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Main tasks of Zizhou County People's Government in 2020

The covid-19 epidemic swept across the world at the beginning of 2020. Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the Party committee of Shaanxi Province, the government of Shaanxi Province, the Party committee of Yulin City and the government of Yulin City, our Party committee has taken charge of the overall planning; the People’s Congress of Zizhou County, the government of Zizhou County and CPPCC Zizhou Committee have worked jointly in a coordinated manner; and the officials and people of the whole county have come together in solidarity and fought with courage against the epidemic. Up to now, the county has zero imported cases, zero spread cases and zero infected residents. In fighting this war without the smoke of gunpowder, our Party members, officials, medical workers, policemen and women, media personnel and volunteers have given up their time for rest, left personal safety out of consideration, sacrificed their own interests for that of the public, stood fast at their posts, and continued their work without complaining. All Zizhou people have acted rationally and stood together in the most trying of times. It is the all-out persistence and dedication of all people that bring love to Zizhou amid the ruthless pandemic; it is the all-out persistence and dedication of all people that boost our confidence and determination to defeat the pandemic and protect the lives and health of Zizhou people; and it is the all-out persistence and dedication of all people that enable us to expect a better future of Zizhou. In this special year, we are faced with the task of building a moderately prosperous society in all aspects, the accomplishment of the 13th Five-Year Plan and the roll-out and development of the 14th Five-Year Plan. There are challenges and opportunities, as well as advantages.

--Challenges inspire fighting spirit. At present, there are four major challenges: First, the challenge of carrying out covid-19 control while promoting economic and social development. The epidemic situation overseas is still severe, the domestic fight against covid-19 must continue without let-up, and development cannot be interrupted. We must take a two-pronged approach and achieve success in both aspects. Second, the challenge of winning the battle against poverty. This year, we will see a nationwide poverty reduction survey, which is an assessment and measurement of the highest standard of our performance in poverty alleviation in the past five years. In addition, we must consolidate and improve our gains in poverty alleviation, and ensure efficient transition to implementation of the rural revitalization strategy. Third, the challenge posed by the increasingly fierce regional competition. The county’s leading industries are still at a low level in terms of systematism, scale production, marketization and branding; the issue of unbalanced and inadequate development of urban and rural areas has not yet been resolved; the sources of revenue are not sufficiently fostered and supported for sustainable growth, and the contradiction between fiscal revenue and expenditure is prominent; and there are still systemic weaknesses in the planning and preparation, investment structure, progress evaluation, supervision and assessment of key projects. The county’s economy ranks about the 60th in the province, which is low. The proportion of GDP contributed by the county in the total GDP of Yulin City and the total GDP of the six counties in the south of Yulin City dropped from 2% and 20.7% in 2016 to 1.45% and 16.6% in 2019 respectively, and that of the local fiscal revenue dropped from 0.53% and 22.59% in 2016 to 0.26% and 12.43% in 2019 respectively. Fourth, the challenge of regulated and efficient execution. The minds of our officials and civil servants are not open enough, and their work is not rigorous and meticulous enough. Our procedures and systems are still not perfect and standardized. We are far from meeting the requirements of the new era and expectations of the people when it comes to executors, capacity for execution and execution norms, which are relevant to reform and development as well as implementation of decisions. A number of longstanding problems need to be resolved urgently. The basic requirements for ecological conservation must be fulfilled. There are prominent structural weaknesses in key wellbeing and social programs such as education and medical care. The task of improving business environment is tough.

--Opportunities motivate people. This year, we will focus efforts on four major opportunities: First, national strategic opportunities. In actively responding to the epidemic, the state has increased the amount of funds earmarked for investment in the central government budget, and determined such measures as appropriately increasing the deficit-to-GDP ratio, issuing covid-19 bonds and increasing special government bonds. The new round of large-scale development in the western region, ecological protection and high-quality development in the Yellow River basin and collaboration on poverty alleviation between the eastern and western regions deliver unprecedented strategically favorable conditions for us to take over relocated industries. Second, opportunities arising from provincial and municipal support. Increased support is given to renovation of old residential communities and projects for improvement of infrastructure such as municipal pipelines, urban parking lots, public health services and cold chain logistics for agricultural products; special funds at provincial level support One County, One Policy; and the construction of Loess Plateau ecological conservation demonstration zone, the Four Ten Billion-Scale Industrial Bases and the “Double Ten Million” Lamb Project is underway, all of which has helped us figure out the priorities in industrial development of the county and provided support in this respect. Third, opportunities for integrated development. After several years of development of agricultural modernization, the production capacity in mountainous areas has been gradually released. The initiatives to build the county into a nationwide organic mountain apple demo county and an organic agricultural product demo county have been promoted in an accelerated manner. The application for astragalus being used as both medicine and food has been formally approved as a pilot program, and the integrated development of industries is quite promising. Fourth, opportunities for open development. The cooperation between Yulin and Yangzhou is deepening, and the governments of Shaanxi Province and Yulin City clearly support the enclave economy. Our pairing assistance relationships with Yuyang District and Jiangdu District have existed for a long period of time with good foundation, through which, we have complemented each other, and we are starting to approach the Enclave Economic Park in Yulin High-tech Zone. Yulin promotes the development of cashmere products in the international market. It is in line with our idea of developing superfine cashmere goats and building our county into a demo county for breeding superfine cashmere goats by relying on the Sino-foreign joint venture, Yingma’an Company. This is conductive to promote cooperation.

