school, the teaching building of Zizhou middle school and the training building of Vocational Education Center will be completed. Give full play to the role of teachers' incentive mechanism and fully mobilize teachers' enthusiasm. Focus on improving the level of education and teaching, vigorously promote the efficient classroom reform. Speed up the construction of educational informatization and improve the application level of "three links and two platforms".

Third, further promote the healthy Zizhou action plan. Explore the corporate governance structure and modern hospital management system of county-level public hospitals, and promote the reform of personnel compensation system. We will promote the reform of the payment system of the new rural cooperative medical system. We will implement the subsidy card system for rural doctors. Mobile hospitals have full coverage of rural itinerant services. We should improve the drug supply mechanism, and strengthen the management of drug allocation and use and drug record purchasing in medical institutions. To consolidate and enhance the effectiveness of the second hospital of Shandong University in assisting county hospitals, and coordinate a tertiary hospital to assist the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. We should strengthen the construction of key disciplines and specialties of traditional Chinese medicine, and establish a training system for the backbone of traditional Chinese medicine. We will implement a comprehensive two child policy and do a good job in family planning services.

Fourth, constantly expand employment channels. We should integrate and revitalize the establishment resources, recruit and introduce a number of talents in short supply. We will actively develop jobs and keep the unemployment rate within 3.9%. Build a recruitment platform and do a good job of docking enterprises and talents. We should guide college graduates and their parents to change their views on employment and job selection, and encourage them to start their own businesses or find employment in non-public enterprises. We will carry out skills training and entrepreneurship training to promote the transfer and employment of labor force. Through the issuance of small guaranteed loans, we can support entrepreneurship and promote employment.

Fifth, improve the ability of social security. We have completed the tasks of basic endowment insurance for urban employees, old-age insurance for urban and rural residents, basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents, unemployment insurance, work-related injury insurance, and maternity insurance. The participation rate of various social insurance has reached 96%. We should pay close attention to the left behind children, women, the elderly and the disabled in rural areas, and guide social forces to set up and trust pension institutions. Complete the main works of civil affairs comprehensive project. We will accelerate the construction of supporting infrastructure for affordable housing and improve the occupancy rate of affordable housing. We will carry out the second national census of geographical names.

Sixth, to promote the work of sports, radio and television. Promote the "Zizhou good people" selection and other ten major spiritual civilization building activities, and carry out nationwide reading activities. We will comprehensively promote citizen conventions and village rules and regulations, and cultivate and practice the core socialist values. We should encourage the masses to run their own culture and support the establishment of various mass culture teams. We will vigorously carry out national fitness activities and guide the standardized and orderly development of recreational and sports activities in the square. We should do a good job in the construction of reserve talent bases for women wrestling and weightlifting at the municipal level, and create a provincial model children's sports school. Actively prepare for the 14th municipal games. We will improve the news gathering and broadcasting capacity of TV stations, and run well the featured columns such as politics, economy, people's livelihood and entrepreneurship.

X. Maintain a good development situation.

Focusing on the three key points of ensuring social justice, promoting social integrity, and maintaining social order, we will carry out law popularization in depth. We should strengthen the standardized construction and grid management of communities, promote the downward shift of the focus of social governance, and improve the level of community services. We will improve the three-dimensional social security prevention and control system, and severely crack down on illegal and criminal acts such as "robbery, robbery and theft", pornography, gambling and drug abuse, and village ruffians and bullies. We will improve the petition and mediation work, improve the system of safeguarding rights and resolving conflicts in accordance with the law, improve the mechanism of interest expression, consultation and communication, administrative adjudication and relief, and strive to normalize risk warning and conflict resolution. We will deepen the investigation and control of hidden dangers in key industries and areas and special rectification of production safety, strengthen the quality and safety supervision of food and drug and agricultural products, strengthen public safety management of major activities, holidays and crowded places, and resolutely curb major accidents. Improve the emergency management system and mechanism, and enhance the emergency response capacity.