--Advantages bring together the strength. We must give full play to four major advantages: First, political advantages resulting from sound administration and harmonious society. The previous leadership groups rallied the people of the county, led them in seeking development, making breakthroughs and solving problems, and worked in a united and concerted manner, thus laying a solid foundation for development. Second, potential advantages in resource development. Zizhou has relatively abundant coal, oil, gas and salt resources as compared with the other five counties in the south of Yulin City. As the state encourages private businesses in poor areas to enter the oil and gas exploration and development sector, our potential advantages will be effectively transformed into advantages in development. Third, advantages resulting from the fact that our areas of weakness are just the areas in which we receive external assistance and support. We are in urgent need to improve the quality of education and teaching and the medical services in Zizhou. These are major tasks that have attracted great attention both within and outside the county, as well as what the people are eagerly awaiting. It is right in these areas that we receive support from the National Health Commission and the Education Department of Shaanxi Province through pairing programs. This is our comparative advantage based on external forces. Fourth, the cultural advantage that Zizhou people dare to forge ahead and value ties of friendship. The traditional culture in Zizhou has influenced generations of people, such as the historical story about Jie Zitui who cut a slice of muscle from his own leg and served it to his master to save the master’s life, and the concept of “filial piety is the most important of all virtues” and Red Zizhou. All Zizhou people, whether working in or away from Zizhou, are concerned about their hometown and desire for a better Zizhou. This is the inherent forces that drive the economic and social development within the county.

Fellow deputies, we must stay true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind. At present, we see ourselves in a favorable environment where there are both opportunities and challenges, and opportunities outweigh challenges. Responding to various challenges on the road to a moderately prosperous society, we need to be highly responsible and hardworking, do solid work and dedicate ourselves to our work; facing the multiple opportunities offered by the central government as well as the governments of Shaanxi Province and Yulin City, we need to plan ahead, make approaches proactively and fully grasp the opportunities; and considering our potential advantages, we need to stay confident, rally all parties concerned and dig deeper. We can surely break new ground in high-quality development of Zizhou with concerted efforts as long as we remain sober-minded when it comes to political stance, meet problems head-on, refrain from shying away in the face of difficulty and work practically and determinedly; and turn challenges into opportunities, pressure into motivation, and advantages into overwhelming superiority.

For the government to deliver in 2020, our general plan is as below: follow the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era; fully implement the guiding principles of the Party’s 19th National Congress and the second, third and fourth plenary sessions of its 19th Central Committee; firmly implement the decisions and plans of the Party Central Committee and the local Party committees of Shaanxi Province, Yulin City and Zizhou County; always keep in mind the targets and tasks for catching up and surpassing, completing the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects, and high-quality development; continue to follow the general principle of pursuing progress while ensuring stability; give priority to industrial integration, law-based governance and urban-rural integration, and make progress in the three critical battles; fully implement the measures for ensuring stability on six fronts, namely employment, the financial sector, foreign trade, foreign investment, domestic investment and expectations; properly carry out covid-19 control while performing the tasks for promoting economic and social development; make major headway in modernization of social governance system and governance capability; adapt to and take advantage of changes; promote the construction of a beautiful, happy and strong Zizhou with high quality; and ensure completion of the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects and accomplishment of the 13th Five-Year Plan.

We expect to achieve the following main targets: GDP growth by about 7%; increase of county-level fixed asset investment by about 10%; growth of local fiscal revenue by about 7%; increase of total retail sales of consumer goods by about 8%; increase of per capita disposable income of urban and rural residents by more than 8% and 9% respectively; investments attracted and obtained exceeding RMB1 billion; and value of exports exceeding USD500,000.

To fulfill the targets and tasks stated above, we must follow the ultimate political principle that the Party Leads Everything; focus on continuity, stability and innovation in development; be problem-oriented, target-oriented and result-oriented in carrying out our work; and practice the people-centered development philosophy that calls for collaboration, participation and common interests. Specifically, we will carry out our work from nine aspects as follows:

i. Focusing on increasing the income of rural populations, and continuing to promote modernization of agriculture in mountainous areas

We are determined to win the fight against poverty. We will act on the Four Continues policy, and intensify our efforts to see that the income of poverty-stricken populations is up to standard, their basic living needs are met and they have access to compulsory education, basic medical services and housing. We will take solid steps to fully identify poverty alleviation problems, supplement or correct registration information in the poverty alleviation information system, ensure that records of and rectification measures for poverty alleviation problems are in place, and act on the measures to consolidate our gains and prevent those who are removed from the poverty list from falling back into poverty. We will properly check the implementation of policies and complete all poverty alleviation tasks, identify existing problems and complete all rectification activities, and check long-term mechanisms and eliminate omissions and areas of weakness, so as to lift all those now living below the current poverty line out of poverty. We will consolidate and improve our gains in poverty alleviation, step up efforts to promote poverty alleviation by developing competitive industries, regulate and improve the operating mechanism and mode of the village-level collective economy, and work to eliminate villages that are weak in the collective economy. We will take considerable steps to boost internal forces energizing the poor, and pay great attention to households that live above but very close to the poverty line and households that have recently been lifted out of poverty and are still being monitored, so as to ensure that we pass the nationwide poverty reduction survey smoothly.

We will consolidate and expand the leading industries. We will continue to grow both fruits and medicinal herbs, and raise cashmere goats in the south and mutton sheep in the north. Specifically, a mountain apple plantation covering an area of 20,000 mu will be built, as well as a Traditional Chinese Medicine production center covering an area of 20,000 mu to produce in particular astragalus root and root of Chinese skullcap; an acreage of 20,000 mu of walnuts will be newly planted or replanted; efforts will be made to improve low-yield apples and walnuts covering an area of 10,000 mu each; and the number of mutton sheep, beef cattle and superfine cashmere goats raised will be increased to 100,000, 20,000 and 60,000 respectively. We will make every effort to make our county a modern agriculture demo county in the mountainous area of northern Shaanxi Province.

We will accelerate the adjustment of planting structure. We will work to develop a scientific and efficient planting structure with three dimensions, i.e., grain crops, cash crops and forage crops; promote, as a part of the One Mu Land project, the planting of improved varieties of potato for 9,000 mu and improved varieties of minor grain crops for 20,000 mu, and adjust the planting structure for over 2,000 mu irrigated land; build new machine-based greenhouses covering an area of 454 mu, and actively promote the photovoltaic vegetable greenhouse project in Peijiawan covering an area of 1,000 mu; increase the area of forage grass by 10,000 mu; and build 1 straw processing center and 8 collection, storage, transportation and processing outlets.

We will channel greater energy into brand building for agricultural products. We will take proactive measures to make our county a national demo county for organic product certification and a demo county for agricultural product quality traceability; build quality inspection and testing stations for agricultural products; work actively to secure access to third-party platforms such as Alibaba and JD.COM in reliance on the market advantages of Shaanxi Fruit Industry Group Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Coal and Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd.; intensify efforts to promote the development of Zizhou Mountain Apple and Zizhou Astragalus as two major brands; and create new ways of promotion and marketing while making full use of media, exhibitions and celebrity endorsements to make Zizhou agricultural products more influential and competitive in the market.

We will take practical measures to improve our ability of innovation in agricultural science and technology. We will step up efforts to promote cooperation with universities and scientific research institutes to build an agricultural technology innovation mechanism bringing together firms, universities, research institutes and consumers. We will strengthen flexible introduction of talents, promote the combination of introduction and training, and cultivate 200 modern professional farmers. We will work actively to develop the database of experts in agricultural and forestry technology; build a database of scientific and technological achievements collected for local application; expand the agricultural technology talent pool; establish the China Astragalus Research Institute; promote the establishment of the Northern Shaanxi Mountain Apple Research Institute; and explore the building of a platform for the promotion and application of agricultural technology under the smart agriculture model.

We will strengthen the construction of agricultural supporting infrastructure. We will follow the principle of “ecological environment first, guided by planning, diversified inputs and government to give support”. We will support agricultural entities that are concentrated and contiguous with each other to form a cluster, and build supporting roads, water storage and irrigation projects and power upgrading projects to promote industrial development. We will develop high-standard basic farmlands of 20,000 mu; build 20 fruit warehouses each with a capacity of 200 tons of fruits; build 200 new drought-resistant emergency rain collection cellars; repair and reinforce 32 check dams; and build new lateral field canals with a length of 50 kilometers.

ii. Focusing on industrial transformation, and intensifying efforts to promote new industrialization within the county

We will provide support to help businesses reach designed capacity and improve efficiency. We will continue to follow the development principle of stabilizing oil, promoting coal, expanding gas and exploring salt, encourage Yanchang Oilfield and Changqing Oilfield to release their existing oil and gas production capacity, and work actively to attract private capital to promote the local conversion and utilization of resources. We will speed up the approval and construction of oil and gas wells in non-disputed areas to ensure stable supply of gas to Jinyuan Company and township gasification projects. We will support the construction of Yongxing Coal Mine and make efforts to put it into operation by the end of the year. We will support Chengyuan Coal Washing Plant in expansion of its production and promote the development of Fengqu 110 kV substation. We will work actively to put idle resources of businesses to good use, support the transformation and upgrading of existing enterprises leading in the processing of agricultural and sideline products, and encourage them to further expand production and release capacity. Support will be provided to local construction enterprises to help them upgrade qualifications and expand business, so as to increase the GDP contributed by the construction sector.

We will promote the upgrading of industrial parks. We will accelerate the reform of industrial parks according to planning; optimize and adjust the layout of industrial parks; and create a coordinated development model integrating management committees, platform companies and professional parks. We will channel greater energy into construction of the industrial park for providing follow-up support and assistance to relocated people in Yihe Community, the Matigou Agricultural Product Processing, Warehousing and Logistics Park and the Sino-German International Poverty Alleviation Industrial Park in Laojundian to be built in cooperation with Yingma’an Company, creating an intensive and efficient industrial development structure with characteristic features, clearly-defined rights and responsibilities and reasonable layout, where development is based on professional parks, led by leading enterprises and supported by characteristic towns.

We will support the startup of new qualified businesses. To make our county one of the best counties in Shaanxi Province in innovation and entrepreneurship, we will intensify efforts to foster, develop and expand major specialized operators, family farms, professional cooperatives and leading enterprises, and foster more than 10 “Five Aboves” Enterprises. We will publish innovation and entrepreneurship measures to encourage merchants and talents who are Zizhou people but work away from home to return to their hometown, and start businesses independently or jointly with others, or seek potential employment with village-level Party committees, villagers committees or collective economic organizations on a full-time or part-time basis. The word “Zhou” as seen in the name of the county refers literally to ecological habitats on the land, and, by taking the foregoing measures, we are determined to create an enabling environment that encourages Zizhou people who work away from their hometown to start up businesses and seek personal development back in Zizhou.

iii. Focusing on the task of catching up and surpassing within the county, and making strong efforts to advance systemized promotion of projects

We will go all out to increase effective investment. Taking the Project Quality and Efficiency Improvement Year as an opportunity, we will keep firmly in mind the concept that project determines all and project construction matters; establish and improve the working mechanism of Five Ones and Four Systems for Project Management; and introduce measures to regulate project management, management of public resource transactions, review of changes to engineering designs and adjustments of project estimates/budgets and contracting of projects below the limits. We will take firm steps to promote the construction of 60 key projects, commence construction of a group of projects in March, adjust or replenish a group of projects at the end of April, and propose and plan a group of projects at the end of September. We will provide rewards and incentives for expansion of effective investment to encourage private capital to flow into infrastructure and public service sectors, and will do everything we could to make the proportion of private investment in the total investment exceed 50%.

We will work to ensure that responsibilities in seeking project funding from governments at a higher level are fully performed. We will introduce an assessment and reward measure in respect of our performance in seeking project funding from governments at a higher level in 2020, and incorporate the same into the annual performance assessment. We will channel greater efforts into the application of projects to be funded by the central government or the government of Shaanxi Province, as well as supervision of the implementation of such projects. We will make efforts to address inadequate preparations for such projects, and keep enriching and improving the project database, in order to improve the accuracy of project application and the probability of being approved.

Efforts will be made to promote opening up. We will advance investment attraction work by introducing preferential and incentive policies, and seeking strategic consultancy from or delegating investment attraction duties to external forces such as third-party think tanks and professional investment promotion agencies. We will give full play to the role of our chamber of commerce in other regions as bridges and bonds, actively carry out regional economic and trade activities, start the implementation of Yulin High-tech Zone-Zizhou Enclave Economic Park, deepen the economic and technological exchanges and cooperation with Yuyang District and Jiangdu District, further the exchanges and cooperation with German and Swiss enterprises in reliance upon Yingma'an Company, and fill the gaps in the establishment of sister city relationships between our county and cities abroad. Trade relationship will be established between Qingshuigou Ecological Park and East Timor to further promote the use of foreign capital and foreign trade exports.

iv. Focusing on development of new types of business and effectively promoting the marketization of the tertiary industry

We will develop cultural tourism with characteristic features. We will formulate a plan for building the whole county into a tourism model county, work actively to find strategic partners, fully tap the culture, tourism, product or other resources of Zizhou County, and work to change the current situation that investment in tourism mainly comes from the government. We will take steps to promote the construction of Xifeng Temple and Nanfeng Stockade Village as 3A scenic spots, and improve the county’s tourism management capacity and service quality. We will organize a series of intellectual and cultural activities with the theme of Charming Zizhou to promote and make good use of Zizhou’s cultural resources.

We will promote wider application of modern forms of business. Responding to the development of Internet Plus and integration of the primary, secondary and tertiary industries, we will channel great energy into the development of emerging service industries such as modern finance, property service, cultural media, leisure and health care and call centers, and actively foster new drivers of consumption growth. We will complete the construction of the agricultural product market in Yihe Community in the east of the county seat and try our best to put it into use, and we will also start in due course the construction of an agricultural product wholesale and distribution center in the west of the county seat.

We will develop a logistics service system. We will accelerate the development of a logistics network based on transportation infrastructure where commerce and trade, postal, express delivery, supply and marketing and transportation service providers properly perform their functions. We will widen the rural roads that are 3.5 meters wide and the roads to be widened will reach 114 kilometers in length. We will rebuild 20 kilometers of access roads to villages or to hamlets, and take steps to improve 30 kilometers long roads the asphalt surface of which has been severely damaged. We will make good preparations for the upgrading of Zinan Road and Fenghuai Road. The section of Highway 307 in Zizhou County will be completed and opened to traffic. We will speed up efforts to build an e-commerce platform system, and focus efforts on the development of modernized marketing system, integrated logistics services, localized industrial support and diverse talent introduction and training, as well as on the building of town or village-level outlets into interlinked nodes, in order to see that the agricultural products in Zizhou County are sold and distributed at a high price to a large number of places and regions in a large quantity.

v. Focusing on the integrated development of urban and rural areas, and quickly improving the delicacy management of construction

We will place importance on planning and guidance. We will, based on the results of the third land survey, complete a new round of territory planning. We will further develop the main urban spatial structure composed of one leading town, one secondary town and two economic belts. We will further carry out the development plan of the county seat to gradually move the administrative function area of the county seat to the east, plan and utilize the space in the west, promote the implementation of flood control projects in the south, implement comprehensive ecological improvement projects in the north, and optimize the management and environment in the central part. We will promote the coordinated development of agricultural modernization, new industrialization and new urbanization in mountainous areas, so as to build a well-tiered, reasonably designed and appropriate-sized rural-urban integration system, and a landscape with livable county seat in the center, characteristic towns spread out around the county seat and beautiful villages as embellishments.

We will work to make our county seat a place that people enjoy living in. We will improve the management of the county seat. Specifically, we will channel greater efforts into the expansion of new urban areas, and the project packaging, investment promotion and transformation in old urban areas; and join hands with private capital to develop Miaojiaping old neighborhood and promote culture-tourism integration, agriculture-tourism integration and city-industry integration in Miaojiaping. Efforts will be made to properly build the East Gate of Zizhou, speed up the construction of Zhangzhai - Gaoqu New Area and extend it to Matigou, in order to facilitate the integrated and concentrated development of urban areas. We will speed up the renovation of old residential communities such as the government office and the old establishments of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and Agricultural Bank of China. We will work to secure proper renovation and upgrading of Zimi Road and Hejiagou area, the entrance toll gate of the county’s highway and Dali Road as a demonstration street, and complete the construction of such municipal roads as Jing 14 and Jing 16. Efforts will be made to build Yihe Community into a modern intelligent demonstration community and improve the grid service capabilities of old communities. We will launch an initiative to adequately address dirty, disorderly or bad environment, and business operations that are in violation of laws or occupy public roads. We will work harder to make the county a provincial civilized city. We will consolidate our gains in the building of a national sanitary county seat, provincial garden county seat, provincial environmental protection model county seat and provincial forest city. We will intensify our efforts to replenish or increase trees and flowers, remove walls to give place to landscaping and properly manage and protect the landscaping in sub-districts, communities, enterprises, public institutions and government agencies; promote outsourcing of environmental sanitation services; and improve the afforestation coverage and delicacy management of the county seat. We will build a hydraulic dam at the section of Dali River in the county seat, accelerate the renovation and expansion of the water purification plant, promote the construction of Kangjiagou standby water source, and take comprehensive measures to improve Dali River.

We will build characteristic towns. We will support the trailblazing development of Matigou and Laojundian, work to complete the remaining works for renovation of the run-down areas around Yidao Street in Matigou and complete the construction of supporting infrastructure for the resettlement of relocated people in Laojundian, creating a town with superior and special industries and integrated and coordinated functions. We will concentrate efforts to achieve breakthroughs in the building of Matigou Industrial Town, Laojundian Cashmere Town, Sanchuankou Astragalus Town, Dianshi Agritourism Town and Zhoujiajian Ancient Town from the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

We will build beautiful villages. We will consolidate and boost in all aspects the construction of 23 rural revitalization demo villages, get replicable and widely applicable experience from that, and promote rural revitalization across the county by applying the successful experience to broader areas. We will intensify efforts to promote the improvement of living environment in rural areas, in particular in areas along highways, carry out the Toilet Revolution, actively promote the outsourcing of domestic waste collection, removal and processing services, and explore the classification and harmless treatment of domestic waste.

We will strengthen our emergency response system. We will improve from all aspects the county’s ability to prevent or control flood, waterlogging and landslide. We will work to complete the construction of the Yaojiabian-Waterwork-E’maoyu flood discharge project, the Suqu Bridge to Qingdao-Yinchuan Expressway section of our flood control project, and further complete the reconstruction of sewage trunk pipelines at Dali Road and reconstruction of sewage trunk pipelines in the county seat. We will do more to ensure that the responsibilities for monitoring medium and above-sized check dams and geological disaster sites in the county are fully implemented, and that measures are taken to improve the 9 geological disaster sites in Shuanghuyu and Huaishucha. Dredging work will be carried out upstream of the head of Yuejin Canal. We will intensify efforts to deal with major safety hazards concerning roads in the county seat and in rural areas, and make efforts to make the county a demo county for Four Goods Rural Roads.

vi. Focusing on blue skies, green lands and clear waters, and improving in all aspects integrated ecological construction

We will step up pollution control. Taking the 30 action plans to tackle pollution with an iron fist as a starting point, we will do our best to protect our clear waters, blue skies, green mountains and clean lands, and promote the continuous improvement of the quality of the ecological environment. We will speed up the construction of the construction garbage dump in the county seat, and make efforts to complete the renovation and expansion of the sewage treatment plant in the county seat by July. We will work to complete the construction of sewage treatment stations in Matigou and Laojundian townships, and construct new sewage treatment stations in such townships as Huainingwan, Sanchuankou, Tuo’erxiang and Zhuanmiao. We will properly implement the River and Lake Chief System, take firm steps to control direct discharge of sewage, actively promote the relocation of farmers and rectification of farming activities in areas where farming is forbidden on a “One Household, One Policy” basis, and work to ensure that the water quality of Dali River at the point where it flows out of the territory of the county is up to Class III standard.

We will promote the building of an ecological home. Focusing on construction of a pilot demonstration county for comprehensive ecological improvement in the Loess Plateau, we will carry out afforestation to plant 6,000 mu trees through the Shelterbelt Project and plant 2,000 mu trees through the Natural Forest Protection Project Phase II. We will carry out renovation and upgrading of the Jinjishan Park and Fodiantang Forest Park. Greater efforts will be channeled into closure of mountain pass for prohibiting grazing, and comprehensive measures will be taken to improve the coverage of trees along highways and key roads, over major mountains and in key areas.

We will promote environment-friendly development. We will strictly observe the three red-lines in this regard, specifically, ecological protection, permanent basic farmland and urban development boundaries. We will use ecological constraints to drive in turn industrial upgrading, transformation and environmental improvement. We will apply comprehensive measures to 8,400 mu sloping cropland to control soil erosion, and will fulfill a quota of not less than 1,000 mu in accordance with the “Link-up” Land Use Policy. Efforts will be made to promote the combination of planting and breeding in agriculture, and promote the use of organic fertilizers. We will work for improvement of the procedures for rewarding the reporting of environmental violations, and continue to show a low tolerance for and crack down on such environmental violations as unauthorized exploitation, excavation or mining.

vii. Focusing on the expectations of our people and systematically promoting equalized public services

We will implement education promotion programs. We will consolidate our gains in the balanced development of compulsory education, and put the first elementary school into use. We will complete tasks relating to provincial inspection on our implementation of the Two Highs and Two Universals policy. We will deepen education reform. We will promulgate a Three-year Action Plan for Improving the Quality of Education and Teaching in Zizhou County; advance trials for reform of principal rank system; explore the cooperation model for entire school trusteeship; improve the performance evaluation and incentive mechanisms for frontline teachers; take comprehensive steps to improve the attainments of teachers and promote well-rounded development of students; and make every effort to create an enabling environment for promoting education in Zizhou.

We will carry out medical service improvement projects. While piloting the medical reform, we will vigorously promote the implementation of the work plan for construction of compact county medical communities (pilot), the plan for implementation of modern hospital management system, and the breakdown of key tasks for comprehensive medical reform in 2020. We will work to complete the main works of the Maternal and Child Health Station and Disease Control Center projects, the renovation of the outpatient building of the county hospital and the construction of 4 health centers in Hejiaji, Huainingwan, Macha and Gaoping, and start the construction of an infectious disease zone in the county hospital, to secure people’s access to convenient, low-cost and high-quality medical services as early as possible. We will step up the introduction and training of primary-level medical professionals, and work to establish and improve the reward mechanism for clinicians in township hospitals, improve the remuneration package of primary-level health professionals and stabilize the team of medical personnel and medical technologists. We will explore the establishment of a medical insurance blacklist system and take actions to promote people’s health literacy.

We will carry out cultural programs in the public interest. The cultural center exhibition project will be completed by the end of August. Construction of the main works of the county library and archives projects will be completed. We will promote the construction of cultural facilities in towns and villages, actively organize festival cultural events, square-based cultural activities and Books-for-All campaign, and carry out the programs of Bringing Chinese Opera to the Countryside and Bringing Books to the Countryside. We will redouble efforts to preserve and carry forward our intangible cultural heritage, and properly carry out activities relating to application for addition to the list of intangible cultural heritage.

We will take steps to improve our social security system. We will act on the policy to help those most in need, to build a tightly woven safety net and to build the necessary institutions, as we work to develop in all aspects a multi-tiered social security system that covers the entire population in both urban and rural areas and provides support that hits the right level. We will properly implement preferential policies concerning petty loans and social security subsidies, and make efforts to open more channels for employment, in order to achieve a registered urban unemployment rate below 3.8%. We will work harder to see that everyone has access to social security, and will duly implement security systems of all types, including those relating to demobilized military personnel, subsistence allowances, five guarantees, orphans and “Three Nos” Urban Residents. Efforts will be made to improve rural mutual-aid happiness homes, community day care centers and other elderly care service institutions.

Fellow deputies, there is no trivial things and everything matters when it comes to people’s wellbeing. Based on the opinions we have sought, this year, we will continue to do ten pieces of solid work that concerns people’s wellbeing. First, we will complete the renovation and expansion of the water purification plant and put it into use; second, we will build Dali Road as a demonstration street for ethical advancement and strict control; third, we will implement the Three-in-One Project in the county seat and Matigou, and build 6 flushing public toilets; fourth, we will improve the service quality of passenger vehicles, regulate the passenger transport market, and endeavor to have Train No. K1081/1082 and T175/176 stop at Zizhou Station; fifth, we will modify or add new ecological enclosures at project construction sites, to make the city more beautiful and cleaner; sixth, we will open the cultural center for free; seven, we will increase the supply of parking spaces in urban areas, and build parking lots for freight vehicles and construction machinery, as well as public parking lots and off-line bus stops, making roads perform the functions they are supposed to perform; eight, we will improve the construction of service centers for demobilized military personnel, elect and reward outstanding model demobilized military personnel, and foster an enabling environment that encourages mutual support between the military and civilians and joint pursuit of development; nine, we will integrate the county’s public service hotline resources to the 12345 platform to see that people can express their opinions via just one number; and ten, we will introduce property management measures to regulate property management activities in residential communities in the county seat. In addition, we will work harder and continue promoting the wellbeing programs unfinished in 2019.

viii. Focusing on solving difficulties in development and working together to promote the systemization of reform and innovation

We will advance the reforms to streamline administration and delegate power, improve regulation and upgrade services. We will continue to promote the reform of relatively centralized power of administrative permission, in order to see “no approval formalities outside the hall” and “completing approval formalities with one single seal”. The relocation of the government service center will be completed at the end of September. We will redouble efforts to optimize and improve business environment, implement a series of tax and fee reduction policies adopted by the central government and the governments of Shaanxi Province and Yulin City, and work actively to discharge outstanding payments owed to private businesses. We will strengthen the construction of Good Faith Zizhou, improve the mechanism for joint punitive action against bad faith, and explore the establishment of a blacklist system for market access.

We will advance the reform of the investment and financing system. We will work to complete the verification of assets and capital of existing state-owned platform companies, as well as the audit upon termination of their principals. We will introduce, in respect of state-owned platform companies, a four-in-one supervision mechanism with the four dimensions being plans, projects, procedures and oversight, and make state-owned platform companies achieve better structure, smoother substantive operation and a higher degree of marketization through orderly integration or disposal, divestiture and withdrawal from non-main business. Debt risks will be strictly controlled. We will introduce measures for management of state-owned assets of administrative institutions and county-owned enterprises; keep bringing management of government investment into line with the rule of law; effectively enhance the vitality, control and influence of state-owned capital; and work to maintain and increase the value of more state-owned capital.

We will continue to promote institutional reform. We will take further steps to consider and solve the outstanding problems in the reform of Party and government institutions, such as clarification of functions and transfer of personnel. To achieve the goal of reducing institutions by 30% and reducing staffing by 20%, we will optimize and integrate the organizations, staffing and functions of public institutions to form a coordinated and efficient working mechanism with roles and responsibilities clearly defined. We will effectively carry out the post-reform work, and take firm steps to prevent personnel from working as the staff of two different institutions at the same time.

We will deepen rural reforms. We will take firm steps to make for clearly defined rural property rights, promote market-based rural factors and unleash internal forces for rural revitalization. We will guide and encourage farmers to transfer land management rights or conduct land trusteeship in a legal, voluntary and orderly manner. We will take action to shore up and eliminate areas of weakness in construction of grassroots rural organizations, take comprehensive measures to strengthen the management of rural collective assets, and create two typical models for industrial reform in each township. The reform of the rural homestead system will be promoted in a steady and meticulous manner.

We will properly prepare the 14th Five-Year Plan. We will focus on moving from building a moderately prosperous society in all respects to basically realizing socialist modernization; fully promote democracy; bring together the wisdom of all parties; figure out the relationship between short-term and long-term goals, key aspects and general planning, and locality and the whole landscape; organize and carry out preliminary investigations on major issues; and make efforts to prepare a high-quality development blueprint that is responsive to requirements of the times and based on the actual conditions in Zizhou and reflects the wishes of the people.

ix. Focusing on collaboration, participation and common interests, and making efforts to improve the modernization of social governance

We will advance epidemic prevention and control in a meticulous manner as we previously do. We will always think about worst-case scenarios and improve epidemic response measures as appropriate in response to new changes. We will step up the screening and control, health monitoring and preventive diagnosis and treatment of key populations, to avoid imported covid-19 cases on one hand and prevent a domestic resurgence of covid-19 on the other. Efforts will be made to see that hamlets, communities, enterprises, factories, government agencies and commercial stores fully perform their respective prevention and control responsibilities. The use of Healthy Shaanxi QR codes will be fully promoted. Great importance will be attached to epidemic prevention and control in special places such as nursing homes and detention centers to ensure that there are no blind spots and no omissions. We will work to promote accelerated resumption of work, production and business activities, and full restoration of daily life and work.

We will take steps to solve the problems in public complaints proactively and systematically. We will promote wider application of Fengqiao Experience, unblock and regulate the channels for expression of appeals, coordination of interests and protection of rights and interests of the people, and take comprehensive measures to promote such working mechanisms as having leaders and officials receive, visit and make appointments with complainants, having social forces participate in public complaints, sunshine complaints, and separation of complaints and visits. We will further figure out the relationship between authority and responsibility when we have county-level leaders to be solely responsible for the complaint cases assigned to them and when a team is established to resolve a specific case. We will redouble efforts to address the problems complained at the source, and launch action plans to resolve backlog of complaints and promote the elimination of and control over backlog of complaints.

We will strengthen the comprehensive management of social security. We will intensify efforts to combat organized crime, root out local mafia and fight the People’s War against Drugs. We will take firm steps to punish and crack down on illegal and criminal activities prejudicial to public wellbeing that are of concern to the people, as well as collusion, malicious hindrance of work and forced contracting of construction projects. We will actively advance the Project Dazzling Snow. Rectification measures will be taken to improve security in and surrounding campuses. We will act on the Three 100%s for Campus Security initiative. We will advance the Seventh Five-Year Plan for Raising Public Awareness of Laws. We will work conscientiously to promote employment and secure social security for released prisoners.

We will take firm steps to unfailingly meet the basic work safety requirements. We will take strong measures to raise people’s awareness of the red lines for work safety, fully implement the responsibility system for safe production targets, and resolutely prevent major or extremely serious safety accidents. Priorities will be given to inspection and rectification of potential safety hazards in key sectors and key areas such as road traffic, geological disasters, construction safety, hazardous chemicals, food and drugs. We will strengthen the development of emergency rescue system, and effectively improve our accident rescue capability in practice.

We will take legal and proper measures to address longstanding problems. We will follow the principles of sector-specific policy, law-based resolution and strict adherence to the bottom line, and take proactive and appropriate measures to resolve longstanding problems of all kinds including disputes over property rights and land acquisition and demolition. We will strengthen the management of the Five Types of Low-efficiency Land and idle state-owned assets, and work to see that the inspection, acceptance, final accounting and audit activities concerning completed government-funded projects are carried out in an accelerated manner in compliance with laws and regulations.